14th Developer Note: February Update Preview

Greetings! This is Jun-hee Lee, the producer of BrownDust2.

Are you enjoying the Half-Anniversary Update and events? During the special broadcast, we were genuinely concerned if we were sharing the excitement among ourselves, but fortunately, many of you appreciated the natural mood of the Live Broadcast. We've confirmed a significant alignment between our considerations and what you, the users, find essential. Moving forward, we'll strive to communicate more honestly and transparently.

Now, let me share the details of the upcoming February update.

Jan. 4th Update

Last Night
A new content, "Last Night" will be updated, where you can utilize all your costumes for battle.


Justia was summoned to the unfamiliar ruins of an old castle where traces of endless resistance remain.
And the appearance of colleagues who are summoned later, is familiar, but feels somewhat out of place.
The party decided to assess the situation and met Roen, a nearby summoner.
We hear stories of promised destruction and desperate resistance...
The will of one who fights alone in a world that has already reached its end
Will we really be able to gain meaning?

Loen & Isaac

Loen, the lone survivor of a world that has already been destroyed and an elf summoner who lives an eternity.
Although she has a timid personality and is always protected by others, she fights until the end to protect the will of her comrades who died while fighting.
Isaac, a strange creature by her side, is able to travel across dimensions and is helping Loen prepare for her final summons.

Seeker of the Last Night
The being that destroyed the world of loen.
From the birth of the world, it was asleep deep underground, but when civilization prospered and was overflowing with energy, it woke up and began to devour everything.
But there is no end to that hunger.
The Seeker of the Last Night who destroyed this world will soon move to another world and repeat the same ending forever.

The initial plan for The Last Night  was focused on quickly obtaining rewards by acquiring and growing costumes. However, after gathering feedback from users following the first prototype development, we decided to provide more meaningful enjoyment by adjusting the direction to allow a glimpse of the fun of strategic preparation before battle.

Battle System
- In The Last Night, each costume is treated as a separate character, unlike the existing battle system.
- You can deploy up to 20 costumes in battle, and each costume will automatically use skills in the set order.
- Deployed costumes only use skills; they do not use normal attacks or knockbacks.
- Costumes not participating in battle are classified as 'Support Costumes'.
- The higher the growth level of support costumes, the higher the damage dealt by the costumes in battle.
- In The Last Night content, chain restrictions are gone, allowing unlimited stacking of chains.

Skill Effects Modification
- Skills that trigger effects across all allies or within a 2-tile range of allies will apply to all deployed costumes.
- The efficiency of stat-enhancing buffs is reduced by half.

Boss Characteristics
The boss of The Last Night, the Seeker of the Last Night, possesses the following characteristics:
- No defense or magical resistance.
- No elemental attributes.
- Simultaneously possesses physical and magical attributes.
- Immunity to all ongoing effects.

Depending on the maximum damage dealt to the Seeker of the Last Night, Isaac will visit with Gold and Ancient Crystals at 9 a.m. (KST) the next day. You can receive daily rewards based on the last achieved maximum damage without having to challenge each time. As you grow, challenge higher maximum damage to increase the amount of rewards. Additionally, an event mission to obtain Draw Tickets will be held after the release of The Last Night.

The Last Night will run a trial season for six weeks after the initial update, and we will analyze the data collected during this period for additional updates.

During the official season, we plan to add a system that grants bonus buffs to specific costumes or combinations for each season, enhancing the enjoyment of using various costumes strategically. We are also considering adding additional rewards beyond Gold and Ancient Crystals.

We will actively incorporate the feedback you provide during the trial season and consistently strive to make improvements. Your input is highly appreciated.

Costume Auto-Enhancement System
To reduce the inconvenience of manually enhancing costumes every time you acquire duplicates, the costume auto-enhancement system will be updated. When you acquire duplicate costumes from draws, the pub, recruitment, or missions, the costumes will be instantly enhanced instead of receiving blueprints. The gold cost for enhancement will be changed to free. After the auto-enhancement system is updated, if you have additional costumes, they will be automatically consumed to enhance the costume on your initial login.

