Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Order

Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Order Available in China – Release Date Confirmed for April 2024?

miHoYo's next upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero, is now available for pre-order in China, and its release date was revealed? Could this game have a staggered global release date? Let's find out!

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date in April 2024?

Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Order China Full

According to the pre-order screen, Zenless Zone Zero will be available sometime in April 2024. However, miHoYo's recent games such as  Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail has been released in all regions at the same time.

This doesn't necessarily mean the game will be released so soon. Many games do staggered releases in different regions - whether it be first in their local region, or soft launch under testing regions (starting with Australia, South East Asia, and so on).

Given Zenless Zone Zero's Equalizing Test ended very recently in December 2023, so players may find it hard to believe the game is ready for full release in such a short span of time.


miHoYo's games have been very successful so far, and they are looking to expand to other genres such as simulation games akin to Animal Crossing.

It will be interesting to see how successful Zenless Zone Zero will be following the massive success of Honkai: Star Rail and the mixed feedback from the Equalizing Test.