Lilie (Birth of The Legend) Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #15

Unlock Lilie (Birth of The Legend) versatility in your quests! She deals break damage to all, enhances damage received, and paralyzes foes!

Character Introduction

Salburg LEGEND FES character banner is here and today we'll be looking at Lilie (Birth of The Legend)! This write-up will cover Lilie's character details, skill sets, character gifts, and her general guide. Below is her promo video by the developer's official YouTube channel:

Official Promotional Video for Lilie (Birth of The Legend)

Lilie (CV: Megumi Nasu) An optimistic, tomboyish alchemist who was once involved in the establishment of a school for alchemy in a certain area, but is currently on a journey to rebuild her skills from the ground up. While she is quick to get fired up about things, that personality trait is also her downfall.


Character Details

Basic Information

Character NameLilie (Birth of The Legend)
Initial Rarity When Summoned3 stars
Main RoleBreaker

Lilie's Stats at Level 60

These stats represent the character's fully leveled and maxed-out state (Lvl.60)

Attribute resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute

Lilie (Birth of The Legend) Skill Set

Skill 1: Thunderbolt

AttributeBoltRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boosts own stun damage by 40% for 1 turn
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Skill 2: Mistelleben

AttributeBoltRangeAoE (ALL)
After attacking, boosts target's damage received by 5% (MAX 15%).
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Burst Skill: Earthen Rhapsody

AttributeBoltRangeAoE (ALL)
After attacking, there is a very high chance of inflicting the target with Paralysis at the start of their turn for 2 turns.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when character is fully maxed out (Lvl.60)

Abilities (Passive Skills)

Destructive Overload
Boosts all allies' stun damage by 5%
Blindness Resistance Up
Boosts Blindness resistance by 30%

Character Gifts

Lilie joting notes about how naughty you have been this year

Gift Colors

lily gift colorLeftRight

Gift Effects

Air Blessing
Boost Air damage by 5-45%
Chaser Charge
Boosts damage to stunned enemies by 6-54%
Air Damage Boost
Boosts Air skill damage by 3-25%

Gift Bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%

Character Guide

Lilie's Resleriana Character Introduction

Combat Guide

Lilie shines as a versatile breaker with devastating stun damage and crowd control capabilities. Her skill 2 delivers a powerful area-of-effect (AoE) attack, making her ideal for clearing groups of weaker enemies. Additionally, she can support teammates by inflicting a "5% damage received increase on attacked targets", boosting the team's offensive power.

Additionally, Lilie's (Birth of The Legend) true strength lies in her Burst skill, the first in the game (in global server at least) to inflict paralysis on all enemies with an incredibly high probability. This effectively immobilizes them for two actions, creating a window for your team to unleash devastating damage. This makes her invaluable in challenges where enemies deal high damage, as you can effectively shut them down while safely whittling their health down. Also, paralyzing enemies will also increase your team's survival before landing those big burst damages in clutch situations.

Beyond crowd control, Lily boasts top-tier breaking power. Her attacks deal increased damage and inflict a damage received increase on enemies, stacking up to 15% for a massive overall damage boost. This snowball effect makes her even more potent in longer battles, where her accumulated power can turn the tide in your favor.

Recommended Equipment

Light Iron StaffCharade LumontOrphic Ring (Bolt)
Note: These recommendations does not consider past or future missable event recipes
Mimir's StaffCharade LumontSerenity Scarf
Note: Recommended equipment if the respected event is available

Recommended Memoria

Hard at Work!Puni For You!


Lilie stands out as a versatile alchemist, wielding both crowd-control and damage amplification effectively. She's useful in situations where you need to clear up the enemy mobs as quick as possible using AoE damages. Nevertheless, we conclude that she's not an essential "MUST PULL" character for your team at this moment of time in the global server.

Pssst... *whisper* You can skip her banner and save your gems for future alchemist.

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