12th Developer Note: November Update and New Character Pack

Hello. I am the Producer of BrownDust2, Jun-hee Lee.

We are preparing in line with the roadmap for the second half of the year.
Today, I will introduce the content for the November update and tell you about various opinions I heard while developing the game.

■ Improvements to the Fiend Hunter and introduction of seasonal events (Nov. 22nd update (UTC))

Did you enjoy hunting the first giant fiend, Darkness Devourer?
I also had fun playing the game, enjoying the new strategies.

As many people enjoyed hunting, many people said that the 3 weeks of preparation time is too long.
There were many similar opinions internally, so we thought about ways to improve seasonal content, including Fiend Hunter.

In the future, large-scale seasonal events will be held every four weeks.
We plan to provide a variety of event content during the preparation period for Fiend Hunter.

During the 4-week season event period, new content will be released every week.
You can win event prizes through points earned by participating in events held every week.
Event details for each week are as follows.

2023-10-27 16 04 54.png

The first season event will be held in the newly updated pack, Character Pack 6.

■ First Season Event [WINDY CAT]
Olstein, a master who reads the energy of the wind,
He noticed that the Great Terrorfiends of Fire, which was sealed a long time ago, was showing abnormal behavior,
He arrives at the village where the Terrorfiends is sealed to find out what happened.
However, what Olstein saw in the world of Terrorfiends was…
A female swordsman with skills that scare away Terrorfiends and a cat(?) Terrorfiend that followed her...

The event story will be a story related to the giant fiend that appears in the season.
A character’s costume in the event story will appear in the pickup banner.
We will continue to unfold each character’s story, so please stay tuned.

We hope you enjoy BrownDust 2 even more with the newly introduced seasonal event content.

Next, we will inform you about the newly added user-to-user interaction system and honor rewards update.

■ Friend (Nov. 9th update (UTC))
The friend system, which will serve as the basis for interaction among users, will be updated.
Through the friend system, you can become friends with other players if the other player accepts your friend request.
When My Room is updated in the future, we plan to provide a feature that will allow you to view your friends' My Room.

■ My Information (Nov. 9th update (UTC))
The user information page, where you can check your and other users' information, will be updated.
On the My Information page, you can set representative character images and greetings.
You may selectively disclose your titles and gameplay-related information.
Gameplay content that can be displayed on the My Information page includes:
Content rankings include Mirror Wars, Evil Castle, and Fiend Hunter.
Any information you do not wish to be open to other players can be set as private.
It is also possible to 'Like' another user's information page.

■ Title (Nov. 9th update (UTC))
You can earn titles by completing certain achievements.
The acquired title will be displayed along with the nickname on the user information page, Mirror Wars, Evil Castle, etc. rankings.
Some titles may be unique and they may be very difficult to obtain,
We hope you can obtain rare titles and show it off to your heart’s content.

■ Statue (Nov. 9th update (UTC))
After the seasons of Mirror Wars, Evil Castle, and Fiend Hunter statues commemorating the achievements of the 1st to 3rd place users will be displayed in locations related to each content.
The statue will be visible to all users and will remain until before the next season begins.
When you approach the statue, you can earn gold once before it is replaced with a new statue.

Moreover, we will inform you about the new character pack that will be updated in November.

■ 6th Character Pack 'TALES OF SWORD' (Nov. 22nd update (UTC))
The new character pack revealed in the 100th Day Anniversary Broadcast,
'TALES OF SWORD' will be updated.

The main character of 'TALES OF SWORD' is Sylvia from another world.
She has reached the top through her exceptional talent and her hard work.
However, many people were jealous of her so they made her lost many things, and she is now living in a small village.

The story begins as Yuri, a little Terrorfiend child, comes to visit Sylvia.
In addition to Yuri, Dalvi, Nartas, etc. will appear in the story.
If you are a fan of the previous game, familiar characters will appear in new way to tell a sad and touching story.

In addition, we plan to provide the full voiceover in both Korean and Japanese for the main story of the character pack, story pack, and event special pack added from this update.
Full dubbing of existing packs will also be updated sequentially starting in December.
Please note that Korean voices will be updated before Japanese voices due to differences in recording schedule of the voice actors in each country.
Please look forward to the story of Brown Dust 2, which will become even more immersive with the full voiceover.

Next, as we guided you through the previous developer notes,
We are also preparing several updates to improve the fun of entertainment on the field.
Among them, we will first inform you of the contents scheduled to be updated in November.

