Fiend Hunt Guide – The Parakyr Rex

With the wind season now starting comes an all new fiend: The Parakyr Rex. This sewer dweller is a water type physical attacker that buffs its own attack, which means we will be needing defense gear and a wind DPS. We will be hunting this fiend on the 15th of November (UTC), so make sure to prepare for it!

Damage Thresholds

Just like before, we will have 7 days to hunt the fiend. Each day we can fight the fiend any number of times. If we can beat the Parakyr on a given day, we can immediately challenge the next level. If not, then at the end of the day, our best run is saved, and we fight the fiend with that much damage taken on the next day. Thus, we can convert the Parakyr’s HP values to Damage Thresholds, which tells us how much damage we need to be able to deal in a single run to clear a certain level by day 7:

As we can see, the damage thresholds for the Parakyr are less than for last hunt’s Devourer (25M damage required for level 10). But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this fiend will be easier, you’ll understand why in just a bit.

Skill Rundown

The Parakyr constantly boosts its own attack and deals many hits of physical damage, dealing damage on turns 4, 6, and 8, before wiping your entire party on turn 10. Refer to the above for the damage chart. Because of these attack buffs, you will definitely want a dispel user (Schera) on your team.

The Parakyr deals half damage against wind units, and double damage against fire units.

Turn 2 — Scattering Skeleton

The boss simply increases its attack and silences in a fixed range, dealing no damage. The ability does not specify which tile it targets, but we can assume it targets the second tile on the middle lane, just like with the Devourer. This ability cannot be redirected by a taunt, so there will always be 2 units getting silenced here.

Turn 4 — Wave of Apocalypse

The Parakyr attacks twice, dealing a ton of damage to the *entire team*. This is the most important survival check in the fight, since it even shreds the defense of your entire team by 35%. You must dispel its left arm on Turn 3, or the boss will have a 100% total ATK buff, most likely killing your entire team.

Turn 6 — Bone Hammer

The Parakyr attacks thrice this time, dealing massive damage to a single unit, assuming you positioned correctly. Given that you should definitely be using a wind unit to tank, they will be taking half this damage. They will also have been shredded for 35% back in Turn 4, so they’ll have 55 DEF if they started at 90. As before, you must dispel its left hand on Turn 5, or you will have little hope surviving this attack.

Turn 8 — Corpse Poison Spray

The Parakyr applies a 300% vulnerable debuff to body parts without an ATK buff, and increases its ATK by 300% for body parts that have an ATK buff. It then deals a whopping 8 hits to a single unit, assuming you positioned correctly. You must dispel at least its head on Turn 7, or you’ll lose out on the vulnerability debuff (and most certainly have a unit die to its attack). That said, you can simply sacrifice your buffer to this attack instead of worrying about tanking it.

Turn 10 — Banquet of Corruption

The Parakyr wipes your entire team, ending the battle.

Hunting the Fiend — Team Building

The survival checks are much harder this time around, given its ability to shred your entire team’s DEF. On top of that, the Parakyr has 50% DEF of its own, making it much harder for physical teams. So how are we beating this monstrosity? Here are the team slots required for the hunt:

(Physical Team) Dispeller • Shredder • DPS • Tank • Support
Dispeller — Schera

Schera is non-negotiable. You need multiple dispels to survive the Parakyr’s attacks, which means Eleaneer is not enough. Ideally you want three costumes on Schera, but you can instead sacrifice your buffer (Arines) on turn 5 if you only have two. Professor Schera will be huge if you have her, since she can dispel tons of tiles on turn 7, maximizing the self-inflicted vulnerability debuff.

Shredder — Kry or Elise

Shredders are non-negotiable in a physical team. Manager Gray’s shred only lasts for 2 turns, so we have to look for other options. Elise takes double damage from the Parakyr’s turn 4 attack, so she will likely not be viable unless you’re only aiming for a low level clear, and she will be needing tons of DEF if you do decide to force her. Kry on the other hand has a terrible pattern for this fiend, only being useful for shredding the weak spot. So pick your poison.

