Eversoul Eternal Sun Yuria

Eversoul Yuria Character Review

The introduction of Yuria, the main female protagonist of the game, as a playable character, 9 months after the game's launch, is akin to an Angel descending from the Heavens. That is not too far from the truth as Yuria is literally an Angel faction unit who seeks to change the meta.


When fully invested, she emerges as the strongest healer in Eversoul to date. With her by your side, your team becomes virtually invincible to anything except burst damage capable of instantly reducing your HP bar from 100% to 0. On average, her heals, which are her auto-attacks, heals your entire team for at least 100k HP per tick. Her team-wide non-removable shields provide at least 200k HP and get refreshed on regular intervals; permanently shielding your team as long as it doesn’t get broken.

Eversoul Yuria Heal

In the direst of circumstances and when victory is uncertain, Yuria’s Ultimate Skill – Darkness-Repelling Sanctuary of Light, can top your entire team from the brink of death back to 100% HP. In certain dedicated raid teams, this skill can heal for more than 1.2 MILLION HP to the entire team AND reduce future incoming damage for a time to survive instant kills by raid boss’s ultimate skills.

Eversoul Yuria Ultimate
Eversoul Yuria Ultimate 2

These heal values are measured with a fully invested Lv.340+ Yuria at Origin+5 with L+ Artifact and 4x Origin SPD keepsakes. Unfortunately, her healing capabilities will not reach those values if you are not investing in her. But Yuria is not completely useless at low ascension / 1 copy.

Eversoul Yuria Keepsake

Yuria's abilities extend far beyond her healing prowess. Her team-wide near-permanent Speed buff, initiated at the beginning of each match, is a guaranteed ticket to victory by ensuring your team can use main skills and ultimate first before the enemy team. Synergizing this buff with other Speed manipulation units like Honglan and Vivi further widens the gap between your team's Speed and your enemies'.

Yuria's team wide ATK buff provided by her main skill can be manually timed before your primary DPS use their main skills / ultimate skills to secure kills in PVE or make use of burst windows of raid bosses. (For example, use Yuria Main skill, Lizelotte gets 2x 30% ATK bonus, Lizelotte use Main Skill + Ultimate)

What's more, Yuria's Angel race allows her to be splashed to any team. Her synergy with any team’s faction buff elevates the ATK and max HP of your entire team, pushing the boundaries of their potential even further. Her artifact too fortifies your team's resilience to one-shots, thanks to the increased max HP, making sure your team remains unyielding. This versatility is further enhanced by the fact that Yuria boosts your team’s faction advantage bonus by a whopping 25%, allowing her to accompany any raid teams which have faction advantage against the current raid boss for free additional damage.

These non-healing abilities are not dependent on her ascension nor her equipment, making her an attractive unit for Free to Play (F2P) players, not just spenders.

Eversoul Yuria Stats

In summary, Yuria's arrival is a game-changer, allowing her to become the universal support for all types of players in all game contents using any teams. Try to get at least 1 copy. Or swipe her until Origin+5 to support the game. That said, the current Halloween Event also features Lizelotte banner who is the premier DPS unit in the game and the upcoming unit Eileen is a Humanlike DEX/Striker/Assassin Soul (which is the same archetype as Aki, who is also meta), so spend your Everstones wisely.


  • PVE: SSS
  • Raid: SSS

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Speed > ATK > DEF = HP