DBS Fusion World Meta Tier List – Best Leaders and Decks (Season 2)

Tier list of the best Leaders and decks ranked in Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Blazing Aura (FB02), analyzing tournament results and decks from God rank players.

Welcome to our Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Meta Tier List! In this meta report, we will look at the best Leaders and decks of the DBS Fusion World Blazing Aura (FB02) Season 2 metagame.

Blazing Aura releases on the digital client on May 23, 2024. For the Awakened Pulse (FB01) Meta Tier List in the meantime, check out our report:

Meta Overview

A little more than a week has passed since Blazing Aura (FB02) made its grand debut in the offline world, and plenty of tournaments have happened already. Obviously, we will get tons of new data once the regional tournaments using the new expansion will begin, and the online client also debuts the new cards on May 23rd. Until then, we can already look at the many tournaments over in Japan, plus the few in the American region.

So far, the big change if we compare the first and second expansion is the arrival of the Tournament of Power Red deck, which took the meta by storm. Already, the deck is considered the one to beat, and expected to be very popular in the upcoming regional tournaments. The new Goku deck joined the big names from the Awakened Pulse metagame, Broly, Frieza, Beerus and Son Gohan atop our list. Also, Son Goku made the other two Goku leaders afterthoughts, seeing almost no play in the data I looked at.

The other newcomers aren't doing so bad either, with Cell and Zamasu : Fused both winning multiple shop battles. There is a bit of a gap with the leaders in the first tier, but these two can only improve over time, so this is a promising start. Joining them in Tier 2 is and his new arsenal of heavy hitters. The Blue Leader might be the most improved amongst the old guard at the start of the new expansion, with Beerus possibly beating it in that regard.

In the last tier, we have the Leaders with a few tops in tournament, but no wins yet. Android 17 and Goku Black feel improved, but might need a bit more time to adapt to the new environment. As for Vegeta, there are some interesting synergies around its unique ability, but it might end up with Ginyu and Cooler: another Yellow leader Frieza will consistently outshine.

Overall then, the metagame has very similar traits compared to the previous one, but it might just be a temporary situation. Indeed, BrolyFriezaBeerus and Kami still sitting atop the competitive mountain might just because players preferred to go with a deck they could trust, rather than gamble with a new brew.

As such, let's consider this first tier list as a great first look at what the lists for each Leader are built around, but keep in mind things should change much fast with regional tournaments around the corner.

DBS Fusion World Meta Tier List

Tier 1πŸ”΄ Son Goku (ToP) πŸ†•
πŸ”΄ Beerus
🟒 Broly
Tier 2πŸ”΅ Zamasu : Fused πŸ†•
πŸ”΅ Vegeta (Blue)
🟑 Frieza πŸ”½
🟒 Son Gohan : Childhood πŸ”½
🟒 Cell πŸ†•
Tier 3🟒 Android 17/Android 18
🟑 Vegeta (Yellow) πŸ†•
πŸ”΅ Goku Black πŸ”½
πŸ”΅ Trunks : Future
Tier 4πŸ”΄ Son Goku (Starter) πŸ”½
πŸ”΄ Son Goku (Universe 7) πŸ”½
🟑 Ginyu πŸ”½
🟑 Cooler πŸ”½

Disclaimer and Tier Explanations

Tier 1: Decks shaping up the early metagame and looking dominant in tournaments and digital play so far. Their synergies are either solid overall, or match very well against other very popular opponents. Typically, other decks might think about including some sort of tech cards to edge out against these builds.

Tier 2: Good decks, able to compete with the right build, but lacking a little something compared to the tier above. It can be a difficult matchup holding them back, a lack of raw power to dominate most opponents, or simply some play-patterns they can't answer efficiently.

Tier 3: Absent from competitive play from a lack of confidence from the player base, or posting poor results so far. Decks in this last tier either haven't found their right list, or simply don't have present the same upside as the other leaders in their color.

Tier 4: Leaders there was nothing to say about this time around, due to no results in tournaments, nor interesting discussions around those in the community.

