Zenless Zone Zero Equipment & Bangboo Complete Guide

We're here with the guides for equipment and Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero. These are the items you'll need to enhance your Agents and equip a helper (Bangboo) in the battle.

We're here with the guides for equipment and Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero. These are the items you'll need to enhance your Agents and equip a helper (Bangboo) in the battle.


W-Engines are the weapons in Zenless Zone Zero and its function is to increase the Base Attack of Agents. In addition, each W-Engine has its own unique advanced stat and W-Engine effect.

How To Obtain W-Engines

  • You can purchase W-Engines at the gadget shop Box Galaxy.
  • You can also get W-Engines by completing Proxy Primers.
  • Purchasing W-Engine costs W-Engine modification materials, Dennies, and W-Engine Chips.
  • You can get W-Engine Chips by recycling A-Rank W-Engines or completing certain side missions.

Upgrading and Modifying W-Engines

  • You can use W-Engine Power Sources (obtained from VR Trials and Item Crafting) to upgrade your W-Engines and raise their Basic Attack.
  • Once your Inter-Knot Level is high enough, you can use W-Engine Components (also obtained from VR Trials and Item Crafting) to modify your W-Engines, raising their level cap and increasing their advanced stats.
  • The parts required for modification varies depending on the W-Engine.

In addition, you can use W-Engines of the same kind for W-Engine Updates, increasing the W-Engine's Phase and further enhancing its W-Engine effects.

Drive Disc

Drive Disc are the 6 small circles around the W-Engine. You can equip these Drive Discs to improve your Agent's combat abilities. In easier terms, Drive Discs from Zenless Zone Zero is equivalent to Artifacts (Genshin Impact) and Relics (Honkai: Star Rail).

  • Each Agent can equip up to six Drive Discs.
  • Each Drive Disc has one base stat and up to 4 random stats.
  • Equipping a required number of Drive Discs from the same set unlocks their set effects.

How To Obtain Drive Discs

  • You can use Plating Agents at the music store Bardic Needle to Tune new random Drive Discs.
  • The base stats of Drive Discs I, II, and III always provide a bonus to HP, ATK, and DEF, respectively, and the base stats of Drive Discs IV, V, and VI are randomized.
  • Once your Inter-Knot Level is high enough, the music store levels up as well.
  • When the music store reaches a certain level, the Track Settings feature will become unlocked.
  • You can set your Tuning Orientation to increase the drop rate of the desired Drive Disc set.

Upgrading Drive Discs

  • When a Drive Disc has less than 4 random stats, one new random stat will be added every 3 levels.
  • Once a Drive Disc has 4 random stats, a random existing stat will be upgraded every 3 levels.
  • The Drive Disc level cap varies depending on the rank of the Drice Disc.


Free Initial Bangboo - Eous

Eous is the first Bangboo you will get for free and it acts as your double in the Hollow (You can't go to Hollow, so you possess this Bangboo's body to navigate in the Hollow).

Modifying Eous

Once you have completed the commission "No Guts No Glory," you can modify Eous at the remodeling shop Turbo to unlock additional features during Hollow explorations. To modify Eous, you need to complete Chip Splicing in the operation panel.

All Bangboo Chips are categorized into 4 ranks: S, A, B, and C. Chips of different ranks occupy different number of chip slots.

Once you have configured a new set of chips, tap the Power Button in the upper right corner to save and activate your chip set. You can customize your chip set to fit the commission before entering the Hollow.

You can exchange Ether Fluid for chips at the remodeling shop.

Combat Bangboo

Unlike Eous who provides benefits during exploration, Combat Bangboo will fight alongside you in the Hollow (Can be obtained from wishing in Signal Search).

Each Combat Bangboo possesses unique combat skills, as well as passive skills that enhance your Agents' combat abilities. Selecting Bangboo that align with your squad's combat style can make battles in the Hollow easier.

  • While Combat Bangboo cannot be modified, you can use Bangboo Software to level them up.
  • Once a Combat Bangboo reaches a certain level, you can use Ether Fluid for Bangboo System Optimization.

When you obtain Bangboo that you already own, they will be automatically converted into Logic Cores.
You can use Logic Cores to Update your Bangboo's cores and enhance their skill effects.


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