Solo Leveling:Arise Gates Basics – Your Essential Guide

Solo Leveling:Arise Gates Basics Guide! Are you stuck in the game? Gates are your key to upgrading gear, skills and helps progression!


Solo Leveling:Arise Gates Basics is a very new player level tutorial but still an essential one. It's a crucial part of the game's loop and daily grind. Since the global launch is coming soon, let's look into this basic thingie that will help you in your progression. Seriously, even by referring the best tier list, it won't be of any help to you if dailies are not being completed.

What are Gates in Solo Leveling:Arise?

Gates are your primary source of rare resources, vital for upgrading artifacts, weapons, and character skills. They offer significant experience (XP) and reputation, essential for growth. Unlike story stages or activity funds, Gates are your only consistent source of XP. So, conquer them regularly!

Gate Types and Rewards

  • Normal Gates: Stock up on artifact and weapon enhancement materials.
  • Dungeon Break Gates: These provide weapon limit break materials like Melding Cubes and Designs.
  • Special Gates: Boost your gold reserves and enhance Shadow material drop rates.
  • Red Gates: These are exclusive sources of Rune Fragments for skill upgrades and guaranteed Shadow materials.

Remember, higher-rarity Gates (A and S) offer increased XP, better rewards, and a chance for coveted Armory enhancement materials - Marks of Time.

Prioritizing Your Gates

Focus on Gates that provide materials aligned with your immediate goals. Prioritize A and S-rank Gates whenever possible. Utilize the "Rescan" feature to refresh your Gate options until you find the perfect match. Red Gate Reroll Tip: Unlike other Gates, Red Gates don't disappear when you Rescan. Instead, their rank changes. This is handy if you encounter a low-rank Red Gate (like B-rank). Rescan to potentially reroll it to a higher rank for better rewards.

Gate Difficulty and Rewards Tier

As you progress, increase Gate difficulty to your power limit. Higher difficulty offers not only better rewards but also unlocks higher reward tiers. For instance, Normal Gates start dropping Tier 2 Artifact Enhancement Chips instead of Tier 1 after clearing them at a higher difficulty.

Mining the Gates

After conquering a Gate, it becomes available for "Mining." This earns you valuable resources like Essence Stones, Gold, Mana Crystals, and Monocrystals. Monocrystals can be exchanged for bonus Dungeon Keys, Artifact Enhancement Chips, and more!


So, clear and mine every Gate you can. Thank you for visiting DotGG for our Solo Leveling:Arise Gates Basics Guide! We hope this short tutorial was helpful for you.

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