13th Developer Notes: Half Anniversary and PD Q&A

Hello. This is BrownDust 2 Producer, Jun-hee Lee.

Are you all having fun with the Korean-style character pack, Tales of Sword, and the first seasonal event, Windy Cat?
Tales of Sword is a pack that reflected a variety of concerns, including the design of costumes and fields to express Korean emotions, as well as the use of traditional Korean music in the OST.
I'm curious about how users in regions other than Korea felt.
We will continue to prepare packs and events that will allow you to experience the charms of various regions, so please look forward to it.
I hope you enjoy the Tales of Sword Pack and Windy Cat season event until the end.

I came to see you today with a bit of excitement.
It is because I have brought you Q&A answers and Half Anniversary update news that users have been waiting for.
First, I will tell you about Q&A.

Through this Q&A, users around the world provided many opinions, and I read every single one of them.
Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback.

We compiled the answers by collecting common questions from all countries and questions mostly asked for each country.
In order to improve in a way that would satisfy all users, the development team, business team, and related departments gathered together and held several discussions.

Now, I will answer the questions one by one.
Together with me, the illustration team leader seong hyun Han (Origami) and story team leader GyeongJae Han will also answer to the questions they have been asked, so I hope you enjoy reading.

Questions commonly asked in all regions

Q. There isn’t enough content. What content do you plan to add in the future?
[Jun-hee Lee]
Packs and costumes are constantly updated as before,
Starting with Windy Cat in November, we will continue to provide new things to do through seasonal events offered every four weeks.

In addition to seasonal events, addition of new content and renewal of existing content are planned.
The goal is to densely fill all content, including one-time content, repetitive content, and end content, so that there is always something to enjoy.

New content to be introduced in the near future can be met through the Half Anniversary update that will be held on December 20th (UTC).
We will tell you the details in the Half Anniversary special broadcast.

Q. I wonder if there are any plans to add the guild system and guild war content.
[Jun-hee Lee]
When we first considered adding social features, we thought it would be about adding just a few community elements since it is mostly play-alone game, but we were surprised that more users wanted guild content than we expected.
We are continuously thinking about what guild content would be a perfect fit for BrownDust 2, and we will provide detailed information and update plans as soon as it is finalized.

Q. Are there any plans to add a new growth system?
[Jun-hee Lee]
We are considering a new costume growth system and a higher-level Rank-up system.
Rather than simply increasing the level, we plan to design in a way where players can feel that they are becoming stronger every day.
Our goal is to provide consistent entertainment.

Q. I am curious as to whether the B1 characters will continue to be updated, especially the legendary characters.
[Jun-hee Lee]
All Six Devils from the previous work will be updated in various forms.
We are thinking about how to introduce another legendary group, Dominus Octo, to suit the atmosphere of BrownDust 2.
Even if they do appear, like the existing Six Devils, they will be released as a regular ★5 group rather than a legendary group.

Q. I am curious about the cycle in which new costumes are released and the story update cycle.
[Jun-hee Lee]
We plan to release 3 new costumes at a frequency of about every 4 weeks.
New packs are planned to be updated once a month, but the schedule may be adjusted depending on the scale of seasonal events or the amount of new content updates.

Q. I’m curious if you have any plans to collaborate with other games or animations.
[Jun-hee Lee]
We are actively considering it as we have conducted several collaborations in Brown Dust 1.

Q. Please let us know if you will be producing more merch in the future!
After the release of the 100-day merch, many people asked about selling the merch.
We plan to produce new merch with the goal of releasing them in time for the first anniversary in June next year.
It is difficult to answer the question of sales or distribution methods right now, but we will prepare to improve the parts that were lacking in the 100-day merch and provide high-quality merch to more users.

Q. I would like to enjoy the summer special pack, Summer Knight, again. Can you please reopen it?
[Jun-hee Lee]
The Summer Knight Pack is scheduled to be released in summer 2024. Along with the pack reopening, the swimsuit costume pickup that appeared at that time will also rerun.
Rather than simply reopening the pack, we plan to provide more entertainment through the seasonal event system.

Q. Are you considering rerunning previous costume pickup?
[Jun-hee Lee]
We are also planning to rerun previous costume pickup.
First, along with the Half Anniversary event, we plan to rerun Lathel - Homunculus costume and Helena - B-Rank Idol costume pickup.
We are planning to rerun pickups that users want about 3 to 6 months after the pickup ends.