Improvement of Hunting Request Time Consumption
The existing hunting requests took a long time to obtain rewards, but it will be improved to be instantly completed regardless of the number of Cooked Rice consumed, allowing you to quickly obtain items.

Combat Power Formula Adjustment
To address the discrepancy between displayed combat power and actual performance, the combat power formula and benchmark will be changed. Currently, combat power is calculated solely based on the character's stats. However, since BrownDust2's attack attributes are divided into physical and magical, corresponding defense attributes are split into defense and magical resistance. Comparing deck strength solely based on combat power may often lead to inconsistency between combat power rankings and actual battle results.

Moreover, factors that significantly influence actual ATK power, such as the quantity of costumes a character possesses and the number of skills an opponent's costume has, are not included in combat power. Recognizing these limitations, we have decided to change the combat power formula and benchmark. In the future, combat power will be calculated by considering various factors such as the character's level, the number of costumes owned, the level of costume enhancement, and equipped gear. The goal is to shift combat power from a 'scale of strength' concept to a 'scale of character growth' concept.

Deletion of Individual Enemy Combat Power Display
In addition to adjusting the combat power formula, the individual enemy monster's combat power will no longer be displayed. As mentioned earlier, the current combat power provides somewhat inaccurate information for predicting battle outcomes. Displaying individual enemy combat power could exacerbate confusion in such situations. Therefore, we have decided not to display it anymore. However, the 'recommended combat power' that users have used as a difficulty scale will be adjusted according to the modified combat power formula to help users make judgments.

BrownDust2's battles are influenced by various elements and strategic judgments. Even after the improvement, the recommended combat power may still feel inaccurate, and additional adjustments may be necessary. We are continually striving to make the combat power displayed in the game a reliable indicator. We appreciate your broad-minded observation.

Thank you for your continued support.

'Find the Lost Items!' Event Improvement

To enhance the existing 'Find the Lost Items!' event and make it more meaningful, we have implemented several improvements.

- Adjusted the placement of lost items that were difficult to find due to being covered by objects. Small lost items without sparkling effects were hard to find when hidden. To address this, we've added sparkling effects to provide hints when items are concealed.

- We have made it easier to track the number of collected lost items by displaying the acquisition status on the field UI.

- Introducing new missions along with the 'Find the Lost Items!' event. Complete these missions to obtain 5 ancient crystals each time you collect over 90% of lost items in each pack.

We hope you continue to enjoy the 'Find the Lost Items!' event in the future.

Gear Bulk Dismantling Quantity Increase

The maximum number of gears that can be dismantled at once during bulk gear dismantle will increase from 30 to 100. We are consistently reviewing and improving convenience related to gears and inventory.

Golden Thread Shop Discounted Items Addition Event

Discounted items will be added to the Golden Thread Shop. Existing items will continue to be sold, and discounted items will be introduced in addition. Various items, including Draw Tickets and Ancient Crystals, will be offered at a discounted rate. Detailed information will be provided through a separate notice.

Jan.18th Update

New Season Event IDOL FANTASM

A new Season Event, IDOL FANTASM, set against the backdrop of Character Pack 4, will be held.

Ventana and Granhildr, idols who once debuted as a promising band but failed to receive attention due to the trend of the times, want to challenge idol activities once again with their third like-minded member, Yuri.
To this end, they visit Gray's office to learn cuteness from A.twist, a new group that has been doing amazing activities for some time.
But it wasn't just comeback idols who visited Gray's idol office...!

Several improvements will be applied to the IDOL FANTASM season event to make it more enjoyable.

AP Addition and Repeat Battle Support

Starting from this event, AP (Action Points) will be introduced in normal battles and challenge battles. You can progress battles daily, earning rewards for completing challenges based on the number of AP. After achieving all challenge goals for specific stages, you can use AP to engage in repeat battles, obtaining additional rewards with each repetition. A fast battle feature without viewing combat scenes will be supported for quick reward acquisition.