DPS — Gray, Gynt, or Ventana

Gray is our only proper wind DPS option at the moment, with Gynt as a F2P alternative. Gray has multiple costumes, and his base costume deals damage based on enemy attack, which the Parakyr buffs! There are multiple problems to running Gray however, on top of requiring a shredder — Gray has never had a banner. It is very unlikely that you have dupes on his costumes, and base Gray in particular is incredibly cope at +0. On top of that, the Parakyr only self-inflicts self vulnerability on turn 8, the turn after you dispel it of its ATK buffs. None of the damage from base Gray will be amplified by the self vulnerability.

Gynt will probably be a safe bet for low level clears, and he can also significantly reduce the ATK of the Parakyr’s turn 8 attack. Don’t expect to reach the damage thresholds of higher levels with him however.

Ventana doesn’t get elemental advantage, and she doesn’t benefit from Diana, but she gets her full damage against the weak spot.

Tank — Zenith, Diana, or Lecliss

You will need some wind tank to take these hefty hits. Luckily, the current banner units are both incredibly tanky, while Lecliss is currently in the Medals Shop.

Zenith applies her own vulnerability on top of chains. She also nullifies the issue of only having 2 units on the middle lane for turns 5 and 7. The issue with her is that her damage amplification gets effectively diminished by other chains, and we don’t know if her vulnerability stacks multiplicatively or additively with the boss’s turn 8 vulnerability. Given that damage reduction buffs stack multiplicatively, there’s a case to be made that the same can be said of vulnerability debuffs.

Diana is a must have for this Fiend Hunt. She is tanky, and she doubles as a buffer, amplifying your DPS’s damage by 1.5× at +0, and by 2× at +5, thus effectively cloning your DPS. She’s also worth investing into for future Fiend Hunts.

Lecliss may not amplify your DPS’s damage, but she is capable of dishing out her own with Android Queen, especially since she gets to counter 8 times on turn 8. Her base costume can also taunt the turn 6 or turn 8 attack (both if you somehow have her at +5), and her damage reduction and energy guard helps a lot to tank these hits. Her counter damage won’t be stellar, but hey, it’s something.

Support — Arines, Rou, Celia

Here we run into an issue: We can only run one of these options. Ideally we’d run two, but since we have to waste a slot on a shredder, here we are.

Arines is the simple choice. Good buffs, she can be sacrificed on turn 5, what’s not to love? The fact that she has no defensive utility, that’s what. Good luck surviving the Parakyr’s turn 4 when forgoing her EX gear for a DEF head means that you don’t get her HP% exclusive stat.

Red Riding Hood Rou has both defensive and offensive utility. Of course, she doesn’t buff as hard as Arines, but it’s a good middle ground between offensive and defensive utility.

Celia is great for surviving the fiend, and she has chains as well! Her problem is being expensive, and the fact that she doesn’t have other offensive buffs. At least you can have her at +1, with her being in both the pub and powder shop at the time of writing.

Diana can also be run alongside Zenith, but then she’s more or less an Arines sidegrade that’s tankier. Not the best value from all the tickets you spent on her banner.

To summarize, the Fiend having 50 DEF spells doom for phys teams, since you’re using a valuable slot on a shredder. So what about magic teams?

(Magic Team) Dispeller • Tank • Support • Support • DPS
Dispeller — Schera

Same as above, but Schera also gets to be a secondary DPS with BHelena’s buff. 

Tank — Zenith
Supports — Helena and Diana

Diana really shines when she’s a second buffer, because her elemental advantage buffs are multiplicative to all other buffs.

Helena has it all. Damage buffs? Check. Defensive utility? Base Helena’s got you covered. SP? Helena is SP neutral with both costumes combined. She even heals your tanks, lowering the max HP needed for them to tank the boss. Anyway, we all know she’s busted.


Oh wait, that’s a problem. We don’t have a magic wind DPS… or do we? Given how Fiend Hunt is meant to sell units (Diana and Zenith being great here, Ventana being great vs the Devourer), we can reasonably expect to see a magic wind DPS in a banner two weeks from now. Who could it be? Who knows, but if we don’t get a magic wind DPS, then good luck clearing level 10, whales.

That’s it for this Fiend Hunt overview! Thanks for reading.