Elie (Cheesecake Connoisseur) Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #16

Elie (Cheesecake Connoisseur), a 3-star magic supporter, buffs break dmg, magic atk/def & recovers item gauge. She adapts to any battle situation!

Character Introduction

Elie (Cheesecake Connoisseur) was featured in Salburg LEGEND FES character banner. Elie is a supportive character capable of bolstering the firepower and durability of all allies. Her second skill enhances the magical attack and defense of the entire party. Additionally, her burst skill replenishes 50% of the item gauge. This write-up will cover Elies character details, skill sets, character gifts, and her general guide. Below is her promo video by the developer's official YouTube channel:

Basic Information

Character NameElie (Cheesecake Connoisseur)
Initial Rarity When Summoned3 stars
Main RoleSupporter

Elie's Stats at Level 60

These stats represent the character's fully leveled and maxed-out state (Lvl.60)

Attribute resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute

Elie (Cheesecake Connoisseur) Skill Set

Skill 1: Melodic Breeze

AttributeAirRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boost all allies' stun damage by 2-10%, depending on the number of enemies for 1 turn. (Higher boost for more enemies, up to 4 enemies)
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Skill 2: Tropical Instrument

AttributeAirRangeAoE (ALL)
Boosts all allies' M. ATK by 12% for 2 turns, boosts the target's M. DEF by 12% for 2 attacks, and restores 5% of target's HP.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Burst Skill: Rondo of the Wind and Sun

AttributeAirRangeAoE (ALL)
After attacking, restores 50% of the item gauge.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Character Abilities

Advance All - M. DEF I
Boost all allies' M. DEF by 5%.
Poison Resistance Up
Boosts Poison resistance by 30%

Character Gifts

Gift Colors

ellie gift colorLeftRight

Gift Effects

Strike Curse
Reduces target's Strike resistance by 1-10% for 1 attack.
All Recovery Bonus
Boost HP recovery given to all allies by 1-10%.
Recovery Boost
Boost recovery given by 2-15%.

Gift Bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%

Character Guide

Combat Guide

Elie possesses a break support skill that scales based on the number of enemies present. Her first skill enhances break damage for all allies by 2-10%, catering to the needs of the entire party and facilitating efficient enemy breakage.

Additionally, Elie shines as a magic supporter. Her ability to bestow magic attack and defense buffs upon all allies makes her indispensable in magic-centric party compositions and against magic-oriented adversaries. However, users must exercise caution, as her second skill carries substantial weight and may delay subsequent actions.

Notably, Ellie's standout feature lies in her unique item acceleration ability, which facilitates rapid item gauge recovery through burst skills. In short-term battles where item usage is limited, the effects of battle items essentially replicate Ellie's burst skill, allowing for swift adjustments in buffs, debuffs, and recovery strategies.

Recommended Equipment

Stylish BroomDark LeatherHurricane Ring
Note: These recommendations does not consider past or future missable event recipes

Recommended Memoria

Under the Starry SkyAn Adventurous PremonitionThe Power to Change the WorldDelicious Tea Time


Basically, her skill 1 is less impactful against boss fights and her burst skill is very niche. Her skill 2 sometimes messes up with the panels if you're not careful and therefore, the Salburg LEGEND FES character banner that features Lilie (Birth of The Legend) is skippable. You're better off saving up those gems for better banners in the future.

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