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DBS Fusion World Meta Tier List – Best Leaders and Decks (Open Beta)

Welcome to our Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Tier List! In this meta report we will look at the best decks of the DBS Fusion World metagame.

TierLeader - Deck
Tier 1• Son Goku Universe 7 - Red Rush
• Son Gohan : Childhood - Green Ramp
• Beerus - Red Control
Tier 2• Ginyu Force - Yellow Zoo
• Goku Black - Blue Tempo
• Trunks : Future - Blue Tempo
Tier 3• Android 17 / Android 18 - Green Ramp
• Cooler Frieza Clan - Yellow Control

Meta Overview

The Open Beta of Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World gave us a great opportunity to test the various Starter Decks, and there are already several articles discussing those on this very website. However, figuring out precisely how powerful are each of the leaders you can grab from booster packs is much more difficult.

Then, I'd like to start this article saying the decks we are going to discuss are theorycrafts more than battle-tested builds. I did consult other veteran players in order to come up with each of them, same for the power rankings we'll discuss in the first section of this article. As such, consider this article to be the brainchild of a group of players with experience on various CCGs, be it One Piece Card Game, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra or Marvel Snap, to name a few. We all love theorycrafting, and have spent a good amount of time preparing for the official release of Dragon Ball Fusion World.

In this article, we'll share our conclusions regarding which decks we think are worth trying to craft, as they look promising. Also, we tried to build without including all the Super Rare, Secret Rare or Promo cards in every deck. These do look like the best ones in the game, but unless you intend to spend a significant amount of money, four copies of those shouldn't be that easy to obtain. As such, we included the rarer cards which felt key to the deck's strategy, while the ones which could be disposable are in the potential addition section.

Now that we are clear, let's talk about the eight leaders we can find in the boosters of the very first expansion for Fusion World.

Son Goku Universe 7 - Red Rush

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

Early in a card game's existence, basic decks with a simple and effective concept, tend to do extremely well. Then, while the Universe 7 theme might be too simple once future expansion will give support to the more intricate synergies, we expect this one to be very solid for the time being.

With this deck, we are looking to dictate the trades with power manipulation to build the lead while awakening our leader, and leverage AoE abilities to allow focusing on the enemy leader. Four of Son Gohan : Adolescence (4) could be too much, but considering the amount of super rare cards the red color has access to, there are plenty of other cards to consider if we are lucky enough to get them.

Amongst all those powerhouses, Beerus (5) looks to be the most important one, as the On Play ability could just win a game on its own, and kind of the reason Son Gohan : Adolescence (4) can be removed as we get more copies of Beerus (5).

Apart from solid effects to control our opponent's card, we also have access to solid support tools. Master Roshi will help with using our spells for free, one of those being a tutored draw, perfect to make sure our deck develops as intended. Also, paired with Krillin (2), we have eight cards to help us awaken, a key part of the deck's strategy.

If you face a lot of green decks, which aren't attacking your leader at all, you could play more cards to help you lose health. The super rare Son Goku (3) is a perfect candidate in that regard, but red has cards at lower rarities as well if needed.

Son Gohan : Childhood - Green Ramp

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

Green looks like the strongest color when everything goes according to plan, as it possesses the most difficult to deal with cards in the entire game. While we ranked the Androids much lower on the list, Son Gohan is looking great, as the awakened ability is enough to make our leader very difficult to finish off. Sure, it will cost us some energy, but once we got Broly : SR (8) in play, we don't really mind losing energy anymore. Then, considering the most needed super rare can be found in the Broly Starter deck, there is a chance green dominates the early days of the game, before we get our hands on the rarest cards available in the boosters.

Even then, while I would say red probably is the best color with a full collection, as it has more super rares to play with, both the secret rare Son Gohan: Childhood and Android 18 (2) look like staples in any green deck.

