Soul Knight Prequel – Best Shinobi Build Guide

Hello, fellow adventurers! Today, we're delving into the intricacies of crafting the Shinobi Union class in Soul Knight Prequel. In this upcoming season, the Animancer will be available for a reasonable 500 gems. Stick with us till the end, and we'll break down the whole build for you.

Unlike the Ranger class, Shinobi in Soul Knight Prequel focuses on one powerful build – the clone-centric masterpiece. With the potential for a whopping nine clones, let's walk through the steps to make it happen.


First off, let's talk stats. Aim for a 3:1 ratio in strength to intelligence. Now, Fate Bound sets are crucial. We recommend Hyperfocus and Concentration for your Skill Field Marshall, and for the clones, go for Bonded Summons. That Field Marshall 3-piece is essential to hit the magic number of nine summons.


Moving on to armor sets, venture into Esoteria and farm those blue armor sets in Soul Knight Prequel. Load up on as much of those Fate Bound sets as you can, as they play a key role in empowering your summons.


When it comes to weapons, there are two main choices for this build in Soul Knight Prequel: the Colossal Zander of Black Arch Knight and the Slimy Soaker. The great sword is your go-to for Valkyrie-clearing action, while the Slimy Soaker excels in maximum damage per second. It's also a fun choice for farming.

For a bit of variety, try out the Soul Calibre with Shinobi in Soul Knight Prequel. While not as strong as the first two, it adds a fun twist to your gameplay.

Where to find the Colossal Zweihander of Black Arch Knight?

Dark Knight

Alright, so here's how we go about finding the Dark Knight in Soul Knight Prequel.

When we're geared up and hit level 50, it's time to dive into the Ruined Citadel. The sweet spot for encountering the Dark Knight is between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, so keep that in mind.

Ruined Citadel

Now, this guy comes armed with two top-notch weapons – the Colossal Zweihander and the Twinshards.

Inside the Ruined Citadel, there are three bosses in total. Get ready to face the Archknight during the day, the Archwizard at nightfall, and the Black Archknight at twilight, precisely from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

To up our game, let's increase our chances of grabbing some serious loot from the Dark Knight by taking him on in Heroic Difficulty. This not only helps with the cards needed but also gears us up for crafting those mighty weapons.

Once you step into the Ruined Citadel, feel free to skip the first room – head straight to the upper right corner to track down the boss.

And there you have it – that's our strategy for finding the Dark Knight in Soul Knight Prequel. Now, let's give him a good beating and see what kind of loot he's got for us!

Remember, facing one of the game's toughest bosses means making sure our pet is in top-notch condition for this showdown!

Where to find the Slimy Soaker?

Slime King

The Slime King (Hidden) has generously bestowed upon us four weapons, each with its own unique flair. To snag these goodies, we'll need to embark on a quest to the Brinewash Grotto and face off against this elusive boss.

Now, keep in mind, our Slime King only graces us with its presence between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM. If luck isn't on our side during the first encounter, don't fret! We might need to engage in a few more rounds with the boss to lay our hands on the specific weapon we crave.

Let's dive into the loot:

Soul Knight Prequel Slime King Boss Location - Slimy Knuckles

Here, we encounter the Slimy Knuckles, a pair of boxing gloves ready to deliver a swift melee beatdown. Not only do they let us knock the lights out of our opponents, but with every successful hit, we slyly steal a bit of their HP.

Soul Knight Prequel Slime King Boss Weapon - Slimy Jawbreaker

Next up, we've got the Slimy Jawbreaker – a massive red ball on a popsicle stick that proudly claims the title of Legendary Greatsword. Prepare for a bit of wind-up before delivering wide swings. And just like our Slimy Knuckles, this beauty has the ability to drain the life force from our adversaries.

Soul Knight Prequel Slime King Boss Weapon - Slimy Soaker

Behold the Slimy Soaker, a deceptive water gun that shoots slime particles. Don't be fooled by its futuristic appearance! Thanks to Ricochet, some of those slime projectiles bounce off, hitting multiple targets.

Soul Knight Prequel Slime King Boss Weapon - Slimy Flask

Last but not least, we have the Slimy Flask. Picture a legendary water gun crossbow, but in flask form. With Ricochet in tow, lob this bad boy towards your foes and watch them suffer from the scattered mucus on the ground. For an extra kick, charge it up to summon two slimes that'll fight by your side.

Where to find the Soul Calibre?

If you're looking to snag that legendary Soul Calibre weapon, head over to the Halcyon Cemetery where the Skeleton King boss is hanging out.

Now, the drop rates for this weapon are a bit on the stingy side due to its rarity. But fear not, we've got a solution. Take on the Elite variant for a better shot at getting your hands on this coveted weapon.

As you explore the Soul Knight Prequel World Map, keep in mind that it might take a few tries for the Skeleton King to show up in the dungeon. If you're itching to take on the boss ASAP, just skip the other rooms in the Halcyon Cemetery.

To make sure you're facing the right boss, look out for the Elite Skeleton King in the last room. If the legendary item doesn't make an appearance, no worries – just run through the dungeon again and give it another shot. Happy hunting, team!


Now, let's see how our build is shaping up in Soul Knight Prequel. Keep in mind, it's still in its early stages, and a bit more farming is on the horizon.


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