Eversoul Evil Soul Subjugation - Apostle of War: Adrianne

Eversoul Apostle of War: Adrianne Boss Guide

Apostle of War: Adrianne presents a formidable challenge as an Evil Soul Subjugation boss. To successfully defeat her and claim victory, consider the following strategies.


Adrianne cannot be stunned using conventional crowd control skills, unlike other Evil Soul Subjugation bosses. Instead, she has her own raid mechanics, where you need to kill adds and stun her during certain skill animations. The usual 9 teams battle mechanics still applies, but there is no need to manage the stun gauge / groggy bar between teams this time, and you are free to hit Adrianne using any team orders.

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle Team

During the battle, Adrianne will charge her sub-skill, "Charging Pierce." It's crucial to use stun abilities or skills at this point to interrupt her charging process. Keep a close eye on Adrianne's buff, as she begins charging with 6 stacks of "Vulnerability Protection." These stacks deplete as your units attack her. Only when she has no stacks left can you stun her.

Failing to do so can result in your ranged unit, typically the furthest one from Adrianne, being one-shotted. Fortunately, the Vulnerability Protection stacks get depleted faster with skills that hit multiple times (for example, Vivienne’s main skill). Consider timing the cast of such skills during her charge. Stun her to prevent this dangerous attack and protect your ranged units.

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 1
Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle Status
Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 2

It is important to note that in higher-level raids (above Lv.401), Adrianne will begin Charging Pierce immediately at the start of the battle, unfortunately before any of your units’ main skills are ready to be used. This skill will one-shot your left-most, bottom-most unit furthest to Adrianne unless that unit has enough HP / DEF. Clara and Lute subskills can stun Adrianne in this scenario.

One of her most threatening sub-skills, "Fearful Raid," targets the enemy with the most HP and can be devastating. To counter this, it's highly recommended to bring two melee units to the battle, with one of them being a tank unit. The tank unit, which is usually the unit with the highest HP in the team, can aggro this attack and soak the damage, preventing your team from getting wiped out. If you only bring one melee unit, she will get one-shotted because the damage from Fearful Raid doubles from 1600% to 3200% when the unit is isolated.

When there is more than 1 unit tanking the Fearful Raid, the damage is divided amongst the team members hit by the skills. Consider adding more melee units if your melee units are getting killed by this skill. That said, please be aware that even if you bring multiple melee units, there are scenarios where the faster melee units will leave the slower melee unit behind to attack adds, causing her to get one-shot.

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 3

Adds Phase

Adrianne will periodically summon additional enemies during the battle, most of the time in pairs. Dealing with these adds swiftly is essential. If you take too long to address these adds, Adrianne will gain the "Deep Darkness" buff, rendering her immune to stunning. These adds also get destroyed faster with attack skills that hit multiple times. Prioritize clearing the adds to maintain control over the fight.

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 4

Near the end of the battle, Adrianne will go to the center of the map, begins charging for a supernova explosion, and summon four additional enemies at each corner of the map. It is important to clear these adds as fast as possible. Failing to do so can lead to a wipe. To clear these adds easier, opt to save a map-wide, multi-hit skill to be used immediately at the start of this phase.

Unfortunately for you, even if you clear these adds, Adrianne will still fire her supernova explosion which will hit all your teammates for a massive amount of damage, and possibly wipe the team anyway. To prevent a wipe, opt to use damage mitigation ultimate skills such as Yuria’s or Catherine’s ultimate skills that cuts incoming damage significantly or shields your entire team.

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 5
Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle 6

If you survived this supernova explosion, Adrianne will be weakened until the end of the battle permanently, receiving double damage. For this reason, opt to save your strongest DPS ultimate skills to be used at the near the end of the battle for maximum damage output. Good luck!

Eversoul Apostle of War Adrianne Battle Status 2

Unit Recommendations

  • Lizelotte: Given that Adrianne is an Angel-type raid boss, she receives 25% more damage from Demon-type units such as Lizelotte. Adding Lizelotte to your team can significantly boost your damage output.
  • Yuria: Yuria can further enhance the faction advantage damage of Lizelotte by an additional 25%. Pairing Yuria with Lizelotte is an ideal combination to maximize your damage against Adrianne.
  • Linzy: With her recent buff, Linzy gains a 20% speed boost naturally, making her ideal for rapidly clearing adds. Her ability to jump between adds using her main skill or ultimate skill is invaluable, and she also possesses an on-demand stun.
  • Aki: Similar to Linzy, Aki can swiftly move between adds using her main skill, allowing you to clear them faster.
  • Units with Map-wide Multi-Hit Ultimate Skills for Clearing Adds: Consider including units like Honglan, Talia, Petra, and Claudia, whose skills can be highly effective for clearing adds quickly.
  • Tank Units with On-demand Stun: Tanks such as Chloe, Daphne, Bryce, Lute can provide on-demand stuns, helping to control the battlefield and interrupt Adrianne's skills.
  • Mana Control Units: Units such as Aira, Haru, Renee, Rebecca, Honglan have skills that reduce Adrianne’s mana, which prevents her from casting her main skill, which hits all your team members for large amount of damage.