Eversoul Glorious Competitor Eileen

Eversoul Eileen Character Review

Eileen, the flirty and catty Guild Master of Troyca's Spade, emerges as the first hypercarry unit of the Q4 2023 Eversoul roadmap. With a stealthy entrance and a penchant for mischief, she brings a unique blend of agility and strategy to the battlefield.


Eversoul Eileen Picture

Similar to Melfice, Eileen swiftly dashes towards the enemy with the lowest HP at the beginning of the battle. Thankfully unlike Melfice, her stealth mechanics provide a layer of protection, preventing her from becoming the immediate target and allowing her to unleash havoc on her chosen foe.

Unfortunately, just like Melfice, Eileen is not immune to taunts, which causes her attacks to be redirected toward enemy tanks. This weakness persists even at the highest artifact level, where she gains immunity to crowd control but not taunt.


Eileen introduces the novel ability to activate stealth on demand with her main skill, opening new tactical possibilities in the game. However, despite the utility of her main skill, it lacks offensive prowess, merely providing a stealth buff and critical rate and critical damage enhancements. This stands in contrast to units like Aki and Linzy, who receive similar buffs without sacrificing main skill damage potential.

Also sadly, she remains vulnerable to Area of Effect damage during stealth (unlike Naiah), causing her to get hit by team-wide attacks from enemy Claudia main skill or enemy Talia ultimate skill, which will immediately kill her due to her low defense rating. Unlike other melee hypercarries with damage reduction buffs like Aki or with large amount of evasion like Linzy, Eileen boasts zero defensive measures if you discount her stealth, making her the very definition of a glass cannon.

Eversoul Eileen Battle

In general PvE contents, her lackluster main skill diminishes her effectiveness, making her less appealing for pushing the Battlefront or the Depth Gates. That said, Eileen shines in Champion’s Arena, where battles are often decided before the main skills are unleashed.

Her skill set also proves effective for raiding, particularly against the Aira ESS raid boss. The sleep-inducing effect of her main skill synergizes well with the boss's vulnerability to sleep, and her soul-type compatibility bonus damage against beast-type bosses adds to her raiding utility. Unfortunately for general raiding, her damage output does not exceed top tier raiding units damage output, such as Lizelotte, Aki, Violette, and Naomi.

That doesn't mean she deals low damage in raid though, as her ultimate skill can hit for up to 880% damage to an isolated enemy unit who has less than 30% mana, which makes her owning the third highest ultimate skill damage percentage in the game, after Naomi and Lizelotte. Her sub-skill also helps her ability to raid as they deal additional damage when the target is alone and they provide utilities such as mana burn and buff removal, which can be crucial for optimizing against certain raid bosses.

Eversoul Eileen Raid

It's worth noting that unlocking Eileen's full potential demands a substantial investment. To make her truly effective in the endgame, players must be ready for a significant resource commitment into her ascension and her artifact rank.


In conclusion, Eileen is a niche unit with a focus on raids and PvP domination. Consider pulling for her if you seek a formidable presence in the Guild Raid or the Champion’s Arena. However, be prepared for the added complexity of managing her stealth mechanics compared to the other premier Human-like DEX Assassin unit, Aki, which makes Eileen a more challenging but potentially rewarding sidegrade.

Final Evaluation

  • PVE: A
  • Charite Raid: S