Arknights: Endfield Technical Test Preview – Building Your Ore Farm

KyoStinV shows us how to build your small ore farm in Arknights: Endfield!

Arknights: Endfield is a real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements by HYPERGRYPH, the same developers of the popular mobile game Arknights. The game is set on a new planet called Talos-II, where humanity is trying to rebuild after a devastating war.

The player takes on the role of the Administrator of the Protocol Field Recovery Department Endministrator, and is tasked with exploring the frontiers of Talos-II, completing assignments, and expanding civilization. Arknights: Endfield is currently in development, and a release date has not yet been announced but Alpha Technical Test has started after the developers dropped a teaser trailer and gameplay demo recently.

Alpha Technical Test Preview

After some time scouring the internet, we found a helpful content creator from Youtube by the name of @KyoStinV that showed us a sneak peak of one of the game’s aspect – building your very own mini-factory.

As seen in the video above, Arknights: Endfield will require players to develop their own electricity station, setup mining devices that’s powered by electricity and also build a smelting site to produce goods.

After watching the video, this aspect of the game immediately reminds me of games like Factorio, Mindustry, Vectorio Classic, Villager's Hideout, Satisfactory, Planet Barren Objective, Desynced and more. Not only we get to battle monsters and bad guys, we get to become a mining tycoon in the game. Basically, Arknight: Endfield is Factorio with husbandos and waifus.

How to Build Your Ore Farm

Step 1: Setup your base electricity station
Step 2: Make sure the power grids are connected properly
Step 3: Build your mining site
Step 4: Power your excavation area with electricity
Step 5: Build your processing area for smelting
Step 6: Profit

Looking Forward

From the gameplay trailers, KyoStinV’s technical test and demos released so far, it seems like the base-building aspect of Arknights: Endfield will be similar to Factorio in some ways. For example, players will need to gather resources, build machines, and create production lines in order to progress.

Here are some specific similarities between the base-building gameplay in Arknights: Endfield and Factorio:

  • Resource gathering: Players will need to gather resources from the environment, such as ore, wood, and stone. These resources can then be used to build machines and produce goods.
  • Machine building: Players can build a variety of machines, such as smelters, refineries, and assembly lines. These machines can be used to process resources into more valuable goods.
  • Production lines: Players can create production lines to automate the production of goods. This can help to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Base expansion: Players can expand their base by building new structures and upgrading existing ones. This will allow them to produce more goods and gather more resources.
  • However, there are also some key differences between the base-building gameplay in Arknights: Endfield and Factorio. For example, Arknights: Endfield will have a more combat-focused focus, while Factorio is more focused on logistics and automation.

Overall, it seems like the base-building gameplay in Arknights: Endfield will be a mix of Factorio-style resource gathering and machine building, with Real-time 3D combat. Honestly, I can’t wait to get my waifus build a mining empire and see how this hybrid gameplay system works out when the game is released.

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