Soul Knight Prequel DUPLICATION BUG Revealed

ZacTheSword, a Youtube creator, discusses an exploit or bug they've encountered and are currently stuck on. The bug involves a resource exploit where items can be duplicated by selling them twice in different forms. The creator is uncertain about the bug's full potential but decides to share it publicly to gather ideas for improvement.

The demonstration involves selling high-value items for gold and then exploiting a trick where an item can be dragged, the GUI closed while holding the item, and then taken to the blacksmith for dismantling, all done free of charge. The process can be automated with a macro, allowing the sale of high-value items for coins and fragments.

While the method is a bit slow and requires a manual, one-by-one approach, the creator speculates that the dragging method could potentially be expanded for other uses. The bug can also be applied to the re-forging person, as demonstrated with twin blades, and even used to upgrade items within the reforging. However, there's a boundary to this exploit, as bringing the upgraded item back to the inventory breaks the game, leading to a perpetual state of error.

In conclusion, the creator encourages viewers to experiment with the exploit but advises awareness that it may be patched in the future. While the creator believes the bug has the potential to duplicate items, the specifics remain unclear. Viewers are invited to have fun experimenting with the bug for now.


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