Last Night Team Building Guide

Last Night is a mode that puts your account progression to the test. Deal as much damage as you can to the Seeker of the End in a single turn, and receive Ancient Crystal everyday based on your highest score (this high score never resets). Since AC is required for endgame crafting, and doing well in this mode means a stable income for them.

Reward Preview

  • 1 Ancient Crystal — 10,000 points
  • 2 Ancient Crystals — 700,000 points
  • 3 Ancient Crystals — 8 million points
  • 4 Ancient Crystals — 26 million points
  • 5 Ancient Crystals — 52 million points

If these thresholds seem daunting to you, that’s alright! Getting to 8 million points is pretty achievable for newer accounts, and 3 AC a day is already a big boost to income.

Mechanics Overview

Select 20 costumes that will take turns sequentially in a single turn, and the total damage done will be recorded as your score.

  • Each costume counts as a separate character. If you use two Lathel costumes for example, they will act separately, while sharing the same gear.
  • SP cost and patterns do not matter, except for determining whether a buff applies to only the character casting or to the entire party.
  • The boss has no resistances.
  • The boss has no elemental property, meaning Diana is not useful in this mode.
  • The boss counts as both physical and magical, meaning Nartas’s conditional damage works here.
  • The boss is immune to all debuffs (except for chains). This includes DoTs.
  • Buffs applied to your team are effectively halved. 
  • Buffs that apply to at least one ally besides the character casting will instead apply to all allies. For example, Homunculus Lathel will buff all allies, while Promise of Vengeance Lathel will only buff himself, and not even other Lathel costumes.
  • Damage dealt is multiplied by a Support Bonus multiplier (explained later)


The optimal strategy to score high is to use the following costume types: Buffers → Chain Stackers → DPS units. 


Despite buff effects being halved, it is the only way to boost damage aside from stacking chains. You will especially want to make use of crit buffers to reduce the crit fishing you have to do.

Costumes: Arines, [Kind Student] Samay, [Homunculus] Lathel, [B-Rank Idol] Helena

Arines alongside Helena will give the much needed crit rate for this mode.

Chain Stackers

Each hit applies a chain, which increases damage dealt to the enemy by 10%. Thus, simply throwing in the costumes with the most hits early on will improve your score. 

7 Chains: [The Curse] Celia

6 Chains: [Masquerade Bunny] Celia, [Empress of the Ocean] Rubia, [Robin Hood] Zenith

5 Chains (examples): [Admiral] Sylvia, [Code Name A] Rafina, [Nature’s Claw] Rou

Use chain stackers with good damage potential so they can contribute damage as well.

DPS Units

You will want up to 8-10 DPS costumes after the chain stackers. Use your highest damaging units. Physical units will tend to be better, since you can stack Samay, Arines, and HLathel, while magic only gets Samay + Helena, but if you have more dupes on your magic DPS units, then use them.

[Path of Vengeance] Lathel

PoV Lathel is the highest damaging nuke in the game, and everyone gets him to +2 for free by clearing Story Pack 7 in all three difficulties. He should always be the last costume in your lineup.

[Unknown Sage] Nartas

Nartas has the second highest damaging nuke in the game, so if you have him, you should put him right before PoV Lathel.

TIP: Use characters with multiple high damaging costumes, or with both a damaging costume and a chain stacking costume. This reduces the amount of gear you need to score high. Example units are Lathel, Anastasia, Eleaneer, Rafina, and Schera.

TIP: If you’re newer to the game and lacking dupes on your 5* DPS costumes, you may want to use your +5 lower rarity units instead. Kry, Layla, Samay, and Wiggle are great F2P options, assuming you have their EX SR or UR gear.

Example Lineup

This is a whale’s account (shoutout to Seji) that managed to reach the 5 AC threshold. Of course, this isn’t realistic for most players, but do note the principles in practice here.

Support Bonus

As stated earlier, the damage dealt by all your costumes is boosted by a support bonus. This bonus is derived from the total combat power of your unused costumes, divided by 1000 (in percentage). If a character you own has multiple unused costumes, then each costume adds to the bonus. Thus, a good way to boost your score is to improve the combat power of your other units.

Combat Power Formula

A character’s combat power is based on the following factors:

  • Each unique costume owned for that character adds 250 CP.
  • Each dupe for each costume adds 150 CP.
  • Each level on the character adds 10 CP.
  • Each gear equipped on the character adds CP equal to the gear’s CP shown when inspected.
    • Gear CP depends on its level, refinement, and rarity. The particular stats and substats do not matter.

In order to maximize combat power for the purpose of support bonus, prioritize putting unused gear on your units with the most costumes, since it multiplies the CP added by the gear. Leveling your other units will definitely help too. Do keep in mind however that optimizing your support bonus is only worth it if you’re close to the next AC Threshold. If you’re not near that point, then you’re better off prioritizing the gear of your actual lineup.

Closing Remarks

This is really just a side mode that improves your AC income, so don’t fret too much if you’re unable to get to the thresholds even after following this guide. The investment required will only come with time.

Shout out to Seji for coming up with a lot of the guidelines I laid out in this guide!