Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Best Builds

Lycaon in Zenless Zone Zero is an S rank Agent who deals Ice anomaly and striking damage. He specializes in dealing massive daze to the enemy with his lightning fast kicks, giving your team excellent stunning potential.

Below, you will find the best Breaker DPS builds for Lycaon as of the ZZZ Equalizing Test. Rather you are a F2P player or a spender, this guide is for you! *Note that these builds assume base talent level.


Available on the standard banner, Lycaon, a stylish wolf with cold as ice kicks and is a member of Victoria Housekeeping, is an agent that relies on moderately fast attacks that deal heavy daze and ice damage to stun his opponents. Lycaon is able to charge his basic attack whenever he chooses, leading to increased daze damage. This, alone with his core passives and ultimate ability, make him the best single target daze agent in the game at the moment.

Due to Lycaon's high impact stat and daze multipliers from his attacks, he should be built as a Breaker DPS. A breaker's main goal is to cause stun onto enemies to allow for chain attacks, or for your main DPS to pack on the punishment while the enemy is CC'd. Now then, let us move on to the best W-Engines, Disc Drives, Stats, Skills, Bangboo, and Teams for Lycaon!


S - The Restrained

⭐ Impact%

Binding Chains (level 1 stats)

  • Ice DMG is increased by 25% in combat.
  • When a Basic Attack deals Ice DMG, the skill deals an additional 15% damage and Daze.
  • This W-Engine will further improve upon not only how much damage Lycaon deals, but more importantly, gives him an even greater boost to his Daze, which is his main role, making this a key W-Engine for them.
  • Impact Advanced Stat means that Lycaon will be even better at stunning enemies. This is best in slot.

A - Precious Fossilized Core

⭐ Impact%

Behemoth Hunter (level 1 stats)

  • Attacks against enemies with above or equal to 70% HP inflict 15% more Daze.
  • As a breaker such as Lycaon will likely be your opener, the enemies you attack will be above the HP threshold to apply the bonus daze.
  • Works best with either mini bosses (elites), or bosses, as trash mobs will likely be wiped out before them being stunned would even be a possibility.
  • Impact% advanced Stat works to further increase how easily Lycaon can accumulate daze and stun enemies.

B - [Vortex] Revolver

⭐ Impact%

Undercurrent (level 1 stats)

  • Basic attacks inflict 9% more Daze
  • The rare instance in which I can recommend a B rank, not only because of the excellent Impact% advanced stat, but also because of the bonus daze you get.
  • As this is a B rank, you should easily be able to max this out from just playing naturally, and in that case, Lycaon inflicts 18% more daze to his already high daze basic attacks, especially if they are charged.

Disc Drives + Stats

Option 1 - "Hunt Together"

4 Piece Shockstar Disco

2 Piece Polar Metal

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. ATK% or PEN Ratio% | VI. Impact%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2PEN if you have any Pen Ratio | 3. ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This build relies on Lycaon inflicting Stun as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want Impact% to be as high as you can get it on order for this build to work, and Lycaon has the best abilities and passives applying Daze damage that helps you take full advantage of this build. This is less damage focused and more of a team utility / support build. This is the build you want to go if you want Lycaon to be the best breaker he can be.

Option 2 - "Apex Predator"

4 Piece Vagabond Folk

2 Piece Polar Metal

Main stats: IV. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | V. ATK% or PEN Ratio% | VI. Impact%

Sub stats in order of priority:

1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG | 2PEN if you have any Pen Ratio | 3. ATK% | 4. Attribute Mastery

This is the more "selfish" build of the two, but this provides Lycaon with a deadly amount of daze. Considering his core passive when there is 1 strike and 1 slash agent increases Lycaons EX Special Attack Daze damage after performing a dodge counter by 22%, this build adds even more damage to the initial dodge counter, as well as the EX counter, but also assist attacks. This fits his overall kit a lot, but you have to drop the team utility of a teamwide attack buff in order to achieve it.

Skill Priority


  1. Lycaon's basic attack has a charge mechanic, and you will be using it the most in order to achieve the most daze damage in the shortest amount of time.
  2. As Lycaon is a very short ranged fighter, you'll be performing a lot of dodge counters. His dodge counter also, with the help of his core passive, boosts the daze damage of his next EX Special.
  3. This follows the dodge as you first want to enhance the ex special by performing a dodge counter, but this deals plenty of daze damage by itself, especially if it is charged.
  4. This ultimate increases the amount of daze damage an enemy takes, so it's great to open up with this, then rotate your basic, dodge counter, and special.


S - Sharkboo

Key Trait - Increases damage of all Ice Agents by 25%.

As Lycaon is an Ice agent and he pairs best with other ice agents (see team comp), this gives the entire team a straightforward damage buff, which will help you in all your endeavors.

S - Butler

Key Trait - Increases CRIT Rate of all Agents by 14%, and the CRIT Rate of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents by an extra 14%

As Lycaon is a member of Victoria Housekeeping Co, Butler gives him an additional 28% crit rate. This is extremely helpful, but with Ellen Joe or any other Victoria Housekeeping main DPS in in the squad, this gives them an invaluable 28% crit rate, allowing them to roll for other stats than crit rate.

Optimal Team Comp

This team consisting of LycaonEllen Joe, and Soukaku gives you perfect ice synergy between all involved by checking off all the requirements in their Core Skill Additional Ability. For Lycaon, when there are at least 2 ice agents, whenever he performs a chain attack, the entire squad generates 2 energy, making him a battery unit on top of a daze applicator. Secondly, when there is at least 1 strike and 1 slash agent, whenever Lycaon's dodge counter hits an enemy, the next EX Special attack deals 22% increased daze, making his job to stun enemies that much easier.

If you cannot acquire these specific units, go for at least one of the bonuses. The one with the greatest return would be 1 strike and 1 slash agent, as that will overall help Lycaon perform better as your daze applicator.

Overall Thoughts

In my opinion, Lycaon is the best daze unit in the game, with his entire kit being focused on increasing the amount of daze damage he is able to deal, while also being relatively agile with his movements. He is also tanky compared to most units, with some of the highest base HP in the game thus far.

I fully believe that if you're building an ice team, Lycaon is invaluable to any comp, and highly recommend rolling or re-rolling for him, or to wait until he's on his own featured banner, but getting a good stun unit early on will help you have an easier time, so if you don't want to wait, I would simply re-roll.


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