There aren't any deck trackers or official data being released about the DBS Card Game Fusion World online client so far. As such, this report is crafted based on scanning social media, looking at tournament results, and testing the lists posted by those who achieved the God rank already.

This report isn't perfect, but we are working to better it with each release. Hopefully, it can still help elevate your knowledge about the game.

Son Goku (ToP)

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With enough cards in the expansion to make a full deck immediately, it is no surprise to see Son Goku do great right out the gate. So far, it seems like the best performing decks aren't running Clash of the Strongest, or one copy at most. Instead, the deck focuses on a steady flow of great cards, and pushing for the win once Awakened. So far, thanks to having a lot of draw potential, especially through Kefla and Kefla, both able to threaten the opposing leader, the deck doesn't look like it runs out of gas, even when using your Leader ability every turn.

This great sustain has led the Tournament of Power deck to play a very low curve, topping at four Energy. I've seen different cards included in the deck, but very rarely were the 5-cost cards a part of the deck, although one could consider Beerus for the mirror match. Son Goku is a consideration, just to give the deck a different way to push damage onto the opposing Leader. I think the card has some merit, especially with the many power affliction abilities already included to create very weak targets. I could see the card replace Son Goku if you feel like there are too many 3-cost cards in the deck. Play some extra copies of Katopesla then as you probably don't want four of Son Goku.

Otherwise, the deck does what many expected it would, play super strong cards and build a lead on the back of their abilities. Very quickly, the deck manages to create a situation where every card is a must to block, and at least two are coming the opponent's way every turn.

Simple, yet super effective recipe. We might need a Tier S if the deck lives up to all the hype it is receiving in the upcoming regional tournaments.


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Blazing Aura had multiple cards which seemed perfect for Beerus to include, such as Rumsshi or Quitela. Yet, the God of Destruction decided to be proactive, and is instead using the pressure cards from the Tournament of Power deck, although it isn't as aggressive as Son Goku in its gameplay.

Many expected Son Gohan : Adolescence and Son Goku to be in most Red lists, while Katopesla fits Beerus' strategy really well. However, four of Kefla wasn't on many bingo cards, although it just makes sense when you think of the cards we mentioned as great 3-costs.

Just like the Tournament of Power deck, so many great cards make the 3-cost slot can feel a little crowded, and it is once again Son Goku which looks to be the cut if you wanted more space to work with.

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In almost every list of Broly I've seen, the new expansion wasn't included, which kind of makes considering it was mostly support for Cell or Android 17. One could regret not seeing Paragus : BR and Broly : BR make it into the deck. Yet, considering how many great 3-cost cards red just inherited, I wouldn't remove Android 17/Android 18 from my deck either.

As such, the legendary Saiyan looks pretty the same early in Blazing Aura, with more lists now including Son Gohan : Childhood and Android 16 for some health gain, another inclusion to edge against aggressive decks.

Tier 2

Zamasu : Fused

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I said in the introduction, Vegeta felt like the most improved leader amongst the Awakened Pulse crew, which isn't so incredible considering how far behind Blue felt during most of the expansion. Well, it might not be Tier 1 yet, but Zamasu : Fused is off to a great start already, mostly thanks to being more resilient than the rest of the blue leaders.

This was the color biggest weakness during the first expansion: Once you fall behind in a match, it is very difficult to catch up, and your defensive capacities were pretty limited. Zamasu : Fused fixed both problems, at least part of them.

The 25,000 base power limits how much pressure the opponent can bring every turn, which combined with the ability to gain health makes the new blue leader quite resilient. Then, the new additions are also shining early in this new metagame. The pairing of Vegito and Sinister Sickle can be a huge tempo swing, in addition to making all your other bouncing abilities much stronger. Then, Zen-Oh adds another layer of defenses, punishing an opponent for not keeping some refill in hand. Lastly, Zamasu : Fused is as good as advertised, and it should be only a matter of time until every blue decks runs four copies of it.

Overall, the entire blue color feels much improved with the new expansion, and the new leader is leading the charge, on the back of being the most resilient of the four.

