Atelier Resleriana Tier List

The best Atelier Resleriana Tier List with detailed explanations and justifications for available alchemists available in the game!

The Best Atelier Resleriana Tier List

Welcome to the best Atelier Resleriana Tier List in the internet! To help you navigate the game for the global server, we've categorized characters into tiers based on their overall performance and versatility. Think of it as a roadmap to building your dream team!

Atelier Resleriana Tier List

Updated Atelier Resleriana Tier List for March 2024 after 5M Worldwide DL Celebration LEGEND FES
TierAlchemist (Click for Character Details and Guides)
SS Tier⚗️ Ryza (One Summer Story)
⚗️ Marie (Lovely Bomber)
⚗️ Sophie (Profuse Phronesis)
⚗️ Resna (Innocent Dreamer)
⚗️ Valeria (Secret Amnesia)
S Tier⚗️ Lilie (Birth of The Legend)
⚗️ Klaudia (One Summer Melody)
⚗️ Judie (Hero of Tempest)
⚗️ Meruru (Damsel in Distress)
⚗️ Corneria (No Milk No Life)
⚗️ Plachta (Mysterious Doll)
⚗️ Raze (Sword of Light)
⚗️ Firis (Crystal Master)
⚗️ Rorona (5-star Pie Meister)
A Tier⚗️ Ayesha (MARIA of Dusk)
⚗️ Keithgriff (Seeker of Truth)
⚗️ Logy (Alchemist of Dusk)
⚗️ Marion (Leader of the Development Squad)
⚗️ Oskar (Friend to Plants)
⚗️ Shallistera (Chief's Daughter)
⚗️ Totori (Daughter of a Powerful Lady)
⚗️ Mu (The Southern Adventure)
⚗️ Odelia (Ancient Machina Doll)
⚗️ Escha (Endless Tarts)
⚗️ Meruru (Powerful Princess)
B Tier⚗️ Elie (Cheesecake Connoisseur)
⚗️ Resna (Dreamer of the Future)
⚗️ Valeria (Dreamer of the Past)
⚗️ Lent (Powerful Warrior)
⚗️ Iksel (Fighting Chef)
⚗️ Monika (Monika on Stage)
⚗️ Ruven (Hot-blooded Adventurer)
C Tier⚗️ Linca (Assistant Squad Leader)
⚗️ Esty (Reliable Receptionist)
⚗️ Viorate (Carrot-Lover from Karotte)
⚗️ Vayne (The Power to Grant Wishes)
D Tier⚗️ Cordelia (Noblewoman)
⚗️ Tess (Rabbit-eared Troublemaker)
⚗️ Tao (Future Scholar)
Atelier Resleriana Tier List (Global Server)

Atelier Resleriana Tier Meanings

You can click on the character's names in the table above to learn more about our justification for our tier placement for each alchemist. However, if you'd like a general overview, feel free to see the following:


These are the crème de la crème, the alchemic elite. They boast exceptional firepower, break power, and scoring potential in battles, making them dominant choices across the board. Think of them as your unstoppable forces, easily outperforming other alchemist and conquering challenges with ease.


While not quite as flashy as SS-Tier, S-Tier characters are still powerhouses in their own right. They can excel on their own, tackling most quests with impressive efficiency. While some SS-Tier characters might shine in specific scenarios, S-Tier heroes offer consistent reliability and adaptability. You can’t go wrong investing your resources on alchemists at this tier.


Don't underestimate the A-Tier! These characters might require specific party setups or excel in particular quests, but their unique strengths and abilities make them invaluable assets. Think of them as specialists who bring strategic depth and niche mastery to your team. They might not be universal powerhouses, but their focused talents can turn the tide in crucial situations.


B-Tier characters are solid contributors, offering decent performance in various situations. While they might not break records, they're reliable options for filling out your roster and tackling general challenges. Think of them as the backbone of your team, providing support and utility even if they don't always steal the spotlight.

C-Tier and D-Tier

While every alchemist has their place in the world, both C-Tier and D-Tier characters are generally not recommended for rerolling or prioritizing in your early game. They might have specific niches or require significant investment to shine, making them less suitable for beginners or those seeking immediate impact. Trust our Atelier Resleriana Tier List.

Important Notes

  • Tier placements are subjective and can vary depending on playstyle and team composition. Experiment, find what works best for you, and don't be afraid to break the mold!
  • Every character has unique strengths and weaknesses. Utilize this tier list as a guide, not a gospel.
  • The most important alchemist is the one you love playing the most! So, go forth, explore, and forge your own alchemic legend!
  • If you don’t agree with our tier list, feel free to drop a comment below and let us know why!

On-going Atelier Resleriana Tier List Improvements: Character Guides

To empower your strategic decisions, we're going beyond the Tier List by crafting in-depth character guides for every alchemist available in the Global Server of Atelier Resleriana. As well as that, these guides will help you understand how they work and so on, allowing you to understand exactly why they hold their place in the our Tier List.

Some guides are already live, offering valuable insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and team synergies. You can check them out by clicking at the respective characters in the tier list table above. But don't worry, that's just the beginning! We're diligently working on expanding this library, releasing new guides every week.

Think of it as your ultimate companion to the Tier List. While the Tier List provides a snapshot of a character's overall standing, the character guides dives deeper, equipping you with the knowledge to optimize each alchemist and improve your team compositions.


Stay tuned for regular updates as the game unfolds, and feel free to share your own experiences and insights in the comments below! Together, we can navigate the exciting world of Atelier Resleriana and build the most effective teams for any challenge.

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