Ryza (One Summer Story): Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #1

Ryza (One Summer Story) is one of the most strongest Attacker in the game right now. Definitely SS-Tier Worthy!


Ryza (One Summer Story) is arguably the most strongest fire attacker alchemist in the Atelier Resleriana for the next few months. In the game, she wasn't one to sit still after her heroic feat of defending Resna from monstrous hordes. Instead, her free spirit and thirst for adventure propelled her onto countless journeys, her impulsive nature often leading the way. Yet, beneath her adventurous exterior burned a strong sense of justice. Whatever the challenge, Ryza wouldn't waver from what she believed was right, making her a formidable force for good, both in the crucible and on the open road. We'll be looking Ryza as the first entry for DotGG's Atelier Resleriana Character Guide series!

Ryza's Atelier Resleriana Character Introduction Poster

Here's what else we know about Ryza from the Atelier series:

  • She hails from Kurken Island, a secluded location with unique customs and rich alchemical traditions.
  • Her curiosity and passion for alchemy propel her adventures, fueled by a desire to learn and expand her knowledge.
  • Ryza's bubbly personality and easy camaraderie endear her to a diverse cast of allies, who join her on her escapades.
  • Despite her impulsiveness, Ryza demonstrates incredible resourcefulness and problem-solving skills, often crafting her way out of tricky situations.

Character Details

Basic Informations

Character NameRyza [One Summer Story]
Initial Rarity
When Summoned
3 stars
Main RoleAttacker
Ryza (One Summer Story) is available in the permanent banner


These stats represent Ryza's fully leveled and maxed-out state

Attribute resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute
Ryza's natural resistance

Ryza's Skill Set in Atelier Resleriana

Skill 1: Ryza Special

AttributeFireRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boosts own burst skill damage by 20%. (MAX 100%)
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Ryza is fully maxed out

Skill 2: Summoning Star

AttributeFireRangeSingle Target (ONE)
No additional effect
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Ryza is fully maxed out

Burst skill: Heaven’s Quasar

AttributeFirerangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boost own skill damage by 25% (Max 50%)
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Ryza is fully maxed out


Overshooting Summer
Boost own skill damage by 10% upon defeating an enemy with a skill. (MAX 30%)
Poison Resist Up
Boost Poison resistance by 30%
These are considered Ryza's passive skills

Ryza's Gifts

Gift color

riser gift colorLeftRight

Gift effect

Magic Defense Blessing
Boost M. DEF by 1-8% for 1 attack.
Air Blessing
Boost Air damage by 5-45%.
Fire Damage Boost
Boost Fire skill damage by by 3~25%
This table displays Ryza's gift effects stats once you max out her awakening stage and fully unlock the glow board.

Gift Bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%

Ryza (One Summer Story) Guide


Burning with high firepower, 3-star Ryza ignites the battlefield as a versatile fire-attribute attacker. Boasting a monstrous 450% multiplier on Skill 2, she decimates foes with ease, making her a force to be reckoned with for beginners and veterans alike. Her user-friendly kit packs a punch without intricate combos, empowering you to unleash fiery devastation on any opponent.

Beyond her raw damage, Ryza boasts impressive self-sufficiency. Multiple damage-boosting skills and abilities, including stackable buffs for defeating enemies, keep her firepower blazing in long battles. And her simple burst conditions? Forget about micromanagement – unleash fiery mayhem whenever you please. She's very beginner friendly!

Recommended Equipment

Spirit Staff - FireWanderer's ClothesGodspeed Boots
Not considering event recipes

Recommended Memoria

Iridescent SceneryCall the Teacher!My AtelierIn A Dream-like World 


Whether you're a novice adventurer or a seasoned veteran, Ryza's potent blend of power and accessibility makes her an invaluable asset. Honestly, Ryza can fit in into any type of team where she's the main damage dealer and with all of these strengths listed, that's why she's an SS-tier in our tier list. Thanks for reading our very first Atelier Resleriana Character Guide & don't forget to bookmark DotGG for future articles!

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