Gameplay wise, green could be the simplest one to understand, but requires accepting we play from behind a lot. Ideally, we just want to drag the game to a time we have banked enough energy, and start playing big enough cards our opponent simply can't deal with them. Along the way, we can use multiple ability to control our opponent's battle cards, and the secret rare above could easily cause an instant concede.

Then, green looks both a fairly accessible color thanks to both super rares in the starter deck transferring well to any green leader, but also has the ability to scale into a juggernaut once you collect the rarer cards. Its only downside is giving our opponent a shot at rushing us down early in the match, but Son Gohan's ability once awakened is a great remedy to that problem. Yet, once we get four copies of Trunks: Future (3), Son Gohan : Childhood (6) and Android 16 (6), we should be good to go.

Beerus - Red Control

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

Beerus isn't really pushing for any particular synergy as a leader. It looks good both before or after it awakened, and doesn't have cards it specifically wants to synergize with. Instead, it just looks to focus on the key elements of the game: dominate the battle phase with power manipulation, and build some card advantage with the critical keyword. Then, we could look at Beerus as the strong standalone leader, which you will be looking to play good cards alongside, no matter their special traits.

This can be both a good and bad news. The good is, whenever you get a strong new red card, you know you should be able to find a spot for it in your Beerus deck. Plus, we already have some nice ones in the starter deck when it comes to the super rares, so we can build a decent deck without any other super rare needed. For example, I really like Botamo or Fuwa alongside Beerus, as they embody pretty well what the deck is about: card advantage through efficient cards in a variety of situations. Plus, this ability to just play strong cards means more adaptability to potentially counter another deck, if one happens to be particularly popular. Indeed, as you don't have precise synergies to respect, removing a card is much less likely to throw off the balance of your deck.

The bad news is, Dragon Ball Fusion World clearly made the most powerful cards the most difficult to acquire as well. Then, while you should be able to play any super rare you get in your Beerus deck, you probably require those super rare cards to make the best version possible of a Beerus deck. As such, when another leader will be looking to build around its synergies, and should be set whenever it gets the one, maybe two super rares it needs to get the deck to the next level.

Beerus on the other hand, will only progress when you get a card which is clearly stronger than one you already have, which will almost only happen when you get a new super rare. Plus, this feeling to always need new cards could be intensified when we will want to adapt to a popular opponent. Indeed, not every leader is weak to the same cards.

Therefore, while a synergistic deck can always push its own agenda against a variety of opponent, Beerus might require a big collection of cards to be able to adapt when the metagame changes. Because of this, Beerus could be the most expensive leader to build the ideal deck for, a potential turn-off for many casual players.

Ginyu Force - Yellow Zoo

I could see Ginyu be much stronger than tier two rank depending on which leaders are popular, especially if green or blue are sitting at the top. However, I cannot ignore how the red color has some AoE abilities which look absolutely catastrophic for this deck. Then, don't see this ranking as a jab to Ginyu's potential as a leader. I believe There are a lot of good cards in the deck, especially enough draw to support this explosive playstyle, also, the leader ability is scary as well. Yet, kind of what we discussed about Trunks in the previous entry, it is hard to figure if the deck will be able to close the deal consistently. Rather, if the opponent will let it happen, as just knowing Ginyu is your opponent is enough to know precisely what is coming.

First, Ginyu will likely need to awaken on its own, as I don't see any non critical leader damage it. Even if there were no battle cards in rest mode, there is a chance not taking the card might be better than giving Ginyu a card and getting him closer to four health. Plus, if we awaken while Ginyu isn't, their leader can't freely attack ours. This is why I feel Frieza (2) will be so important to this deck, as it should help awaken as fast as possible, Recoome not feeling like enough in that regard.

Then, I'm a bit afraid of the match-up against red leader, as Beerus (5) could wipe out our entire board, while other cards should routinely be a two for one. Green and blue should be weaker to this aggressive play style, but they have access to solid blockers, and once awakened, any leader is able to challenge one of our rest card per turn without investing a combo.