Q. I am curious about additional convenience improvements that are planned.
[Jun-hee Lee]
First, in this developer note, we will introduce gear presets that will be updated in the Half Anniversary season, improvements to the shop multiple purchase UI, and improvements to automatic costume enhancement.
In the first quarter of 2024, we plan to prioritize improvements in gear crafting convenience.
Improved field elements to be easily checked on the HUD,
Simplifying movement between packs;
Bulk receipt of rewards when using dispatch talent skills, bulk send function, etc.
We are continuously reviewing various convenience improvements to simplify repetitive actions.

Q. Please tell us what you think about the current balance of Mirror Wars and directions for improvement.
[Jun-hee Lee]
Currently, the large gap between attack and defense win rates in Mirror War and the meta fixation at high ranks are being internally reviewed as important fixes.
We will strive to provide an environment where as many different characters and costumes as possible can be used in Mirror Wars.

Q. It would be nice to add a variety of events. I’m also curious about future event plans!
[Jun-hee Lee]
As mentioned in the answer to the question about additional content, we plan to continuously introduce new events every four weeks.
We plan to prepare a variety of content to continue to provide new entertainment with the event.
We are also planning Boosting Events to boost various items and currencies such as slime and gold.

Questions asked by Korean users
Q. It's difficult to use my favorite characters because their performance drops if I don't enhance the costume. I'm curious if there are any plans for balance renewal.
Also, please let me know if you plan to continue the trend of reducing SP in the +3 upgrade.
[Jun-hee Lee]
Until now, when a costume was upgraded by +3, SP consumption was reduced by 1.
However, various growth effects are being applied through the upgrade starting with the Sword Queen Sylvia Costume.
Costumes added in the future will be carefully designed so that they can be used strategically from the moment they are acquired.
We wanted to apply these changes to existing costumes as well, but there are many users who have already developed their existing costumes.
We try to avoid hastily changing the overall balance and damaging its value.
Instead, through a new costume growth system, you can grow your characters in various ways through continuous gameplay rather than through a lottery.
Even if the existing costumes are not upgraded to a high level, we plan to supplement them so that they can be fully used if you grow them with love.

Q. I think the amount of Golden Threads obtained after upgrading the costume to ★5 is too small. Please let me know if there are any improvements planned.
[Jun-hee Lee]
In this Half Anniversary update, the quantity of Golden Threads obtained after upgrading the costume to ★5 will be changed from 100 to 300.
Additionally, for those who acquired 100 Golden Threads by acquiring duplicate costumes from launch to reorganization, we will retroactively compensate you for the entire difference.
We wanted to quickly reflect the opinions given by many users, but it took a long time as we carefully reviewed the impact of the change and compensation plans. We are sorry for making you wait.

Q. I feel like there are not enough products that can be purchased with Golden Thread and the quantity is limited. I'm curious if there are any plans for product improvements and additions.
[Jun-hee Lee]
Yes, we plan to increase the quantity of Golden Thread obtained and we also plan to add Golden Thread Shop products.
First of all, we plan to add the all-round reinforcement system that many users have commented on in January 2024.
Through the universal reinforcement system, you can strengthen one of your costumes by +1 once a month, and you will need Golden Thread to use the system.
Additionally, a property selection random ticket that allows you to select and draw ★5 of a specific property will be added to the Golden Thread Shop.
In addition, to commemorate the Half Anniversary, we will be adding half-price discounted products to the Golden Thread Shop, so please take advantage of it.

Questions asked by Japanese users
Q. I wonder if there are any plans to add ★3 and ★4 characters or costumes.
[Jun-hee Lee]
The addition of ★3 and ★4 characters or costumes were being reviewed internally.
However, it was postponed because higher priorities were placed on producing high-quality new ★5 costumes and skill cutscenes for existing costumes.
We would like to apologize once again for the delay in the skill cutscene for the existing costume.
Currently, we are considering Layla's twin sister, Ailee, who can be seen in the exclusive gear draw, and Elpis, the nun of the Evil Castle as new ★3 and ★4 characters.

