10th Developer Notes: 100th Day of Launch

Hello. I am the Producer of BrownDust2, Jun-hee Lee.

I started writing Developer Notes to communicate closely with our players,
and I can’t believe that I am writing the 10th Developer Notes already.

Brown Dust 2, which was released with the hope that it would be a gift to everyone, is approaching its 100th day of service.
Looking at number 100, which is quite a symbolic number, I was wondering on how to express my gratitude to our players.

First, we are preparing a variety of events to celebrate the 100th day, September 29th (KST), of BrownDust2 service.
We are working hard to deliver our gratitude to our users.

Also, I would like to thank you for actively participating in the service satisfaction survey.

We are carefully reading all of the valuable comments from our players.
Once the survey results come out, we will compile and share them with you.

Before we get into the main context, I have something to tell you first.

**September Maintenance Schedule**
**The Routine maintenance schedule will be changed in September due to holidays in Korea.**

Due to changes in the maintenance schedule, the regularly scheduled event schedule will also change slightly.
Please refer to the table below for details.

![EN 스케줄 체인지 .png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/EN_785e49e52d.png)

Now, I will tell you about the new contents and improvements that will be updated in September.

**September 13th (UTC) update**

**1. New NPC Quest ‘Saviors of Shelter’ Update**

Character Pack 2's new NPC quest, 'Saviors of Shelter', will be updated.
'Saviors of Shelter' is a short story that continues with the story of Character Pack 2’s main quest ‘Fire Chip’.
Liatris reveals her twisted madness to her heart's content in a destroyed world.
Angelica abandons her belief in god and goddess and pursues a new mission and desire.
Two attractive new characters appear and lead the story along with Wiggle, who is the only one to escape the crisis that befell the shelter.

Be prepared to enjoy the cute performance of Wiggle, who replaced Lathel as the main character, and the new costumes of Liatris and Angelica, which are based on a post-apocalyptic concept.

**2. New Pickup / Powder of Hope Shop Product Preview**

Liatris's "Neon Stalker" costume, Angelica's "Neon Savior" costume which appear in the new NPC quest, and Lathel’s ‘Homunculus’ costume appears as new pickup costumes.

The costumes that have been appeared in the pickup banner will be sold as products in the Powder of Hope Shop after the pick-up period ends, as announced in GM Lisianne’s Third Letter.

Please refer to the table below for detailed pickup schedule and Powder of Hope shop product sales schedule.

There are some schedule changes due to the change in the maintenance schedule mentioned above.

All schedules ending on the 26th (KST) will be reduced by 2 days.
All schedules starting on the 26th (KST) will be reduced by 2 days.

![2023-09-08 16 54 56.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/2023_09_08_16_54_56_1aa5a3e61a.png)

**3. Gear Pass**
New content to improve repeated use of Stealing introduced in the ninth developer note is named as ‘Gear Pass’.
By completing the Gear Pass, you can acquire materials that could be obtained through Stealing.

Assuming that Legendary grade [Steal] talent skill is used on all Story Pack 1~8 NPCs, the total expected amount of gear materials and gold that Berni and Andrew can obtain, and the total expected amount of cooking ingredients and gold that Rigenette can acquire will be calculate and given as rewards in the following form.

![2023-09-08 16 56 07.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/2023_09_08_16_56_07_62c671b36f.png)

With the addition of the Gear Pass, all [Steal] talent skill rewards are changed to gold.
The daily missions and achievement rewards included in the Gear Pass are as follows:

![2023-09-08 16 57 06.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/2023_09_08_16_57_06_c8589747fc.png)

* The level and rewards of the Gear Pass will be reset at the same time as the season pass and will be provided continuously.

**4. Golden Thread Shop Product Reorganization**

Recruitment contracts will be deleted from the Golden Thread Shop,
and ★5 Costume and UR and SR Gear Random Draw Ticket will be added as new products.
★5 Costume added to the Golden Thread Shop are updated with new costumes at regular intervals, like the Powder of Hope Shop.
With this change, we want to provide users with more ways to obtain ★5 costumes.
Please refer to the table below for details on products to be added or deleted.

![2023-09-08 17 07 57.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/2023_09_08_17_07_57_448b6737f6.png)

**5. Lathel Pass**
Lathel Pass will be added after the Sylvia Pass.
If you accomplish the Lathel Pass mission,
you will be able to obtain Lathel’s basic costume, ‘Herb Tracker’ Lathel.
At the same time, the ‘Herb Tracker’ costume product will be added to the Powder of Hope shop.
We plan to continue releasing character passes in the future to provide you with the opportunity to acquire the characters you want.

**September 20th (UTC) Update**

**6. Fiend Hunter**
We are revealing the first giant monster that appears in ‘Fiend Hunter’, new PVE content introduced through previous developer notes.