Vegeta (Blue)

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Vegeta got a brand new signature card in Gotenks but the lists I saw around the leader decided hitting like a truck was more important. As such, the new inclusions are Bulma and Vegeta, alongside a duo you probably want to get used to Vegito and Sinister Sickle. With those, the Blue starter improved the two areas it only cares about : Hitting hard and buying time to land more hits.

Last expansion started about the same way, with Vegeta's easy deckbuilding patterns making it more popular, and efficient than Goku Black early on. This time, the Saiyan prince got some unique tools that can't be used by others. It still makes Vegeta much easier to build around compared to the other blue leaders, but it might also separate it from the pack, and make it the default pressure oriented leader in the color. If yellow loses momentum as many expect it will due to more leaders possessing 25,000 base power (Broly, Zamasu : Fused and all Red Leaders with Son Goku on the table), Vegeta might have a role to play in the Blazing Aura metagame.


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I was very skeptical about any of the new releases changing anything to the Yellow color, as Frieza was felt so well-rounded already. I'm a bit surprised not to see Golden Frieza be added to the mix, but so far, I've only seen the card in Vegeta decks. Frieza appears to be more on the aggressive side of things, still looking to bring some pressure rather than control their opponent's development.

I was also curious to see the impact of new 25,000 base Power Leaders on Frieza and its army of 20,000 Power cards. So far, Frieza is the leader with the most wins in Japan, however, I did not rank it first due to most of those wins coming in the two days right after the expansion released. If we look at tournaments held a little later, such as the 15th of May, we can see Zamasu : Fused gaining lots of momentum. As such, one could think the meta will adapt, and actually hurt Frieza's stock as we progress.

Son Gohan : Childhood

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Just like Broly, Son Gohan doesn't feel particularly different in the new expansion. New synergies were added, such as Chi-Chi. Yet, none of the decks which reported a win in a Blazing Aura tournament were using any of the new cards.

Combined with Broly following the same trend, one could wonder if green is bound to feel exactly the same for the weeks to come. Not only are we very early in the new expansion, it is also important to consider most of the defensive tools for green already existed in Awakened Pulse. Android 17/Android 18Vegeta or Son Gohan : Childhood for example, feel needed to control red or yellow opponents.

Then, the new cards will impact the draw engine, or support synergies, which make take a bit to be refined. Plus, even if both top green leaders are still the same so far, both Cell and Android 17 posted results as well, featuring a lot more of the new expansion.

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The new Green Leader got a lot of people excited on social media during reveal season, with many believing it had the potential to be the next dominant force. So far, Cell lives in the shadow of Broly and Son Gohan, and stole most of their deck apart from its three signature cards.

Indeed, outside CellCell Jr. and Cell Games Arena, the rest of the deck looks awfully familiar, as it is exactly what the two green Saiyans are running. The question now is to know whether this engine is the reason why Cell managed to be in Tier 2, or if it is holding it back, but was needed until we can refine a deck fully built around the new leader.

I want to believe Cell has potential to do its own thing, and doesn't have to be another green leader with the same engine and two cards different because they only work with that precise leader. Yet, it is hard to root against the other two, as their leader abilities are so good to sustain the hits you'll take from the other colors. Maybe Cell just needs to wait for a slower metagame to take over.

Tier 3

Android 17/Android 18

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I had a lot of hopes for the Android synergy heading into this expansion, but I guess it will take more than just a week for the worse green leader during Awakened Pulse to become a thing. The few lists I could look at embraced the Android theme, and although no wins have been reported, Android 17 being listed in the top four of a small tournament is something to remain hopeful.

It seems like the problem for the Android is simply that pressure doesn't fit the green color. Then, you aren't as resilient as a Broly against aggressive opponents, but you are also worse than red, yellow or blue when it comes to pressuring slower foes. With this in mind, the Androids just feel like they don't have a thing they do better than other leaders. This was already the problem in the previous expansion, being balanced isn't particularly important in Dragon Ball Fusion World.