Q. I’m curious as to why the Illustration team leader’s name became [Origami].
Actually, it doesn't mean much, but when I started BrownDust 1 (a.k.a. Brave Nine), my account nickname was [Origami].
Since I've been drawing on paper so far, I made it with the feeling of 'painted colored paper'.
Now, it is easy for users to call it, and I am particularly satisfied because the first letter, 'Saek' ('Color' in English), is used in so many different meanings.
I was curious how this feeling would be translated to foreign users, but I heard that in English-speaking countries and Japan, I am called as 'Origami'.
I'm also curious about how this nickname would be seen by overseas users.

Q. I mainly use Sylvia because I like it. Please let me know if there is any background or backstory on how Sylvia was created!
[GyeongJae Han]
Sylvia actually has a backstory that is hard to forget.
Before creating her, I thought “Sylvia equals Pink Hair!” and discussed my opinion with Sir Jun-Hee.
However, Sir Jun-Hee prefers a natural hair color, so he suggested that we should avoid artificial-looking pink hair....
So, Sylvia and Rubia could have become blonde.
As can be seen from its nickname, the Desert Flower,
I thought that pink is the only way to bring out the character of Sylvia, who looks beautiful and kind on the outside, but carries a lot of darkness and suffering inside.
Therefore, there is a backstory where me and the illustrator pushed for the pink hair.

Questions asked by users from Greater China
Q. I feel that it is too difficult to obtain UR legendary (IV) gear. I wonder if there are any plans to improve this.
The development team is also aware of the difficulty in obtaining UR legendary (IV) gear.
However, because equipment production is currently part of the end content of Brown Dust 2, we are carefully considering easing the difficulty of acquisition.
Currently, we have plans to increase the number of attempts by increasing the number of sources of ancient crystals.
Also, we are considering ways to introduce separate growth elements corresponding to end content so that the fun of growth is not limited to one side.

Q. It is difficult for new users to acquire characters in the pub due to a lack of recruitment contracts. Are there any plans to add additional acquisition sources?
[Jun-hee Lee]
We are considering ways to increase the number of ways to provide recruitment contract so that you can more freely obtain the characters you want at the inn or pub.

Q. There are few places where we can learn about the characters' background stories and personalities. In particular, I'm curious if there are any plans to add ways to learn more about the characters, such as adding character pack with individual side stories.
[GyeongJae Han]
Yes. As the person in charge of the story, I really regret that we are currently unable to explain many of the characters' various settings and stories.
Like the last time we added character profiles, we are thinking about a variety of content that can reveal the background stories of each character.
Rather than simply conveying the setting, we will strive to present stories that will make you feel affection for the characters.
In addition, even within the main quest, there are limitations to the way the story is told, such as restrictions on the number of quests and presentation methods, and lack of variety in field play.
I was always disappointed that I couldn't convey the character's charm 100%.
We will continue to improve and research in both story and content to present an even better game story.

Questions asked by users using English
Q. I wonder if the main character, Lathel, can get a happy ending.
Will he be able to forgive himself and live a happy life after he failed to save Misha?
[GyeongJae Han]
Lathel is a character who continues to fight to change the world for the better, no matter what misfortunes he encounters!
It's difficult to tell anything about Lathel's future as the story hasn't progressed much yet, but I believe that people who shape their destiny have the right to be happy.
Oh, and I heard in overseas communities that I am perceived as an evil person who kills children and adults without mercy in order to progress the story...
It seems that the process of interpreting human hymns is still immature, so the narrative was not conveyed well. We will strive hard to better express the salvation received by those suffering, including Lathel!

Q. I wonder if the mysterious man who spoke to Celia in the Story Pack 6 epilogue will play an important role in the future. Was he a character from Brown Dust 1 (Brave Nine)? Anyway, I want to know more about that person.
[GyeongJae Han]
English speaking country users are very interested in the story!
Thank you very much. We will continue to strive to meet your expectations.
As you may have guessed, the mysterious man who spoke to Celia is also a key figure in Brown Dust 1 (Brave Nine).
If I tell you about the story, it could be a spoiler, so I'll just give you a small hint...
The mysterious man, Fabian, has a relationship with Justia like Celia and Eclipse.
He is also the person who had a great influence on Justia's decision to travel alone to Sbern.
Please look forward to the role he will play in the story that will unfold in the future!