Event Battle Costume Bonus Addition

During event battles, a system will be introduced where owning specific costumes provides bonus rewards.

Event Point Shop Addition

Instead of the existing point exchange mini-game, an event point shop will be added. You can use event points earned through event progress to purchase desired items. Various items, including Ancient Crystals, will be added with each season event.

New Pickup Teaser

Three comeback idols appearing in the IDOL FANTASM season event will be featured as new pickups. Additionally, a new cutscene will be added to Justia the Blood Glutton costume during the pickup. Please look forward to the alluring charm of the comeback idols and the unique appeal of Justia in the new cutscene.

Costume pickups will be registered as items in the Powder of Hope Shop after the pickup period ends. Please refer to the table below for detailed pickup schedules and Hope Dust Shop item sale schedules.



Costume Selection Enhancement

A monthly purchasable costume selection enhancement product will be added to the Golden Thread Shop. This product allows you to instantly enhance one of your owned costumes. Limited costumes cannot be enhanced.

Gear Crafting Process Improvement

The current gear crafting system involves collecting materials, processing materials into alchemy, and crafting gear from processed materials. Users who are new to gear crafting have found this process less accessible. When there are insufficient materials during gear crafting, and if those materials can be processed into alchemy, we plan to improve the system to allow immediate alchemy.

My Room Improvement

My Room, one of the main features of the Half-Anniversary Update, has been enjoyed by many users. While some have appreciated the charming and diverse options for decorating, others have suggested improvements regarding limited space and expensive furniture.

We aim to ensure that housing content can be easily decorated from the creator's perspective and can be enjoyed effortlessly by visitors. Observing the well-decorated rooms within the confined space, we intend to maintain the current direction and consider various improvements to make room decoration more fun and convenient.

My Room Experience Mission Addition

Special missions that can be achieved by experiencing basic My Room functions, such as purchasing and arranging furniture, will be added. As a reward for these special missions, a substantial amount of Gold will be provided, reducing the burden of furniture purchases and allowing everyone to decorate their first room more easily.

Instant Purchase Feature Addition

For furniture that you don't own but has been unlocked, you will be able to instantly purchase it from the editing screen without going to the store. Additionally, the feature to purchase additional copies of placed furniture will be improved to be accessible from the editing screen.

Furniture Category Filter Feature Addition

Currently, when editing My Room, furniture is categorized only by type, causing inconvenience for those who want to compose a room with specific pack furniture. To address this, we will add a filter function that allows you to view furniture from each pack separately.

New Furniture Set Addition

On January 18th (KST), a fitness room set, created with the imagination of having a fitness center in Character Pack 4's shop, will be added. You can purchase the fitness room set furniture in the IDOL FANTASM season event's point shop. Enjoy the seasonal event and obtain interesting furniture!

In addition to these improvements, we are considering additional features such as adding emojis or speech bubbles above characters, special motions, and ongoing convenience improvements. Once a foundation for more diverse My Room decorations is established, we plan to host new events, such as the My Room Contest. We appreciate your interest and participation.

Here's a preview of the upcoming February update for the game:

Season Event Schedule Change - February

We're shaking things up in the February update by transitioning the season event schedule from a 4-week cycle to a more dynamic 2-week interval. The first two weeks will feature new Season Events and Fiend Hunter Rerun, followed by two weeks of revisiting classic events and Fiend Hunter. Expect renewed boss encounters with changes in attributes and gameplay dynamics.

Fiend Hunter Renewal - February

Recognizing that Fiend Hunter holds a special place as endgame content, we're committed to giving them the grandeur and excitement they deserve. While retaining the current thrill, we are exploring avenues to add extra layers of enjoyment. Specific details on the renewal will be shared as development progresses and our direction becomes definitive.

In tandem with the Fiend Hunter overhaul, we're also implementing the mentioned season event schedule change and Fiend Hunter reruns. This adjustment aims to bring Fiend Hunter sessions to you more frequently, bi-weekly instead of the previous monthly cycle. Moreover, we're enhancing rewards for a more fulfilling event experience. Considering the existing fatigue associated with frequent tracker encounters, we're actively exploring options to alleviate this aspect in the February update.