I might be too dramatic about Ginyu, and maybe the deck will be fast enough to outpace its opponent before they can stabilize. Still, in the limited playing time we got, it felt like it wasn't so difficult to defend well against super aggressive leaders. Therefor, apart from the OTK potential Ginyu has with its awakened ability, it is hard to picture it as a dominant leader for now.

Goku Black - Blue Tempo

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

The addition of Trunks : Future will mostly depend on how easily we get our Goku Black (6) in play. Then, while we have a Vanilla Goku Black (4) that looks like a staple for the deck, we could add a few Trunks to have more targets for Goku Black (6) ability when attacking.

This is really all this deck is about, getting that big 40,000 power in play and push for the kill using it and the 4-costs it summons. The way to get to deal the first damages to our opponent also looks fairly clear, as our leader possesses the critical keyword, perfect to push for damage before awakening. Defense wise, we can send opposing cards back to their hand in order to limit their development, and we have Bulma (1) to discount our spells for extra support. On paper, the strategy is there, and it makes sense. Then, the real question about this deck is how fast can we create the right situation, which is where the deck might struggle a bit.

Indeed, blue revolves around sending opposing cards back to their hand, a very strong identity in such a fast-paced game, as you don't have so much energy to work with for a large part of a match. Yet, sending cards back in your opponent's hand could also mean giving them more cards to combo with in battle. This really is the key point to determine how strong this deck can be, as we really only have our big cards to threaten an awakened hero, or take care of a big battle card.

Then, Goku Black will need to consistently be able to play its signature 6-cost before turn 6, ideally on turn four, so the game doesn't drag out, especially against a green leader. We have Son Goten (2) to help us awaken, but if we needed more help in that department, then the deck would likely have to get the other super rare blue card (Mai: Future) in order to feel viable. The card makes a lot of sense to play in the deck, and overall looks super strong, but would make the deck much more expensive to complete.

This is the reason this deck is ranked in Tier 2 rather than Tier 1. If the basic build doesn't work out, we might be stuck chasing super cards as the only way to make it stronger, when we already needed one of those super rare cards specifically for this deck in the first place.

Trunks : Future - Blue Tempo

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

As a leader, I think Trunks might be my favorite of the bunch, as it packs a unique and very powerful looking ability. However, in addition to looking like one of the most technical leaders to play, Trunks also lacks a real finisher like Goku Black has. Sure, we have the super rare Vegeta (5) from the starter deck, but it feels like the real win condition for this deck will be generating so much tempo the opponent cannot keep up with it. It might happen, and a couple of Mai: Future early on would Awaken us on turn two, and immediately put us in a commanding lead as we could start throwing everything the opponent plays back to their hand.

In that regard, I'm not doubting Trunk's potential when everything goes according to play. Rather, I'm questioning the reliability of that plan, particularly against a green opponent, as we can only throw back in hand cards worth 5 or less at most. Then, whenever we aren't hitting the super fast start and build a gigantic lead, I'm a little afraid of Trunks ability to scale into the lategame.

Also, I'm a little curious as to how good this play style could be against a red leader, as the power affliction a lot of their cards use could be enough to slow Trunks down. Then, not only bouncing those cards could be detrimental, we also wouldn't be able to build tempo if we did, as just their "On Play" ability would be a pain for our strategy.

I really love this leader's gameplay, so I will very likely go after it early on if I can. Yet, the reason why Goku Black is ranked higher is due to that stronger closing ability with a dedicated card in the deck. Then, while Goku Black will be fine with a contested early game, as it can scale into a great mid-game and bring on the heat with it's signature 6-cost card, Trunks might be force to play very aggressively from the get-go, and take a lot of risks to awaken as fast as possible.

Both blue decks are ranked in the same tier, and just one after another, showing we believe both are good. However, the more demanding deck to play, and the riskier approach Trunks seems to push for might make this one much more difficult to perform with.

