Soul Knight Prequel Review: A Polished Action RPG with a Thriving Loot System

Steeped in the same rich universe as its predecessor, Soul Knight Prequel unveils the gripping prelude to the events that transpired in the original game. Prepare to plunge into the enchanting amalgamation of magic and technology within the world of Soul Knight, where imminent perils await at every turn.

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the fantastical realm of Soul Knight Prequel, an action-packed RPG developed by ChillyRoom, slated for its grand launch on November 24th. This highly anticipated sequel continues the gripping narrative of the original Soul Knight, the beloved roguelike shooter that debuted back in 2017. For ardent fans itching to dive in, an early pre-download option has been graciously offered by the developers, providing a tantalizing sneak peek one day ahead. However, it's essential to note that the servers will spring to life only upon the official release day.

Unlike its predecessor, this new iteration zeroes in on Player versus Monster (PvM) gameplay, inviting players to explore a myriad of thematic dungeons accessible through mystical portals. Each labyrinthine domain harbors a formidable final boss, challenging adventurers to emerge victorious and claim well-deserved rewards.

Bolstering its allure, the game boasts a comprehensive customization system empowering players to forge their own heroes. With an extensive arsenal of over 900 items encompassing weapons, armor, accessories, skills, and faithful companions in the form of pets, players can meticulously tailor their characters to match their distinct playstyles and counter diverse adversaries.

Soul Knight Prequel pledges an enthralling fusion of entertainment and challenge for aficionados of action RPGs. Available for pre-download on both the Google Play Store and App Store, the game is poised for its official release on November 24th, promising an immersive gaming experience unlike any other.

About Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel, the second installment in the Soul Knight series, offers an immersive action RPG experience boasting abundant loot, seamless combat, and both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes.

Gameplay Overview

Players choose from seven unique character classes before exploring their hometown, interacting with NPCs, and navigating different regions via a world map. Each region, reminiscent of a dungeon, houses monsters, treasure chests, and formidable bosses. The objective involves conquering areas without facing defeat, allowing respawn in town upon death.

Progression and Customization

Character progression occurs through defeating monsters, distributing stat points, and unlocking skills. Loot plays a crucial role, dropping items suited for specific classes. As regions' monsters level up, better loot becomes available, offering flexibility in focus regions.

Co-op Multiplayer and Controls

An engaging feature is the seamless transition to co-op, enabling online or local Wi-Fi play, enriching the gaming experience. Excellent touch controls and partial controller support further enhance gameplay.

Monetization and Overall Impression

The game's monetization includes a paid battle pass and in-app purchases for cosmetics and gear. However, these purchases aren't necessary for enjoying the game. Soul Knight Prequel stands out as an impressive action RPG, polished and offering a well-paced gaming experience.

Server Issues and Recommendations

Note: While the game faced severe server issues initially, these have been resolved in my region. If such issues persist in your region, consider waiting before diving into the game.

Soul Knight Prequel Review

The Soul Knight Prequel, if connection issues are resolved, offers a well-polished gaming experience. However, it may become repetitive compared to the original Soul Knight. The need to meticulously break rocks across levels to collect items introduces uncertainty about the mechanic's appeal. Despite these nuances, it's a solid game requiring considerable time investment due to item levels and farming requirements.

Personal Insights

Having invested around 29 hours, I've found enjoyment in the game, despite server delays. Here are key considerations for potential players:

  1. Repetitiveness: The gameplay loop remains consistent, with additional modes adding value to continued gameplay after story completion.
  2. Heavy Grind: Acquiring a proper equipment loadout proved challenging due to difficulty in obtaining boss drops, especially when items cater to different classes.
  3. Lengthy Stages: Each stage comprises multiple rooms, and exploration for item drops can extend gameplay significantly.
  4. Equipment Levels: Starting a new class can be daunting due to the need to reach item levels for equipping gear.
  5. Daily Equipment Chests: Completing daily quests grants keys for chests containing items, aiding in gearing up new characters.
  6. Hybrid Class System: Balancing item drops for different classes through a secondary class choice and later class upgrades contribute to optimized gameplay.


In summary, Soul Knight Prequel presents an engaging action RPG experience with a thriving loot system, seamless combat mechanics, and versatile multiplayer modes. Despite initial server issues and potential repetitiveness, the game's polished gameplay, diverse character progression, and co-op functionalities offer an immersive adventure. Whether exploring dungeons solo or embarking on multiplayer quests, the game's depth and customization cater to a diverse range of players, making it a compelling addition to the Soul Knight series.


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