Story Pack 11 Update - February

Prepare for the enchanting 'False Game' Story Pack 11, set against the backdrop of the prosperous kingdom of Sbern and the vibrant Rotein. Unravel the aftermath of successfully controlling Lathel's Terra Outburst in Story Pack 10, 'Homunculus', leading the team to the tumultuous realm of Rotein. The revelation of an assassination attempt on the king of Rotein, Leornhart, adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding tragedy involving the king and Gray.

Post Story Pack 11, anticipate regular updates every 6 weeks with Story Packs 12 and 13. Story Pack 11 introduces characters that long-time Brown Dust enthusiasts will find delightful, promising a fresh narrative for the evolving party.

First Entry Pack Change - February

For new players, the journey now starts with the narrative of Brown Dust 1 through the 'Hello Elin' tutorial pack. While the characters introduced in the tutorial pack were appreciated by experienced players, the sudden shift in characters when transitioning to Story Pack 1 was deemed a negative experience. To address this, new players will now directly progress to Story Pack 1 for their initial tutorial, temporarily preventing access to the previous tutorial pack. This modification, coupled with a shift in the timing of the Story Pack 1 for users yet to engage in infinite draws, sets the stage for a tutorial pack redesign in the future.

New Growth System: Potential - February

Introducing a new system called 'Potential' designed to enhance costume growth. The goal of the Potential system is to allow immediate utilization of a costume's full potential once acquired, reducing the burden associated with costume enhancements while providing a gradual sense of growth enjoyment.

Unlocking the potential of each costume will yield various effects such as increased damage, altered skill effects, reduced SP consumption, decreased cooltime, and expanded ranges. The unique strengths and potentials of each costume will be highlighted. The resources required for potential unlocking will be obtainable through the new adventure route dungeon, season event shops, and the Golden Thread shop.

Stay tuned for more detailed information in developer notes as we solidify the upcoming content. Get ready for an exciting February update!

Finally, I would like to share the ongoing discussions and feedback from our players.

Expansion of Ancient Rune Sources

In the January update, we expanded the sources for Ancient Crystals through the Last Night rewards and the Season Event shop. We plan to continue adding diverse acquisition methods in the future.

Rich Content Offerings

In line with the content mentioned in this developer note, including the Last Night in January and the shortened cycle of Season Events and Fiend Hunter Renewal in February, we are committed to providing an abundance of enjoyable content. We have plans to introduce several new content pieces operating on a seasonal basis. Additionally, we are continuously reviewing and renewing existing content such as Mirror Wars and the Tower of Pride.

Character Development

Brown Dust 2 unfolds its story from an observer's perspective rather than a first-person view. While this format is suitable for focusing on the adventures of the characters, it may not convey the emotional depth of direct character interactions. To address this, we are working on enhancing character personalities and narratives unique to Brown Dust 2's observer perspective, much like elements found in anime. Beyond the main quests in packs and Season Event stories, we are exploring systems that allow exposure to various narratives. We appreciate your continued interest in the diverse stories of upcoming characters.

That concludes the prepared content for today.

As we celebrate the Half Anniversary, we express our gratitude to all players who have chosen to play Brown Dust 2. To both our dedicated existing users and new players, we sincerely appreciate it and we will strive to make the game even more enjoyable based on your feedback.

Though it may be insufficient, we want to express our gratitude once again to all users who have been with us throughout this year. In the coming year, we earnestly hope for Brown Dust 2 to evolve further, meeting the expectations and interests of our users.

Wishing you all a warm-hearted year-end and looking forward to another year of joy with Brown Dust 2. As a small gift, we are offering the following in-game items:

[Developer Note Gift]
- 600 Dias
- 40 Cooked Rice

Please receive the Developer Note Gift from your mailbox by January 2, 2024, 11:59 PM (KST).

Thank you for your hard work this year. We'll greet the new year with a New Year's Developer Note.

Happy New Year!

Thank you.


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