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mo.Co Beta Review: Supercell’s New Upcoming MMORPG

Supercell is launching a new game called that’s mo(dot)co, possibly short for Monster Company? Monster Corporation? We’re not sure. What we do know, is that it is a small monster-hunting startup that got into a lil bit of a mess with monsters that is looking for adventurers to join their team!

Introduction is an MMORPG with hack-and-slash gameplay. The game features open world gameplays, resource gathering, raids, dungeons, intense boss fights, and plans for PvP. Players act as Monster Hunters, aiming to hunt and upgrade gear by defeating monsters.

We’re here to let you know what went down during the beta testing and discuss various things about the game like available weapons, outfits, and gameplay mechanics. This game has the potential to be as big as Supercell’s other games. Before going further, we would like to make clear that these are just information available from the beta tests and actual gameplay during launch might differ from the beta designs itself.

Entering the Game

The game is set in a vibrant and stylized world. When you first start the game, you find yourself in a room which is your player's hub. As you progress through the game, new things will be unlocked in this room. After that, you're greeted with a text message from Luna, who is one of the master head hunters in the game.

She wants to see if you have what it takes to become a master head hunter yourself. She gives you a bat and opens a portal to an alternate dimension, and you must venture forth to battle monsters and collect loot.

After passing through the portal, you'll encounter Luna in person. She'll guide you on your very first quest, which involves hunting down some monsters. The controls are remarkably familiar: the movement stick is on the left side, the attack button is on the right, and there's no manual targeting; it simply attacks the closest enemy.

You also have a standard healing gadget and a dash ability, both of which function as expected. Additionally, beneath your health bar is a small bar that fills up over time. Once charged, your weapon will unleash a unique attack, and each weapon's special attack differs.

Blueprint System

The blueprint system is the way you unlock and create your gear in After the short tutorial battle, you'll learn all about your very own 3D printer. When you picked up a gear blueprint during battle, you can use it to print off your piece of gear. This printer is also used to upgrade your gear later on and you’ll soon learn that this system is where the complexity of the game will emerge.

In your wardrobe, you'll see that you have slots for three passive and three active gadgets. Of course, some of those slots during early gameplay don't unlock until later.

Gameplay and Design

You go out into the world, where you have contracts to kill certain monsters or complete certain objectives. For doing this, you gain experience as well as all the materials, blueprints, or new clothing drops to stylize your character along the way.

Let’s look into the three first worlds in the game to get a better picture how each level or worlds are designed by Supercell:

First world: Shrine Canyon

As the first world you encounter, Shrine Canyon isn't overly challenging, yet its stunning artwork and immersive environments set the stage for the game's visual splendor. This verdant world harbors a relatively small array of enemies: melee grunts, ranged grenadiers, and the more formidable slashers. Each of these foes drops unique materials essential for your 3D printer. Additionally, each world conceals 10 chests scattered throughout the landscape, yielding 10 crystals, akin to gems in Brawl Stars. These crystals are worth seeking out and collecting in each world.

Second world: Overgrown Ruins

While also possessing a lush green aesthetic, Overgrown Ruins introduces darker sections and ruins ripe for exploration. The difficulty and complexity of the monsters escalate here. Brace yourself for encounter with jumpers who dash towards you, toxic saplings that bombard you from afar, and the formidable jugglers who unleash a barrage of bombs. Their names are marked with a small icon, providing a subtle warning to prepare adequately.

Third world: Forest Barracks

Forest Barracks, the third world, embraces a darker ambiance while maintaining its captivating charm. You'll marvel at the abundance of forest docks, houses, and even a miniature vehicle parked alongside a castle-like structure. Adding to the mystique, this world introduces an entirely new set of monsters, distinct from the previous two. From the basic little beetles to the heavy splitters and tanky knights, these adversaries demand a different approach. Yet, they also offer unique challenges. The executioner, with its arsenal of attacks, and the alarm bell, summoning reinforcements with each ring, are testaments to Forest Barracks' strategic depth.

The game's world-building is truly remarkable, as each location possesses a distinctive atmosphere and diverse challenges. We really look forward for to dive into more worlds when the official launch drops!


