List of All Weapons in During Beta Test

A showcase of all weapons that were available during the first Beta! features three types of weapons: Casual, Professional, and Legendary. Casual weapons are the easiest to obtain and use, while Legendary weapons are the most powerful but also the hardest to get. Professional weapons are in between the two in terms of difficulty and power.

Casual Gear

  • Monster Slugger:
    • High damage-dealing weapon
    • Best against single enemies and swarms of enemies
    • Great for farming and grinding
    • Dangerous to use in high-end raids
  • Techno Fists:
    • Shoots out bouncing attacks that stun small enemies
    • Every 10th attack shoots out a mega ball that stuns big enemies
    • Best against small groups of big enemies
  • Medicine Ball:
    • Healing weapon
    • Heals yourself and nearby teammates
    • Surprisingly good at dealing AOE damage
    • Great for supporting teammates in raids

Professional Gear

  • Wolf Stick:
    • Summoning weapon
    • Summons a wolf that tanks for you
    • Combined DPS of you and your wolf is massive against single Target
    • Limited in groups of large enemies
  • Portable Portal:
    • Shoots up to three projectiles at enemies that deal Splash damage
    • Automatically activates whichever Gadget is in the slot to the very far right
    • Versatile weapon that can be customized to your needs
  • Spin Sickle:
    • Hard to pull off but is incredibly fun to play
    • Attacks faster and can pass through enemies after combo bar is filled up
    • Great for dealing with large swarms of enemies

Legendary Gear

  • Very Long Bow:
    • Poison weapon
    • Fires arrows that poison enemies and Deals damage over time
    • All-rounder weapon that can deal insane damage to single targets and Splash damage
  • Chicken Stick:
    • Summoning weapon
    • Summons up to four chickens that fight for you
    • Great for tanking and dealing damage


The best weapon in is the Portable Portal. The Portable Portal can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose any Gadget to put in the slot to the very far right, and the Portable Portal will automatically activate it once your combo bar fills up. This means that you can use the Portable Portal with any playstyle, whether you prefer to deal damage, heal, or support your team. The worst weapon in during beta is the Techno Fists in our opinion. It is a bouncing attack that stuns small enemies, but it is not very effective against large enemies or bosses.

Some good combinations with gadgets include:

  • Monster Slugger + Smart Fireworks: This early game combination will allow you to deal a lot of damage to a single target and clear small mobs.
  • Wolf Stick + Healing Gadgets: This combination will allow you to tank for your team and keep your wolf alive.
  • Portable Portal + Flexible Active Gadgets: The most flexible weapon to make you into a main DPS dealer for your team, a pure supportive character or a hybrid of both.
  • Very Long Bow + Defensive/Healing Gadgets: This combination will allow you to stay safely away from enemies while still dealing damage.
  • Chicken Stick + Healing Gadgets: This combination will allow you to tank and deal damage with your chickens.

Please note that this information is based on the recent beta testing of and is subject to change. Supercell may make adjustments to the weapons and gadgets before the game's global launch. However, is committed to providing up-to-date information and guides for once it is officially released. We will be ready to offer comprehensive guides, best weapon and gadget combinations, character builds, and more to help you succeed in

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