List of All Gadgets in During Beta Test

A showcase of all gadgets that were available during the first Beta!

In Supercell's game, gadgets are items that can be equipped to provide additional abilities or effects. There are two types of gadgets: active and passive.

Active gadgets are gadgets that need to be activated by the player in order to use their effect. For example, the Smart Fireworks gadget launches fireworks that deal damage to enemies. Active gadgets can be used to deal damage, heal allies, or provide other beneficial effects.

Passive gadgets are gadgets that do not need to be activated by the player. They are always active and provide their effect constantly. For example, the Smelly Socks gadget deals constant damage in an area around the player. Passive gadgets can be used to deal damage, provide healing, or provide other beneficial effects.

The List of All Gadgets in

RarityActive GadgetsPassive Gadgets
Casual GearSmart Fireworks
Turbo Pills
Water Balloon
Vampire Teeth
Zap in a Box
Smelly Socks
R&B Mixtape
Professional GearLife Jacket
Monster Taser
Really Cool Sticker
Active Ace
Bunch of Dice
Legendary GearSnow GlobeExplode-o-Matic Trigger

Smart Fireworks

  • Deals damage to enemies
  • Can fire up to four fireworks
  • Has a long range
  • Cooldown of 20 seconds


  • Deals high damage to enemies
  • Stuns non-boss enemies for 1.5 seconds
  • Has a shorter cooldown than Smart Fireworks
  • Good for melee weapons

Water Balloon

  • Heals you and all friendly targets
  • Has a medium cooldown of 16 seconds
  • Good for raids

Turbo Pills

  • Heals you and your pets
  • Increases your attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds
  • Cooldown of 12 seconds
  • Good for active grinding

Monster Taser

  • Deals massive damage to the nearest enemy
  • Stuns non-boss enemies for 2 seconds
  • Cooldown of 5 seconds
  • Good for single-target damage

Really Cool Sticker

  • Deals bonus damage to enemies who take damage from your weapon or your pets for the next 5 seconds
  • Pairs well with weapons that deal damage more than once per attack or that attack really really fast or that deal massive Splash damage
  • Cooldown of 15 seconds


  • Spawns a pet that fights by your side
  • Doesn't deal much damage
  • Doesn't have much health
  • Very long cooldown (30s)
  • Stays up for 20 seconds
  • Good for distraction

Life Jacket

  • Puts a temporary shield around yourself and pets
  • Shield lasts for up to 1,680 damage or 4 seconds (Max Level)
  • Explodes when the shield expires, dealing damage to nearby enemies
  • Good for bosses and spawns

Snow Globe

  • Drops a massive winter storm on the ground for 5 seconds
  • Deals more total damage than any other active Gadget over those 5 seconds
  • Slows down non-boss enemies by 40%
  • Cooldown of 30 seconds
  • Good for massive coverage and slow

Smelly Socks

  • Deals constant damage in an area around you
  • Is not effective with long-range weapons
  • Is perfect for melee gear and fighting against swarms of enemies

Vampire Teeth

  • Heals you every time you make an attack with your main weapon
  • The healing is the same whether you deal damage to one target or multiple
  • Is not as effective as other healing gadgets on weapons with really fast attacks
  • Heals your pets as well

R&B Mixtape

  • Constantly heals you a flat amount of health per second
  • Also heals teammates and pets in a short range around you
  • Is not as good as Vampire Teeth but is more reliable because you can heal while you're running away from enemies

Zap in a Box

  • Zaps a random enemy for 3 seconds and stuns them for half of a second
  • Is a free boost to your damage
  • Is especially good against single targets

Active Ace

  • Has a 20% chance to deal bonus damage whenever an enemy takes damage from an active Gadget of yours
  • Is particularly useful on builds where you're using three active gadgets that all deal damage
  • Requires a second passive gadget for heals or reliance on teammates to heal you

Bunch of Dice

  • Has a 20% chance to deal bonus damage from your weapons or your pets attacks
  • Is really great on weapons that deal damage often and against multiple enemies
  • Is especially good on the very long bow because the bonus damage can activate when enemies take damage from Poison

Explodo-o-matic Trigger

  • If you or your pets deal the finishing blow to an enemy, that enemy will explode and nearby enemies will take damage
  • If the explosion kills an enemy, they will also explode
  • Is insanely useful when farming against large swarms of mobs
  • Is also really useful on raids where there are final boss encounters that spawn enemies you can use to explode on them
  • Is completely useless against single targets


Upon reaching level 35, you will have the ability to equip a combination of 3 active and 3 passive gadgets for your character build. Both active and passive gadgets can be highly advantageous in Active gadgets can be utilized to inflict additional damage or provide a quick surge of healing, while passive gadgets can offer continuous damage or healing over time.

Once the game is released, players will have the opportunity to experiment with various gadgets to discover the ones that best suit their preferred playstyle. Be sure to revisit us at upon the launch of! We will be delving into discussions on the optimal build, meta gadget combinations, and more!

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