■ Dash (Nov. 22nd update (UTC))
If you are a user who joined CBT, you might know about the dash function.
Dash will be added again to the game.
Dash is a function that instantly makes characters rush a certain distance.
This feature was removed to facilitate one-handed play with the addition of automatic movement and increased field movement speed.
However, we thought it was a feature that could not be removed in order to enhance the fun of field action, so we are planning to add it again.
However, some features are added to the Dash and it makes it different from before.

- Can be removed when colliding with Gloom Glutty by dashing.
- If you dash to a jar, you can break it and obtain an item.

Dash also has a dedicated gauge, and when you use a dash, the dedicated gauge is consumed and slowly recovers over time.
In addition to the functions mentioned above, Dash will be used in various traps and mini-games.
Jars that can be broken with a dash will be explained in more detail below.

■ Jar (Nov. 22nd update (UTC))
A jar object is added to the field of each pack.
As mentioned above, jar is a new type of object that can be broken through a dash.
By breaking the white pot, you can recover HP or obtain rewards.
You can get better rewards by breaking the black jar, and Gloom Glutti may appear from the jar in certain probability.
I hope you can relieve stress by breaking jars and earn good rewards.

■ Talent skill UI improvements (Nov. 22nd update (UTC))
Previously, we improved the ability to pin the frequently used talent skills at the top, but it was still somewhat inconvenient to access talent skills that needed to be used quickly in the field.
So that we can improve the field entertainment, we plan to add a talent skill shortcut button to the field UI so that you can use multiple talent skills quickly.
The shortcut button allows you to register 5 talent skills in two presets and you switch between them.
A total of 10 talent skills can be used quickly on the field screen.

Lastly, along with the field entertainment updates mentioned above,
Trap damage that was not currently being applied will be added again.
In order to enhance the fun and tension of exploring the field with the addition of various field elements,
We thought that threatening traps were needed again,
However, unlike before, even if you are damaged by a trap, all companions in the line do not suffer from the damage.
Improvements will be made so that only allies standing in the lead will take damage.

Also, as mentioned in the previous developer note,
Even as field fun and tension are improved, we will maintain the direction of allowing each pack's main quest to be completed without inconvenience with automatic movement.
Field actions can be enjoyed through minigames and field-type content in packs where the main quest has ended.

We plan to continue adding content to improve the entertainment in the field.
We ask for your continuous support and interest.

Next, we will inform you about some of the December updates.

In December, we are preparing for the My Room system update, which was mentioned in the previous roadmap for the second half of the year.
In addition, we are reviewing on the gear preset function that has been requested by many people since the Fiend Hunter update and the talent skill improvement that helps improve the field entertainment.
We will provide more details as soon as the development direction becomes concrete.

These are all the updates prepared for today.
And in addition to the updates, there is something else I would like to tell you.

■ About existing costume cutscenes
In the previous developer note, we promised to continue adding cutscenes for existing costumes.
First of all, I would like to apologize for this part not being followed up well.
We decided that the most urgent need for Brown Dust 2 is to add more things to do.
Because we are developing a variety of new, unscheduled content with a higher priority.
The progress of adding cut scenes for existing costumes is slow.

We would like to apologize once again to those who were waiting for the cutscene of the existing costume.
We are releasing rough images of existing costumes currently in progress.
We will continue to work on it and prepare to present it as quickly as possible.


■ Halloween event related information

Many people are asking about the Halloween event.
In October 2022, a major accident occurred in Korea related to the Halloween festival.
As a memorial to the accident, we plan to not mention Halloween content in the game this year.
However, Halloween is a festival for users around the world, and we know that many users are looking forward to the Halloween event.
So, we have prepared a separate small event for you.
We ask for your understanding.

[Sweet & Creepy Autumn Night Event]
- Event Period: Oct. 27 8:00 am ~ Nov. 2 7:59 am (UTC)
- Event Details: Log in every day to receive the rewards below. (Total of 6 Days)

2023-10-27 16 05 03.png

What I checked the most while writing this developer note was the previously released roadmap for the second half of the year.
We are constantly verifying whether things are progressing as promised and whether they are being developed as a fun and fruitful content.
The entire development team is working hard to show good results.

Today, I would like to end the developer note with a gift.

[Developer Note Gift]
- 600 Free Diamonds
- 40 Cooked Rice

※ Developer Note gift can be received from your mailbox until 2:59 p.m., October 30, 2023.

Thanks to the continued support of our users, we can continue to move forward.
We will repay you with more complete content as you have waited for a long time.

Thank you.


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