7th Developer Notes: Summer Event and Improvements

Hello. I am the Producer of BrownDust2, Jun-hee Lee.

After the game release, we promised various improvements through several developer notes.

To quickly solve the inconveniences that users are experiencing, we tried to fix as much as possible for each update.
However, we made a lot of mistakes because we were trying to fix issues in a short period of time.

We sincerely apologize to users who have experienced any inconvenience during this process.
And thank you again for enjoying BrownDust2 despite the many inconveniences.

We recently updated the first update costume, the three B-Rank idols.
Thank you so much for sending so much love to our idols.
I also set up a cutscene in the home menu and am happy to see it.

Oh, and thank you for your love towards B-Rank Manager Gray.
In fact, I thought that our users did not want male character pickup, but I was a little surprised that many people wanted a pickup event for B-Rank Manager Gray.

Gray will be updated in the Powder of Hope Shop at the end of Seir pickup, so please wait for it.

Today, I would like to tell you about the summer event that users have been looking forward to, as well as game improvements.

First, let me tell you what we are preparing for the summer event.

1. Summer event special pack and new costume update (August 3rd update)
The summer event special pack with the background of a summer night pool party will be added.
The Summer Event Special Pack can be enjoyed for a total of 4 weeks, from the August 3rd update to August 31st (KST), and may be reinstated later.

In this summer event special pack, you can meet various characters, including the four main characters, enjoying the fun pool party.

Moreover, swimsuit costumes that many people have been waiting for will be added.

What is Justia's secret weapon that will help Schera's secret mission?
See Gray, who is determined to become the hunting king with Lathel.
We have added various characters who were loved a lot in the previous work.

I'm sure a lot of people will be curious about what kind of stories will unfold with charming pool party costumes.

Detailed information on summer event special packs and costumes will be announced through an update notice on August 1 (KST).

Before that! On July 31st, a Promotion Video (PV) that gives a glimpse into the characters and regions that will appear in the event special pack will be released.

Thank you for your interest in the PV that will be released soon!!

Well, we can't leave out the music in a party, right?

2. Summer Special Pack OST Update

The OST to celebrate BrownDust2's first summer special pack will be updated.

We've prepared a variety of songs, ranging from background music in the genre of EDM to special OST in the genre of intense rock with vocals.
The vocals of the special OST were performed by ""Dov IvI"".

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Event Special Pack OST!

3. Swimsuit Costume Pickup (August 3rd update)

Justia and Scheherazade's swimsuit costume will be available for a limited time only.

Lathel and Gray's swimsuit costume will not be in the pick-up event, but you can get each one for free at the event.
You can also get Justia's swimsuit costume by clearing the summer event pack.

Please refer to the table below for the detailed pick-up period for each costume.


In addition, the existing pickup extension, which took place concurrently with the July 20th update, was approached with the concept of increasing the number of free draws, but we missed the point that a sudden schedule change could cause inconvenience to users' play plans.
In the future, we will make sure not to change the previously announced schedule without a special reason.

4. Summer Appreciation Event (July 27th - August 31st(KST))
This summer event will be held to thank our users who have been loving BrownDust2.
We plan to give you the most generous gifts possible.

Justia and Schera's pickup free draw is provided twice a day for 3 weeks. We also plan to provide 100 draw opportunities just by logging in, and a total of more than 300 draw opportunities through various events.

More details will be announced through a later notice.

In addition, to commemorate the summer event, a countdown event will be held from one week in advance.

From July 27th to August 2nd (KST), 200 free diamonds will be distributed each time you log in every day.

We will prepare well so that it can be an exciting event for many users.

Next, I would like to talk about the improvements planned for August.

We are preparing a total of three updates on August 3rd, August 17th, and August 31st (KST).
First, I will tell you about the contents that will be updated on August 3rd (KST).

5. Special Exclusive Gear Abilities (August 3rd update)
Specialized abilities not found in Basic Gears will be added to the Exclusive Gear.
You will have abilities and roles worthy of the name of exclusive gear.

As an exclusive ability, the ability value that fits the concept of the character is granted.

- Existing: Basic ability 1 (fixed) / Basic ability 2 (random)
- Change: Exclusive Ability (Fixed) / Basic Ability 1 (Fixed) / Basic Ability 2 (Random)

6. Option refining system (August 3rd update)
The option refining system that can change some options of gear will be updated.
For example, a second basic ability of the UR gear and three options granted when reinforcing +3, +6, and +9 can be refined.

Ex) UR Exclusive Gear Refining Option


When you attempt to refine the option, all options will be changed to new options.
You can also pay a certain number of currencies to lock options you do not want to change.

Depending on the gear rank, option refinement requires new materials such as Refining Stone and Refining Crystal.
New materials can be obtained by dismantling the gear with Refining Powder.

- Refining Crystal: Can be obtained by dismantling UR and SR gears. (Used for refining UR/SR grade options.)
- Refining Stone: Can be obtained by dismantling R-grade gears. (Used for refining R/N grade options.)

And as the new system is added, we plan to provide compensation to users who have previously acquired and dismantled gears based on the following criteria.

[Compensation Distribution Criteria]
1) Exclusive gear draw done before the update
Every 50 draws, Refining Crystal that allows you to refine UR gears once will be given.
(Accumulated count even when exclusive gear is obtained from the integrated draw)

2) Gear dismantled before the update
Refining Crystal and Refining Stone will be given on the same basis as the updated system.

We would like to quickly provide you with gear refinement compensation just before the August 3rd update, but accurate data extraction is possible in a day, but at the time of the August 3rd update, we can only extract data from August 2nd, so we will extract compensation targets after the August 3rd update.

The compensation will be distributed collectively through maintenance on August 10th, so we ask for your understanding. We will inform you again through a separate notice.