Android 17 / Android 18 - Green Ramp

Super Rare Cards or Potential Additions:

Cooler Frieza Clan - Yellow Control

Apart from the fact I really think Critical is better than drawing one for the base version of a Leader, I have a hard time seeing Cooler as anything else but a weaker Freezer. Both leaders share similar synergies, and their decks might end up being fairly close in the end. Yet, while Cooler can attack twice with a 4 or less cost card, which is a shame when I really want to use this ability with Golden Frieza (5), I see Freezer's ability to switch back two cards to active mode as superior. Plus, I don't have to discard in order to activate it.

The one big upside is the ability to get two trades with a 4-cost card the turn I play it. Cooler (4) and King Cold (4), both at 30,000 power look great in that regard. However, I'm a bit worried how fast my hand will melt when I have to discard one per turn, plus maybe use combo cards in order to challenge the 35,000 power cards, the expected threshold for all the 5-cost we get in the starter decks.

Apart from Ginyu, which is doing its own thing, yellow looks like a control synergy, able to force some cards into rest mode, or protect its own from being vulnerable. In that regard, I would look at yellow as a slower red, both looking to dominate the battle phase, but in a different way. First, let me start by saying I find the power affliction synergy in red more appealing than the ability to switch cards to rest mode yellow has.

More importantly, red looks much more flexible, as we can use power affliction in different ways, and especially can get the kill when dropping a card to 0 power. Yellow on the other hand, really can only turn cards in rest mode to set up their trades, but needs to have battle cards to attack still, which looks much slower overall. Frieza at least, can protect two cards per turn with its awakened ability, which should allow for long term planning as we are likely to keep these two cards alive over multiple turns.

In a game as fast-paced as Dragon Ball Fusion World, where cards can attack as soon as they are in play, and plenty have either "On Play" or "When Attacking" abilities. I feel many will be in rest mode already at the end of our opponent's turn, hence why I think the real strength of yellow is to be able to turn its own cards back to active mode, which Freezer does best. Cooler can push an extra attack per turn with a big card, which could serve to dominate the late game through trading high power cards efficiently. Unfortunately, if I want a leader to dominate the late part of the match, I think I'll turn to a green deck, not a yellow one.

Overall, I will say Cooler looks like a balanced leader, with an ability it can use to push for the win, or control opposing cards, and we already have some nice targets for it. Yet, it isn't clicking for me, and I believe a leader with a more committed game plan should do better.

As for the cards themselves, the quality seems to be there, although the super rares seem more necessary for a yellow leader due to more groups existing in this color. With Ginyu Force and Cooler's Armored Squadron in the special traits, yellow has less depth when it comes to replacing a card with another strong standalone one.

Closing Words

Judging the non-starter leaders is probably the hardest part of this new Dragon Ball game, as the beta made it almost impossible to assemble a full deck around one of them. Plus, as we tried to keep it collection friendly, we tried to limit how many the super rare cards were included in each deck.

Overall, while I'm most excited about both Blue leaders, as I really find their mechanic appealing from a gameplay standpoint. Most players in our group agreed the best colors should be red and green, as there have both strong leader abilities, and a clear direction to follow. Blue and yellow on the other hand, look more difficult to master due to their mechanics based on also accounting for your opponent's strategy. In a game where every card can be used as soon as it is played, reactive abilities could struggle a little more compared to more proactive synergies, and our ranking was affected by this sentiment.

I hope this article helped to pick which leader you wanted to go after when the game finally releases. Keep in mind this tier list isn't based on actual tournament data or thousand of games played. Then, if you had a favorite leader, and we ranked it in the lower tier, I would gladly be proven wrong and see a strong deck pop around Android 17 or Cooler.

Feel free to share your ideas, or if your had any question, in the comment section or through my Twitter page.

Good Game Everyone!


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