Last Night – Quickstart Guide


Last Night is a new game mode that makes use of your entire costume collection. Once you have played it and gotten a score, every day you will get gold and ancient crystals depending on your highest score. Ancient crystals are very valuable because they are a time-gated currency that is necessary for UR gear crafting.

Putting aside gold, these are the thresholds for increasing daily ancient crystal rewards:

ScoreAncient Crystals

As at launch of Last Night mode, non-whale players with mature accounts should be aiming for the 3 Ancient Crystal bracket, which is comfortably achievable with the right set up. The 4 Ancient Crystals bracket does not appear to be achievable to the average player as at launch.

Getting a high score is a long-term goal, because your damage increases based on the size of your costume collection and the combat power of all your characters (even those who are not participating).

Generally speaking, your costume order should be:

  1. Damage and crit rate buffers, then
  2. Multi-hit costumes, preferably with 5 or more hits (in the order of lowest damage to highest damage), then
  3. Your strongest damage costumes

Below are some tips to get you started quickly.

All buffs applied during battle are halved

According to the in-game menu, all buffs applied during battle are halved. E.g. Arines would only give +35% ATK and +15% crit rate. Therefore note:

  • Diana cannot boost "property damage" because the enemy has no element.
  • Samay is not worth bringing. 25% ATK/M.ATK boost is not as good as simply having a multi-hit attacker with 3 or more chain stacks.
  • Physical attackers have access to Arines (+35% ATK, +15% crit) with H.Lathel (+65% ATK), whereas magic attackers only have B.Helena (+37.5% M.ATK).
  • RH.Rou +5 and B.Helena +5 are MVP's for boosting crit rate.

Self-buffs do not appear to work across costumes

Based on initial testing:

  • Masquerade Bunny Celia's skill does not stack chains on subsequent costume hits.
  • Lathel's ATK buffs do not appear to apply to subsequent costume hits.
Zenith into 3 Celias gave a total of 24 chains (6+6+7+5)

Enemy debuffs do not appear to work

Based on initial testing:

  • Zenith did not appear to amplify damage.
  • End of turn burns (e.g. Liatris) did not appear to work.
Test results: Liatris did 44,619 damage on the initial hit.
Final score shows no burn damage applied.

Stack as many chains as you can

Since buff effects are halved, the best way to improve your damage is to stack chains. Each chain increases the damage of the next hit by 10%. For more info on how chains work, check the FAQ.

After applying all necessary buffs, use costumes with the highest number of multi-hit attacks to ramp up chain stacks. Then, put your best attackers at the end.

To find multi-hit units quickly, look at the chain counter on the bottom left of each unit.

Crit damage is king

Crit damage scales better than ATK/M.ATK, so it's best to equip gears that maximize crit damage.

Units that cannot crit (Justia, Alec) are not recommended, as they have relatively low damage potential.

Note that if you miss a crit on any of your main attackers, you can retry as many times as you like. However, it is still recommended that you boost your crit rate if possible, because it is difficult to fish for full crits across so many attacks.

Level up and equip every unit you have

Damage is amplified based on the total level and equipment power of your non-participating costumes. The total support bonus can be found at the top right of the team selection menu.

Test results: ~80% change in support bonus before and after auto-equipping all non-participating units with random gear.

Therefore to maximize damage, you need to:

  1. Have a lot of costumes,
  2. Have enough slimes to max level all your characters, and
  3. Have high level gears for all your characters.

As you can see, trying to reach higher tier rewards is a very end-game goal, and trying to reach top rankings is a whale's game. If you are able to get enough damage to reach the 3 Ancient Crystals bracket, I would not recommend spending your precious resources on slimes and gears just for Last Night.

Note that when equipping gears, there is an "auto-equip" button to help quickly put gears onto your characters.

Recommended units for the best damage

Based on initial testing, the best units for dealing high damage are:

  1. Units that deal HP% based damage: Pool Party Angelica, Fallen Angelica, Nature's Claw Rou. Do not use Neon Savior Angelica (burn damage does not apply) or Blood Glutton Justia (fixed damage cannot crit).
  2. Units with very high damage multipliers and stats: e.g. Promise of Vengeance Lathel (1000%+50% ATK), Herb Tracker Lathel (640%+50% ATK, 2 chains), Fire Graffiti Anastasia (500%+200% C.DMG, 5 chains).
Costume damage ranking from initial testing