Arknights: Endfield Technical Test Sign-up Now Open

Arknights: Endfield Technical Test Sign-up Now Open

Certain threats have resurfaced to stand in our way.

As of now, Endfield Industries urgently requires a test run to collect crucial data.

For every mile we push into the frontier, the environment becomes more hostile and the enemies more dangerous. Make sure you're fully prepared before setting off, Endministrator.

Arknights: Endfield Technical Test Sign-up Now Open

Arknights: Endfield Technical Test sign-up is now open.

Sign up for the test by first pre-registering for the game and then completing a survey. After signing up, you will have the chance to obtain access to this test.

[Sign-up Time]

2023 Dec 8, 00:30 - 2023 Dec 24, 15:59 (UTC)

[How to Sign Up]


Click the link above to access the sign-up page. Log in with your account, then find and click the "Sign Up" button. Complete the sign-up by filling out the survey.


After the sign-up period for the Technical Test concludes, we will send out test access to successful applicants via email you used for signing up. Before the test starts, we will email notifications and tutorials to assist with game client installation. Be sure to check your mailbox.

[Test Information]

Test platform: PC (Windows)

Start date: 2024 Jan 12, 03:00 (UTC)

*End date will be notified later. Stay tuned for our official announcements.

[Other FAQ]

Q: How do I check if I have obtained test access?

A: Endministrators have two options to do this:

- After completing the screening process, we will send test access to successful Endministrators through the email you used for signing up. Be sure to check your mailbox.

- Endministrators can also go to Arknights: Endfield official website to check if you have obtained test access. A special inquiry page will be available at that time.

Q: Can I edit the information provided in the survey after it is submitted?

A: Please be aware that you won't be able to edit the information provided in the survey once it is submitted. Make sure that the survey is completed accurately.

Q: How will you use the information provided in the survey?

A: We will screen applicants based on the information provided. Your contact info will only be used to receive test-related notifications and test access. Please ensure that you provide valid and accurate information.

Q: What is the content of the test?

A: This test uses a work-in-progress game build. The content of the test version, such as stats, stories, lore, art, visuals, etc., may differ significantly from the official version and does not represent the final quality of the game.

In addition, while players will have the option to choose between two avatars in the official version, only one of them is available during the test.

Q: What are the test platforms and language options?

A: Arknights: Endfield is still in early development. As such, the Technical Test only supports PC platforms (Windows) and test access will be provided in limited numbers. We appreciate your understanding on this.

Regarding UI language, the test version only supports English, but additional language options will be added in the future. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Q: What are the recommended device specifications for this test?

A: The game is still in development and we are working on optimizing its stability and performance. To ensure a decent gaming experience, we recommend playing on a PC with the following specifications or better:


Windows 10 64-bit or higher


Recommended: Intel Core i5-10600K or equivalent, or better CPUs

Minimum: Intel Core i5-9400F


Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER or equivalent, or better GPUs

Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060


6GB or higher


16GB or higher


40GB free space or higher

Q: Can I switch devices during the test?

A: The device where you log in to the game for the first time will be registered as your test device for this test. Throughout the test, you are NOT allowed to switch to other devices. Please refrain from upgrading or reinstalling operating system on your test device before the test ends, or you will no longer be able to log in to the game.

ATTENTION: Attempting to log in on devices other than your test device will revoke your test access! And you will not be able to restore your test access during the test period. Please be cautious and do not trust any information regarding account sharing or selling to avoid unnecessary losses.

Q: Will my game progress be retained after the test ends? Is in-game purchase available during the test?

A: The test version does not include in-game purchase options. After the test ends, the testing servers will be shut down and all data will be wiped off.

Q: Can I record or screenshot the content of the test version and share it on social media platforms? Can I livestream the game or create videos with clips of the game's content?

A: We do not impose strict restrictions on appropriate sharing and discussion regarding the game's content. But please be aware that the test uses a work-in-progress game build and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Q: Are there age restrictions on the Technical Test?

A: Yes, this test is only open to adult players. If you are a minor according to the laws of your country or region, or the age info provided in your survey is found to be inaccurate, you will not receive test access, or your test access will be revoked immediately if already granted.

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