Arknights: Endfield Releases Teaser Trailer and Gameplay Demo

Arknights: Endfield is a real-time 3D RPG with strategic elements by HYPERGRYPH and is another anticipated release for the mobile gaming community. It's been more than a year since the last drop of news, so we are treated with some long awaited another gameplay trailer and a teaser trailer! Check them out below.

Arknights: Endfield Teaser Trailer 01

Certain threats have resurfaced to stand in our way.

As of now, Endfield Industries urgently requires a test run to collect crucial data.

For every mile we push into the frontier, the environment becomes more hostile and the enemies more dangerous.

Make sure you're fully prepared before setting off, Endministrator.

Arknights: Endfield Gameplay Demo 02

Target Location: Originium Research Park

Our mission is to explore the park, establish the Automated Industry Complex to produce essential equipment, and eliminate any lurking threats. Our intel indicates that this area has been Blighted. Stay alert, Endministrator.