6th Developer Notes: Character/Gear Draw and Battle Balance

Hello. I am the Producer of BrownDust2, Jun-hee Lee.

Today, I want to discuss about the character/gear draw experience and battle balance improvements that users have been giving a lot of opinions about.

■ Safety devices to improve the character/gear draw experience (August Update)
Many people have showed discomfort of getting the results that do not meet the expected probability.
To solve this issue, we concluded that additional Safety devices must be in place.
We are making the following improvements so that users can enjoy character/gear draw.

After the August update, if you draw more than a certain number of times, you can get a higher ranked characters or gears.
- If 4★ or 5★ does not come out until the 10th draws, you will receive a random 4★ on the 10th draw.
* If you obtain 4★ or 5★ before drawing 10 times, the draw stack will be reset.

- If 5★ does not come out until the 100th draw, you will get a random 5★ in the 100th draw.
* On the 100th draw, 50% of the 5★ you get will be from the Pickup and 50% will be other 5★.

This improvement applies to both costume and gear draws.
The draw stack is applied regardless of 1 time / 10 times / free draw.
Also, the existing Draw Points and Powder of Hope system will remain unchanged.

And as the safety system is applied belatedly, to all those who proceeded with the Draw from the game release on June 22 until before the safety device system update, 4★ or 5★ costumes and gear random tickets equal to the number of 4★ or 5★ costumes and gears that were not acquired based on the safety system applied will be given.
The exact schedule and details of compensation distribution will be notified through a separate notice during the update.

■ Battle Balance Adjustment (August Update)
Current characters generally have higher offensive ability than defensive ability, and most battles are decided within 1 turn.
Because of this, the value of defensive characters and skills that are advantageous in long battles has decreased.

There is fun in contemplating a strategy to win within one turn, but in the long run, we concluded that more diverse types of characters should be used in battle to maximize the fun of strategy.

Therefore, we are reviewing a plan to increase the overall ability of the defense type.

Review Direction
- Decrease attack power of monsters
- Increase defense-related stats of all characters
- Increase the stats of defensive gear
- Increase vitality buff through collection buff
- Increase the effect of property resistance

Among these, we will check on what to apply or whether there is a better solution and try to improve the battle after sufficient QA with various situations in mind.

■ Recommended Combat Power Adjustments (July 20th Update)
In the recommended combat power, the goal was to provide objective figures that serve as a basis for determining difficulty for all users.
Therefore, the recommended combat power was set only with the basic stat, but in the battle of Brown Dust 2, elements other than basic stats, such as deployment, skills, and property so the users felt that the recommended combat power was far from the required combat power.

Therefore, considering the utilization of various factors, we are trying to provide a recommended combat power that fits the current combat aspect.

We calculated a new standard by putting weights on property, skill placement, and knockback utilization.
Considering that users who enjoy BrownDust2 have excellent strategic utilization skills, we measured the new recommended combat power based on the standard that utilizing various strategic elements will achieve about 4 times the effect of the current combat power.
* It’s a change in recommended combat power. the battle balance for each difficulty level is the same as before.

From the perspective of the developers, we are amazed how players can clear the hard stages using the best strategies with low combat power.
And we are working hard on the next contents to deliver greater strategic fun to our users.

Since many people are curious about the character/gear draw experience and battle balance adjustments, I have come today with the 6th Developer Notes.

The development team is working hard to prepare for the July and August updates.
There are still many things we want to show to our users after the September update, such as the PC client and new contents.
We will let you know as soon as possible as soon as we have decided on the later update contents.

Thank you.


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