7. Battle Balance Adjustments: buffing defense ability (August 3rd update)
Concerns about the current 1-turn victory meta have been mentioned through previous developer notes.
To solve this, we talked about buffing the defense ability.

We've been thinking about different directions, but if we adjust a lot of things at once, unexpected problems can occur, so we'll start with adjustments for two stats (Defense, Magic Resistance).

We will continue to closely examine and respond to balance-related issues.

8. Gear balance adjustment according to its grade (August 3rd update)

Currently, as the gear grade increases, the increase in gear stats is not large compared to the increase in materials required for crafting.
Therefore, players skip using the SR grade gear and use R grade gears for efficiency and change directly to SR grade gear.

Therefore, we want to upgrade the capabilities of the upper-class gear so that the gear has the right value for each class.

- Increase the stats of SR gears (increased to have a higher value than R-grade gears)
- Increase the stats of UR gears (increased to have a higher value than the upgraded SR gears)
- Exclusive gear has been adjusted to be more valuable than basic gears with specialized abilities added.

9. Motion and voice playback when touching a character (August 3rd update)
As one of the many contents being prepared to complement the character's attractiveness, a function that outputs motion and voice when touching the character illustration on the character information screen will be added.

10. Installation of magic circles at inns (August 3rd update)
We plan to install magic circles inside all inns so that you can move more comfortably when you need to use the inn or when you return to the battle area after defeating from the battle.

11. Hunting Request System (Within August)
The hunting request system will be updated to automatically conduct repeated battles in the background, such as in hunting grounds and the Path of Adventure.

You can request hunting in a cleared difficulty hunting ground or in the Path of Adventure.
You can obtain a reward after a certain period of time after requesting. (Even if you close the app, the request time goes by.)

A total of 3 hunting quests, 1 each for Goblin Dungeon / Slime Dungeon / Hunting Ground, can be carried out at the same time.
By adding the hunting request system, we expect that the fatigue of automatic battle farming content will be greatly improved.

We are also continuously reviewing ways to reduce the fatigue of repetitive field content such as stealing, hunting field monsters, and acquiring finds.
We will let you know when more update is decided.

12. Evil Castle Renewal (Within August)
We're re-examining the overall entertainment of the Evil Castle.

We have been thinking about the overall field entertainment of BrownDust2, including the Evil's Castle, and the conclusion we have reached so far is that “We should not forcefully balance the fun of battle and the fun of the field”.

The Evil Castle required both manual play to quickly break through traps and go through strategic battles to obtain high scores in battle.
Compared to the depth of battle, the depth of field play is shallow, so we judged that field play is rather hindering the fun of battle.

Therefore, to ensure the fun of battle, the previous update removed all deductions from time attack and traps.
Also, all trap damage has been removed with the same judgment in the story packs and character packs.

All additional operating systems such as QTE, which were originally intended to be added as field fun elements, have been put on hold.
We will prepare and present the way to give fun of manual control after a little more consideration so that our users can have a enjoy the game more.

The contents currently being reviewed for the renewal of the Evil Castle are supplementing the discrimination of battle scores and improving various UI conveniences.

On August 3rd, some monsters will be added to the battles on the 1st to 3rd floors.
After that, the next floor of the Evil Castle will also be updated.

13. Mirror War Battle Replay (Within August)
We'll be adding combat replay capabilities to help you see if defensive formation is working as intended, and to help you plan a better strategy.

14. Character/Gear Draw Safety Device
The addition of safety devices for 4★ and 5★ costumes and exclusive gears which I’ve mentioned in the previous developer notes, are being prepared for an update in August.

Here's what we've covered in our previous developer notes:

If you draw more than a certain number of times, you can get a higher ranked characters or gears.

1. If 4★ or 5★ does not come out until the 10th draws, you will receive a random 4★ on the 10th draw.
- If you obtain 4★ or 5★ before drawing 10 times, the draw stack will be reset.

2. If 5★ does not come out until the 100th draw, you will get a random 5★ in the 100th draw.
- On the 100th draw, 50% of the 5★ you get will be from the Pickup and 50% will be other 5★.
- If you obtain 5★ before drawing 100 times, the draw stack will be reset.

The following compensation will be provided based on the application of the Safety Device system to users who have proceeded with the Draw before the Safety Device update.


※ Costumes given out as random tickets include costumes updated between June 22 and August 3 (KST).

After the above update, we plan to add a draw record system to check the results a little more smoothly.

It's been a month since BrownDust2 was released. Many people have enjoyed the game and evaluated it positively. However, I am sorry that we were not able to fully meet your expectations.

Whenever I wrote a developer note, I wrote, ""In fact, this was the original development intention, but for some reason, this happened,"" and repeatedly erased it.

Regardless of the original intention, it is true that the users felt discomfort, and I thought it was my job to improve it as soon as possible.

While continuously improving the game for a month, we learned that the part that provides entertainments of manual play should not make users uncomfortable, and that the rewards should be obtainable quickly and conveniently in repetitive content.

We will continue to work hard to make BrownDust2 a better game by always keeping in mind on maintaining the core fun value.

In addition to what I mentioned today, we are developing various additional contents and entertainment.
I'll tell you as soon as it's concrete.

Lastly, we have prepared a small gift to express our apologies for the past.
It seems that many users are waiting for the reappearance of Lisianne after the last gift given by Lisianne.
Like Lisianne, I will also continue to visit you with gifts through developer notes.

[Developer Note Gift]
- 600 Diamonds
- 40 Cooked Rice
※ We will continue to prepare gifts for each developer note.
※ You can receive the developer note gift from your mailbox until July 31, 2023 (Mon) at 2:59 PM (UTC).

Please give lots of support to BrownDust2, which will continue to develop in the future.
Thank you.


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