**The despair of school creeps in… The Darkness Devourer**

I messed up the test. I had a fight with my friend. My mom hates me. What am I living for...?
A bizarre monster born from the worries, despair, and dark thoughts of teenagers.
It was not originally a monster capable of harming humans, but due to the influence of the magical power storm, it was reborn into a gigantic and horrifying form.
No matter how many times it is defeated, it revives by sucking out the students' dark emotions with its huge mouth.
There is no way to fight against it other than constantly defeating it and tying it underground until the magic storm stops.


I get surprised every time I see the bizarre appearance of the Darkness Devourer.
As it appears as the first demon of the ‘Fiend Hunter’ pack,
we tried to provide new entertainment in battle by applying a different system from the existing one.

![2023-09-08 16 57 36.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/2023_09_08_16_57_36_1c1aea93cc.png)

For a full introduction to ‘Fiend Hunter’ pack, please refer to the previous developer notes.

[Go to <9th Developer Notes: New contents and Improvement>](https://www.browndust2.com/en-us/news/view?id=516)

We ask for your interest and participation on new contents, the ‘Fiend Hunter’ where you can experience unique battles and new strategies.

**7. Ability to Continue Battle after Defeat**
The normal difficulty level of the story pack is designed to be cleared by everyone.
However, it was confirmed that many users are still unable to clear the normal difficulty level of Story Pack 8.
So that more people can easily clear the battle and enjoy the entire story,
we are planning to add a continue function that maintains the enemy's HP and resets your character's HP (resurrects with 100% HP) after losing the battle.

‘Continuing’ battle consumes more gold than traditional ‘Retrying’, and as the number of continuing in one battle increases, gold consumption also increases.
Additionally, the ‘Continue’ function only applies to Story Pack Normal difficulty.

We would appreciate it if you could enjoy stories that were previously difficult to proceed through this new ‘Continue’ function.

**8. Growth Preview System**
So that you can understand the growth information of characters or costumes in advance and grow them in a planned way,
the growth preview system will be updated to provide a preview of the abilities according to each character's level, rank, and talent skill level, as well as the abilities according to costume enhancement.
You can check your growth figures in advance through the ‘Companion’ menu or through the character and costume information menu from the ‘Collection’.

**9. Costume Balance Adjustment**
We will be adjusting the balance of some costumes that are judged to have lower abilities and usability compared to other costumes of the same star-rank.

![en_유스티아 수정사항.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/en_473fd5a5e9.png)

![en_엘리제 수정사항.png](https://www.browndust2.com/uploads/en_b348824832.png)

We are aware that combat balance adjustment is a very sensitive matter.
We will proceed with a careful review to ensure that the value of existing costumes is not damaged.
After careful consideration, we decided that this balance adjustment was necessary to maintain a healthy costume balance.
We will continue to carefully proceed with the balance adjustment.

**10. Other improvements**
All improvements announced in previous Developer Notes are being developed as scheduled.
For more details, please refer to the previous Developer Notes.

[Go to <9th Developer Notes: New contents and Improvement>](https://www.browndust2.com/en-us/news/view?id=516)

- PC Client Introduction
- Selective Draw System
- Mirror War Battle Skip Function
- Increased Item Quantity Produced through Talent Skills

Well, that’s all for today.

While reviewing the opinions given in this BrownDust2 service satisfaction survey,
I realized that while there are users who are dissatisfied with the game's policies and direction, there are also a lot of users who provide love and support.

Of course, it is important to make an effort to listen to the voices of all users, but it was an opportunity to remind ourselves that any direction for improvement should not lead to giving up the game's identity.

To ensure that many users' expectations are met, we will make more efforts to show you the fun of adventure RPGs that are difficult to find in other mobile games.
Development team members are gathering and holding various meetings regarding future development directions related to the above information.
We will talk about the specific development details in more detail next time.

The next news will be delivered in a slightly different way to mark the upcoming 100th day of BrownDust2 service.

Through a special 100th day broadcast, we would like to communicate directly with users through the faces and voices of our development team.

In the special broadcast, original artist ‘Origami’ Seong hyun Han, story writer GyeongJae Han, and business department manager Jongho Kim will appear.
We plan to provide rich contents including Q&A to the service satisfaction survey, the details of the 100th Day update scheduled for September 20th (UTC), 100th day Celebration Event, and 2023 roadmap.

Thank you so much for reading the Developer Notes today.
Of course, I didn't forget to prepare a gift.

**[Developer Notes Gift]**
- 600 Diamonds
- 40 Cooked Rice

※ You can receive the Developer Notes Gift from your in-game Mailbox until 14:59 September 11th 2023 (UTC).

We will come back with a special broadcast on the upcoming 100th day.
Thank you.


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