Instead, you want to push your synergies as far as possible, and create the perfect situation to enforce those during the match. For example, Beerus and its ability to remove seemingly any card without attacking into it, Vegeta hitting you non-stop for 35,000 hits, or green putting you on a clock as you know they will close the door once they reach eight energy. With its midrange playstyle, Android 17 doesn't seem able to have its own thing, at least for now.

Check out the full deck guide to learn how to play this Leader!

Vegeta (Yellow)

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The new Yellow Leader already looks like a project for the future, as it doesn't seem to be enough cards in the game to build around its specific ability. Extra cards are there, as Death Ball and Time Rewound are more than enough in that regard. Whis is another way to use your energy during your opponent's turn. The problem is somewhere else: how fast cards fly out of our hands.

Maybe the list is just wrong, and Vegeta should be played super aggressively, relying on Ginyu like Frieza does, instead of trying to play a more control oriented playstyle. Yet, because we have to include cards to leverage the ability, we can't fit large packages of cards, such as "Frieza Army" cards. Plus, this could just make the new leader a Ginyu deck with extra steps.

Then, Vegeta is stuck in this middle ground where it feels pretty good once you are awakened and can easily protect your cards with your Extra, building tempo in the process. Yet, you are also using more cards than other leaders would, meaning your hand can quickly be pretty empty. Tien Shinhan could be a solution instead of Death Ball, but I haven't seen the card be included in the list I could look at.

The ability points to a certain direction and the cards to another. So far, it feels like the balance is off.

Goku Black

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This tier list is based on the results each leader managed to post during the first week in Blazing Aura, a time whilst Goku Black didn't do anything worth noticing. However, if we take a closer look at the Zamasu : Fused deck in the higher tier, we notice both lists are quite similar. Then, although the leader itself plays a big role in the deck's success, and the 25,000 base power showed plenty of times how impactful it can be. I'd like to think Goku Black has a shot at rising much higher than the bottom of Tier 3 it currently sits at.

It will require to find what the leader does better than the others, as Zamasu : Fused looks to be the control one while Vegeta takes the pressure trophy. If we can do so, I'm sure Goku Black can follow a similar path it had during the Awakened Pulse metagame, when it starter pretty low and ended up being a the best Blue leader, alongside a decent pick for tournaments.

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Trunks : Future

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Although Trunks remains a very fringe leader, they managed to post a solid result with a top 16 in the Tokyo and Cologne regionals. The list from Japan feels a little weird, with the odd inclusions of Goku Black or Mai : Future, two cards we didn't see in any other Blue list, except for Goku Black running twelve Zamasu targets.

Except for these two, the rest of the list is fairly similar to what we saw in the other blue leaders builds. Then, I'm not convinced Trunks is ready to burst onto the scene, although it benefited from the same boost the entire blue color got with Blazing Aura.

We'll see if more results come in the future to gauge how good Trunks can be.

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Son Goku (Starter)

Son Goku (Universe 7)



Closing Words

I don't know if the new Red Tournament of Power deck crushing the competition is limiting how much space the others have to get themselves known, or whether the early report about Blazing Aura would be the same due to the new decks not making enough of an impact.

Indeed, apart from the new Leaders shaking things up, none of the previous twelve leaders saw their rank drastically change, except maybe Vegeta. As such, one could wonder if the new red deck isn't simply an improved Universe 7 build joining the already established powerhouses in tier one.

Granted, we are still very early in this expansion, and this tier list only used limited data from regional tournaments, as only Cologne and Tokyo, which saw Son Goku wreck every other deck when it comes to top 16 representation, happened at this point. Yet, this kind of early domination by Ginyu and the Universe 7 synergy is what led to the Broly, Frieza, Beerus metagame we ended Awakened Pulse with. Then, I'm curious to see if the situation can be different in Blazing Aura, because the start looks awfully similar: a great pressure oriented deck bullying the others.

I hope this breakdown was helpful, and may you find all the success in your future tournaments, or grinding the online client when the new season hits. If you needed anything, feel free to reach out through my Twitter page.

Good Game Everyone!


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