We won’t be showcasing ALL the weapons here but we surely will be covering the other weapons in other articles for our readers. Nevertheless, here are some examples of the available equipment during beta.

Equipment are classified into three different types:

  • Weapons
  • Active gadgets
  • Passive gadgets


There are a handful of weapons that you can unlock up as you level up. Here are three of the weapons you can unlock early in the game:


  • The bat is a basic weapon that has a wide area of effect swing
  • Inflicts a big knockback for its special power
  • It's basic but effective

Electro Fists

  • The electro fists fire off orbs of energy that bounce between enemies from a distance
  • Every 10th shot, it shoots off a massive ball of energy that deals even more damage, stuns, and knocks back enemies
  • Its hit rate is faster than the bat, but its damage per hit is lower

Wolf Stick

  • The wolf stick is a long-range gun that spawns a big blue wolf when you use its special ability
  • The wolf is a very aggressive tank that deals quite a bit of damage and soaks up hits while you stay back firing away
  • It isn't the smartest and doesn't seem to avoid damage very well, but it does have a lot of hit points and is the main source of damage with this weapon

Active Gadgets

Here are some examples of active gadgets in the game. Just like the weapons, they get stronger each time you upgrade them in the printer. Each gadget has its own cooldown timer, so you can only use them every so often.

Heal Gadget

  • This gadget heals you and everyone around you, whether they are on your team or not
  • It also heals your wolf if you're using the wolf stick
  • It's a good thing to use when there's a bunch of people clumped up because you can heal everybody

Fireworks in the Box

  • Shoot off an enemy-seeking firework that deals solid damage and are good for both single-target and a small amount of area control
  • However, it's nothing compared to the area control that is the boom box

Boom Box

  • Slams the ground and deals damage to everything in a very large radius as well as stuns them
  • The stun doesn't work on boss monsters, but it's really great for swarm control

Monster Taser

  • Attacks the nearest enemy and deals big damage to them
  • This gadget does single-target damage only

Passive Gadgets

We highlight some early game passive gadgets to give you an idea how and what they do during battles.

Vampire Teeth

  • This gadget heals you and your pets for a small amount with every hit
  • It only counts the first hit, so the electro fists don't get double healing for the bounce shots
  • This gadget works better on faster hit-speed builds than it does on slower ones

Zap in a Box

  • Randomly zaps and stuns one enemy in range every 3 seconds
  • Does a small amount of damage

Smelly Socks

  • The smelly socks deal consistent damage to everyone around you (Just like pudge in DOTA2)
  • The damage is low, but it works really well as constant damage against big swarm units


In addition to jobs, there are also projects that you can complete. Think of these as achievements that grant you a substantial amount of XP upon completion. Once you've finished your daily jobs, you can continue grinding to collect materials, complete projects, and earn XP.

At this level, you'll discover additional items in your room. First, there's a storage chest that allows you to view the materials you've collected. Next, you'll meet Manny, who will introduce you to new items you've unlocked but haven't obtained yet. He'll also assist you in tracking the materials required for upgrades. When you track the materials and venture into the world, you'll notice a star icon next to enemies that drop the items you're looking for.


The shop resembles a vending machine, and its offerings were limited during beta. It sells Chaos Cubes, which serve as wild card materials to help you complete upgrades if you're short on the specific materials required. Additionally, Plus is available for purchase. It grants you access to new missions more quickly, increases the number of missions you can receive, boosts material drops by 50%, and makes your player a magnet for drops, reducing the need to chase after them. This is undoubtedly the most effective way to utilize your Gems or crystals.


Are you excited for YES, absolutely! Here at DotGG, we will be providing comprehensive coverage of all news, updates, and rumors about the game leading up to its launch. Once the game is released, we will continue to provide you with guides, weapon databases, active gadget information, passive gadget stats, and our team's best character builds. So, stay tuned and bookmark our website to ensure you don't miss out on any future content we create.

We believe has the potential to be a truly great game, and we're excited to share our insights and expertise with the community. If you're looking for a comprehensive source of information about, look no further than DotGG.

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