20th Developer Note: First Collaboration Notice

Hello. This is Brown Dust 2 PD Jun-hee Lee.
I think we, the developers and players have waited for this day. The collaboration announcement day!

We are having our first collaboration with…

『Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2』!!

The work progressed safely thanks to the passion of many people.
From May 23rd to June 19th (UTC), we will be able to present it to our users for a total of 4 weeks!

During the collaboration period, popular characters from Mushoku Tensei, Roxy Migurdia and Eris Boreas Greyrat will be added as new characters (A.K.A. Roxy and Eris).
Roxy and Eris' costumes will be updated one by one.

A total of 4 types of costumes will be updated, and they are all limited-time costumes that can only be obtained during the collaboration period.
Among them, Roxy and Eris' basic costumes are distributed free of charge, and anyone can obtain them by logging in and participating in the event during the collaboration event period.

Roxy / Respected Master


Eris / Esteemed Adventurer

Roxy / Emerging Desire

Eris / Your Very Own Cat

Character and Costume Information
2024-05-17 13 36 53.png

Late May Pickup Information
2024-05-17 13 39 07.png

Exclusive Gear Pickup Information
2024-05-17 13 39 54.png

Season Events
During the collaboration season, you can experience two seasonal events sequentially for two weeks each.


Fiend Hunter
In ULTIMATE MAGIC, ‘Talos’, an ancient bronze golem sleeping deep within the magic tower of Eclipse,
appears as the boss of the Fiend Hunter.

In the ULTIMATE MAGIC Season Event, a bingo mini-game will progress to commemorate the collaboration.
You can play bingo games using Bingo Chips earned as daily log-in rewards.
By completing the bingo board, you can get various rewards, including Draw Tickets.

SCARLET SWORD (6.5~6.19 (UTC))
Fiend Hunter
The Fiend Hunter boss that appears in SCARLET SWORD is a giant carnivorous monster called ‘Berserker’.
Berserker is known as the final evolved form of Beowul,
a cute(?) monster living in Mount Kailac in Story Pack 4.

In the SCARLET SWORD season event, a collaboration commemorative dice game event will be held.
You can play dice games using the Lucky Dice you get as daily log-in rewards.
Each time you roll the dice, you can move the platform by the number of dice numbers and obtain the reward on that platform.
Every time you complete a dice game, you can get various rewards such as Draw Tickets, so try it out.

Last but not least, I want to show you the good things in advance, so I'm releasing one cut of Roxy and Eris' costume skill cutscenes.

I hope you all enjoy Brown Dust 2's first collaboration event, which will be held for 4 weeks.
Thank you.

Next, we will talk about the improvement direction of previous updates.

Many people gave good reviews about Story Pack 13 Song of Snow, which tells the story of Justia, and the new character Loen.
Among the UI improvements that were updated, there were some areas that caused inconvenience to our users, so the development team is also disappointed that the update was not satisfactory to everyone.

The development team fully sympathizes with the areas where you have provided suggestions for improvement.
We will tell you the direction for future improvement.

[Bulk reinforcement]
Currently, many users are playing the so-called cost-effective strengthening > disassembly method, which involves strengthening only to a certain enhancement value and then disassembling it to obtain more refining powder and refining crystals.

The batch reinforcement system added this time failed to closely consider play specificity, so it has been updated to a one-way reinforcement function.

The directions for improvement are as follows:
2024-05-16 17 44 21.png
After the update, the following situations become possible:
ex. Select specific gear and try only up to level 7
ex. Select specific gear and try strengthening it up to 30 times.

[Companion UI Improvements]
Many parts of the companion UI have also been changed.
You gave positive evaluations about the ability to manage the gear of 5 companions at the same time and the ability to manage formations in the companion UI, etc.
However, the inconvenience of the most basic equipment and removal processes was a bigger issue, making the update overall disappointing.
The inconvenience of immediately removing the gear when touching the icon is planned to be improved by displaying a pop-up and removing it later.
The issue of pop-ups being displayed when scrolling the screen will also be fixed.
We also agree with the opinion that the option display on the gear icon looks complicated.
To improve the current complexity while maintaining the advantage of showing options in the icon state,
We are considering other directions, such as increasing the size of existing icons or adding a separate option viewer.

[Filter Method]
Currently, it starts with all filters applied, so multiple touches are required to leave only the filters you want.
We plan to improve it so that you can select the filter you want with a single touch.

[Other Improvements]
We are working to improve it so that presets can be saved even in the battle preparation stage.
Costume changes will also be improved to be saved during the battle preparation phase.
However, to avoid being affected by the use of auto skills and auto battle functions, we are considering saving only the costume changes for the first turn.

[Field Character Setting Improvements]
The field character settings that were updated in March will be improved.
Before this feature update, characters used in battle were also used as field characters.
Through the update, we have improved the ability to set characters that can be used independently only in the field.
If you set a combat character to be used on the field, the character in the current battle formation should be synchronized to the field as before.
Currently, the function is not working due to a bug, and the bug will be fixed.
In addition, to improve the display for new users to recognize the field character settings,
When entering the talent skill quick slot, a tutorial related to field character settings will be played.

To ensure users can enjoy the game, we will continue to improve convenience.
We will pay more attention to the UI in the future, keeping in mind that the more frequently used the UI, the more the user experience can change significantly with just a few modifications.
The above contents will be updated sequentially in the future.

This is all we have prepared for today.

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to one of the new characters scheduled to be released in the summer season!

I think users who have been waiting for a character with bronze skin color will be most pleased.
Nebris is the representative NPC of Evil Castle roguelike content, and is a character that has already received a lot of support within the development team.
We will provide further details later. Please look forward to it.


Well, I will conclude the developer note with a gift today as well.

[Developer Note Gift]
- 600 Dias
- 40 Cooked
※ Developer note gifts can be received from your mailbox until the nth day of the May 20, 2024 (UTC).

Thank you.


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