BrownDust2 Developer Notes

Hello. This is BrownDust2 Dev Team.

It hasn't been long since the previous developer notes came out, but we are posting the dev notes again because we want to quickly inform you of further improvements.

The part I'm going to talk about today is improving on repetitive content fatigue, improving performance in the early stages of ★5 costumes, and packages.

Many people sent their opinions regarding the fatigue of Today’s Quest, Daily Mission, Weekly Mission, and fatigue from repetitive content play.

We agree with the fact that it is putting a burden on users who are enjoying BrownDust2, so we decided to make additional improvements as below.

In addition, we are reviewing on adjusting the balance of the basic performance of ★5 characters/costumes so that they will suitable for the most powerful grade characters/costumes.

We are also listening to users’ opinions on Premium Monthly Package and other packaged products, and we are preparing on the product related adjustments.

The July 6th update and further improvements that include the above information are as follows.


1. Adjustment on the maximum number of Today's Quests per day (July 6th update)
The number of Today Quest progresses will be changed from a maximum of 15 times to 3 times a day.
We plan to increase the amount of compensation per time by the decreasing number of quests, and provide the amount of rewards at a similar level to the previous settings.

2. Improvements on Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Season Pass (July 6th update)
Daily missions, weekly missions, and season pass individual mission achievement conditions will be eased compared to the current one.

The table below is an example, and the overall achievement conditions for each mission will be adjusted.
Detailed adjustments will be provided in detail through the update notice on July 6th.


3. Mirror War AP charging method change (July 6th update)
The Mirror War AP ‘Blood Cocktail’ charging method will be changed as follows.


With the above changes, players will no longer have to wait for charging time.

In addition, Blood Cocktails purchased through diamonds are managed separately from the 40 charges.

For example, if you purchase 10 blood cocktails after consuming all 40 Blood Cocktails, and use only 5 of them, 40 blood cocktails will still be charged at 05:00 (KST) and you can play the Mirror War a total of 45 times.

4. Change of regeneration time for the objects/items and monsters. (Regeneration Time: July 6th update, Improvements: August update)

Currently, the time of each regeneration content is different, and this forces users to play repeatedly.

Accordingly, the overall regeneration time will be changed to one regeneration based on 22 hours, and we will adjust the amount of rewards per time to an appropriate amount to reduce the burden on the overall game play time.

Please refer to the table below for details.


However, if the above changes are made, it may be inconvenient to tour all packs once a day.
We are also aware of this and will add content/systems to improve the inconvenience in the future.

※ The monster respawn time change above does not apply to hunting grounds and Path of Adventure that consume rice. (same as before)

5. Reduction of rice and inn costs (July 6th update)
The purchase method for rice sold in the store will be changed from a step-by-step price increase to a single price method.

As a result, it will be changed so that it can be purchased 10 times at the price of the 1st level.
In addition, the inn recovery cost will be drastically lowered to reduce the burden of HP recovery.

6. ★5 Character Balance Adjustment (July 6th update)
Costume basic performance of ★5 Characters will be upgraded.
In order to increase satisfaction with costume acquisition, the basic performance has been increased. The SP -1 effect which was given after enhancing +1 will be included in the basic performance of a costume.
The +5-upgrade stats of costumes will also be overall increased.

Through this adjustment, we tried to expand the range of deck composition by supplementing the basic performance of the ★5 Character which was felt to be somewhat underused compared to the highly enhanced costumes of ★3 and ★4.
The SP -1 effect which was given after enhancing +1 will be given at the first acquisition of the ★5 Character to reduce the burden of using skills.
We want to preserve the value of the ★5 characters by improving their relatively low basic performance compared to the ★3 and ★4 costumes.

Detailed balance adjustments will be provided on July 6th update.
* The balance of ★3 and ★4 costumes is maintained.

7. Information on new package sales and end of Premium Monthly Package sales (Reflected on July 6th update and July 20 respectively)

[New package sales notice on July 6th]

Two new limited special dash package products (sales price KRW 19,000 / KRW 33,000) will be added on July 6th update.

Package products will continue to be added in the future.
As many users give opinions on the products, we plan to offer it after careful consideration so that you can choose the product appropriately.

Detailed product composition will be provided through the update guide on July 6th.

[Suspension of sales of Premium Monthly Package products]
■ When to be applied: After the maintenance on July 20, 2023
■ Details: Deactivation of the sales button for the product after July 20
■ Effects: Diamonds are distributed every day for the remaining period to those who purchased the product before deactivation. You cannot purchase the product after deactivation.

We continue to realize that we lacked in preparation in terms of product quality and convenience.
Once again, we apologize to the users who were looking forward to the game and had difficulty playing smoothly due to BM and other issues, and we sincerely thank the users who support the game.

The contents of the previous developer notes and this developer notes are contents that we improved as much as we could by July 6th update with our best efforts.
Other improvements are also being prepared, and we would like to tell you that we will try to improve the game as fast as we can.
We will do our best to update quickly, and we will inform you about the development direction frequently.
In the case of the exclusive gear mentioned before, we will look into the matter carefully and update it in the future.

We would also like to deliver the news to users who are waiting for content updates.

On July 6, the first new character pack, EXODUS, will be added.
This is the story of Gray, the manager of a small idol office, escaping from an old shopping mall that has gone out of power with Helena, Eleaneer, and Seir, idols who work hard to achieve their dreams.
Please look forward to a new story.

We will continue to learn from our users and improve the game.
I would like to say thank you again to everyone who gives a lot of advice for the development of BrownDust2.

Thank you.


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