Solo Leveling:ARISE Reroll Guide

How to reroll in Solo Leveling:ARISE and what characters to aim for.

Is rerolling worth It?

In general, Yes. The difference between SR vs SSR hunters/weapons is noticeable and can make progression a lot smoother. Additionally, SLA features a built-in rerolling system after you have finished the tutorial at least once. 

Who to reroll for?


Seo Jiwoo
Emma Laurent
  1. Seo Jiwoo: Performs well in Cerberus, which will be your main source of artifacts. Outside of this, she’s a strong single-target breaker who provides shields for the entire team. Overall, a solid unit that can fit into most teams and allows you to farm artifacts early on.  
  1. Emma Laurent: A strong breaker that deals high amounts of AoE damage while also being a great support via Defense Penetration. She also increases the team’s fire damage, making her a top-tier support for Choi and fire teams as a whole. 


Demonic Plum Flower Sword
Demonic Plum Flower Sword

Thethis' Grimoire

  1. Demonic Plum Flower Sword: An absolute monster of a weapon that performs well in both AoE and Single Target content. Note that this weapon performs better with manual play to trigger its effects and benefits a lot from dupes.
  2. Thethis' Grimoire: Another great weapon that applies a Crowd Control effect on an enemy, then deals damage equal to 10% of the damage taken during its duration. Additionally, this weapons benefits from dupes. A1 is a noticeable upgrade that increases enemies' Weakness damage taken when affected by Cold Ice/Deep Erosion.

How to reroll

To start off, we recommend rerolling on Mobile or Emulator since this is the only way to create a Guest Account. If you insist on rerolling in the PC Client, you will need to register/use different emails to reroll.

1. First off, click on Sign in as Guest and play through the tutorial at least once.

Doing so will allow you to skip the tutorial the next time and reset your account.

2. If you are on a guest account you can skip the tutorial.

Note that you can only skip the tutorial once you have completed it at least once. 

3. Collect your rewards from mail and enter any Gift-Codes that are still available. 

Listed below are the codes available during launch:


Settings -> Account Settings -> Redeem Code

4 (Optional). Complete the Side Chapter “To Overcome Part 1 and 2” to obtain 8 Selection draw tickets. 

5. Navigate to the draw/gacha section, then you should have 20 Draw Tickets to pull on the selection banner and enough Essence Stones to do a 10 roll on the Special Rate Up Banner.

If you are wondering which hunters and weapons to have on your wishlist, check out the “Who to reroll for?” section above.

6. After pulling, return to Account Settings and link your account to an email if you are satisfied with your pulls. Otherwise, click Reset Account to start over and skip the tutorial.

Note that on PC, YOU CANNOT RESET YOUR ACCOUNT. You will have to delete the account and go through the tutorial again. Once your account has been reset or deleted, return to step 2.