Soul Knight Prequel Tier List

This Soul Knight Prequel Class Tier List ranks all game classes for assembling a top-tier team. The game features varied class, kit, and skill combos, allowing solo or multiplayer gameplay with quests and seasonal content. The tier list helps gamers make informed choices, simplifying class selection for maximum effectiveness in this pixel-art RPG by ChillyRoom set after Soul Knight.

S TierRanger
A TierStormblade
Assassin ⬇️
Soulkeeper ⬆
B TierPyroknight⬇️
Tempest Mage⬇️
C TierThief⬇️

S Tier


Ranger – Renowned for its deadly proficiency in executing rapid burst attacks from a distance, this class merges the swift attributes of the Thief and Archer classes, favoring primarily the Dexterity and Strength stats.

This class excels in dealing substantial ranged damage, heavily relying on the Strength and Dexterity stats for its potent effects. Moreover, its seamless integration with guns and bows maximizes the effectiveness of its passive skills.

Combined Class: Thief and Archer


Rapid recovery, overpowered clones that absorb fatal damage on your behalf, and exceptional speed at stacking bleed effects.

Concerns regarding substats, skill displacement, slight bulkiness, a significant deduction from the HP cap that might lead to sudden death, and difficulty managing situations when the clones vanish.

Combined Class: Animancer and Thief


A fusion of the formidable Warrior and Aegis classes. While initially seeming incompatible, the Warliege presents a unique challenge for mastery. Though it might not meet all expectations, this class surprises with its unconventional synergy, offering specialized utility in specific situations. It may not be universally impressive, but its niche applications make it an intriguing choice for skilled players seeking a distinct gameplay experience.

Combined Class: Warrior and Aegis

A Tier


Elementalist, a blend of the Tempest Mage and Pyromancer, delivers severe magic damage inspired by both classes. Known for its outstanding damage-dealing abilities, the Elementalist stands as a reliable choice when undecided among the aforementioned classes.

Combined Class: Tempest Mage and Pyromancer


Class Type: INT

The Heretic represents a summoner class rooted solely in Intelligence, offering the choice to focus on either pyro or summon damage. (Note: Summons still inflict pyro damage).

Opting for the summoner path amplifies your summon damage, but it comes at the cost of enduring constant damage. In return, you gain lifesteal, creating a high-risk, high-reward playstyle where self-inflicted harm can occur in the absence of enemies to recuperate from.

This class heavily relies on ally buffs to fortify your minions, yet it retains the capability to inflict significant damage with its pyro skills.

Combined Class: Animancer + Pyromancer


Best known for their high Strength and Dexterity stats, the Assassin hones a variety of skills designed to defeat enemies swiftly. Attacks from the Assassin class also house temporary buffs and lethal singular strikes.

The Assassin is an overall good character, dealing tons of physical damage to enemies. This class primarily revolves around Dexterity and Strength stats and excels in close combat.

Combined Class: Warrior and Thief


Stormblade, a fusion of the Thief and Tempest Mage classes, excels in delivering massive burst damage through its remarkable abilities. Its Ice Boomerang Active skill aggressively attacks enemies. With an overall rank of A in the Soul Knight Prequel Class Tier List, this class embodies a striking blend of the Thief and Tempest Mage attributes.

Combined Class: Thief and Tempest Mage


Class Type: STR + INT

The Soulkeeper class stands out for its durability, owed to the Aegis skills, positioning it as one of the top classes for achieving high rankings in Provings, despite not boasting the highest DPS among Animancer classes.

However, optimizing this class can be quite expensive, particularly if relying on Amaros. The pinnacle weapon for the Armaros is the legendary Goblin Sacrificial Bow, a weapon permanently consumed upon summoning.

  • This class heavily relies on minions for dealing damage.
  • It suffers from a lack of legendary gears that come with the necessary Animancer fatebounds.

Combined Class Animancer + Aegis

B Tier


The Pyroknight, a fusion of Warrior and Pyromancer, lives up to its name by burning enemies and absorbing a small amount of life when damaged. Additionally, the Pyroknight employs the Fireblade Ward Active skill, wielding flaming swords to encircle and attack opponents.

Combined Class: Pyromancer and Warrior


Bastion, a fusion of Archer and Aegis, maximizes lethality with doubled strengths. It derives Strength from Aegis and Dexterity from Archer, making it an efficient and versatile class in Soul Knight Prequel. This class offers diverse abilities such as knockback and altered skill cooldown rates, adding to its efficiency.

Combined Class: Archer and Aegis

Tempest Mage

While often regarded as one of the primary classes, it's recognized for its unique versatility rather than sheer power. The Tempest Mage truly shines when seamlessly integrated with another class, showcasing its ability to complement and enhance diverse skill sets. When operating solo, this class demonstrates commendable proficiency in dealing magical damage, particularly emphasizing its primary trait centered around Intelligence.


Warrior – A dependable class in virtually any game. It is often one of the starting classes and is well-suited for all styles of gameplay. With excellent close-range combat skills and access to a variety of weapons, this class prioritizes raw damage over speed and other stats.

Base Class


Artillerist, a fusion of Pyromancer and Archer in Soul Knight Prequel, excels in dealing substantial ranged damage, significantly boosting victory chances.

Combined Class: Archer and Pyromancer


Thief – While it didn't quite steal my heart, the Thief remains an enticing primary class option renowned for its unparalleled ability in dealing raw damage and unmatched mobility. Its agility is unmatched, allowing for swift and nimble maneuvers. However, it's important to note that the Thief's strength lies in its offensive prowess rather than endurance. With its remarkable one-hit capability, this class epitomizes the adage 'swift and lethal,' offering a thrilling and high-risk, high-reward playstyle for those daring enough to master it.

Base Class


Although a fusion of the esteemed Tempest Mage and Aegis classes, this class has yet to fully unleash the potential inherent in its unique combination. There's untapped potential waiting to be harnessed within the Stormwarden, offering a promising foundation that, with skilled guidance, could transform into a formidable force. While it hasn't fully flourished with its inherent strengths, the Stormwarden presents an exciting challenge for players willing to delve into its unexplored capabilities and discover its true power.

Combined Class: Tempest Mage and Aegis


This class inflicts damage from a distance using projectiles. The main trait of the Archer is its Dexterity.

Base Class


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