We will continue to communicate with our players through Q&A, Developer Notes, Live Broadcast, etc. in the future.
Thank you again for your lovely feedback.

Next, I would like to talk about the Half Anniversary.

We are preparing to provide a detailed introduction to events and updates taking place during the Half Anniversary through a special broadcast.
Additionally, the Half Anniversary special broadcast is a recorded broadcast that will be released simultaneously globally.
Additionally, there will be two developer live broadcast segments immediately following the end of the recorded broadcast.
The schedule for the special broadcast is currently being coordinated with the relevant departments, and the detailed schedule will be announced through a notice as soon as it is decided.

In this developer note, we will tell you in advance about the parts that can be released in advance, focusing on keywords.

Winter event special pack and new costume update (Dec. 20th update (UTC))
The winter event special pack 'Nightmare Winter', which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the city's night streets, jazz bars, and lounges in the middle of winter, will be updated.
A special OST will be included in Nightmare Winter, just like ‘Summer Knight’ from last summer special pack, so please look forward to it.
Additionally, with the release of the new special pack, four new costumes for the companions that appear in the special pack story will be updated.
Please look forward to the skill cutscenes of the new costumes that the illustration artist, Origami put a lot of effort to it.

* The Winter Special Pack can be enjoyed for a total of 4 weeks from the Dec. 20th update to Jan. 17th (UTC), and may reopen at a later date.

New Season Event Update (Dec. 20th update (UTC))
The seasonal event 'FIREWORKS MEMORIES' will be held along with the winter event special pack.
You can also experience new Event Battles, Field Quests, and Fiend Hunter in Fireworks Memories.

My Room Update (Dec. 20th update (UTC))
Brown Dust 2's unique housing system, 'My Room', will be updated.
In My Room, you can decorate your own rooms with a variety of atmospheres.
The furniture used in My Room can be purchased at the shop after clearing the pack.

Gear Preset Update (Dec. 20th update (UTC))
A preset function that allows you to save and use up to 5 gear presets for each character will be updated.
By saving gear presets, you can freely change gear with a single touch.

Shop Multiple Purchase UI Improvements (Dec. 20th update (UTC))
Through the improvement, players can proceed with multiple purchases at the Golden Thread and Powder of Hope shops.
* Exchanges at higher levels of recruitment contracts will also be improved to allow for multiple exchanges.

Book of Apocalypse Update (Jan. 3rd update (UTC))
The new content previously introduced under the name of All-Out War, will be updated as the Book of Apocalypse.
The Book of Apocalypse is a battle content that involves using all the costumes you own.
If you grow any of your characters even a little, you can consistently receive good rewards.

Costume Auto-Enhancement (Jan. 3rd update (UTC))
When acquiring a costume, the costume you own will be automatically upgraded it if it is a costume that can be enhanced.
Previously, you had to acquire the costume as a Design and enhance it yourself at each stage.
Now, the costume will be automatically strengthened as soon as you acquire it.

This is the end of the developer notes prepared for today.

It seems like it hasn't been long since Brown Dust 2 was launched, but it has already reached its half-year anniversary.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the users who have been with us for 6 months.

As much as users love Brown Dust 2, the development team is also working on development with deep affection.
Pack-based story and seasonal event concept,
Concepts for battles, field concepts, and skill cut scenes for new characters and costumes,
An OST that will impress you while maximizing the atmosphere.
Various plays in the field, etc.
The development team is always happy to discuss content and concepts that will be introduced to users.

The many contents we will show in the future will be presented without any compromise on quality.
We want to fill the game with content that can only be played in BrownDust 2.
We are in the process of making plans for various contents beyond the half-anniversary until the first anniversary.

By accumulating quality content that users can enjoy and be satisfied with,
we will strive to make BrownDust 2 always full of things to do.

And since it's been a while since I've greeted you with a developer note, I've prepared a gift for you today as well.

[Developer Note Gift]
- 600 Diamonds
- 40 Cooked Rice

※ Developer note gifts can be received from your mailbox until December 11th 2:59 pm (UTC)

Lastly, pre-registration for Half Anniversary will begin tomorrow, December 7th at 4:00 am (UTC).
※ The opening time of the Half Anniversary pre-reservation page may change.
Please note that any changes will be notified through a separate notice.

We have prepared generous pre-registration rewards, so please be sure to participate.

Thank you.


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