Marie (Lovely Bomber): Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #2

Marie (Lovely Bomber) is an effective and powerful Fire attribute breaker; She's the best breaker in the permanent banner!


Welcome to DotGG's Character Guide for Marie (Lovely Bomber)! She's a whirlwind of energy and alchemy who cuts through life with a tomboy grin. Her youthful exuberance shines as she traverses the vibrant continent of Lantana, driven by an insatiable thirst for the truth behind her beloved craft. Don't let her bright smile fool you – Marie's a mischievous imp with a penchant for causing minor explosions. In fact, her youthful experiments once earned her the endearing (if slightly alarming) nickname "The Bomber."

Marie's Atelier Resleriana Character Introduction Poster

Despite her occasional chaotic bursts, Marie's heart brims with kindness and good intentions. She tackles every challenge with infectious enthusiasm, her adventurous spirit pushing her beyond the confines of stuffy lecture halls and into the open expanse of Lantana. Her journey promises countless discoveries, both alchemical and self-reflective, as she learns to harness her explosive energy and become the alchemist she is truly meant to be.

Character Details

Marie (Lovely Bomber)

Basic Information

Character NameMarie [Lovely Bomber]
Initial Rarity
When Summoned
3 stars
Main RoleBreaker
Marie (Lovely Bomber) is available in the permanent banner

Marie's MAXED Stats

These stats represent Marie's fully leveled and maxed-out state

Attribute resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute
Marie's natural resistance

Marie's Skill Set in Atelier Resleriana

Skill 1: Lunatic Sphere

AttributeFireRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, reduces target's Fire resistance by 10% for 5 attacks.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Marie is fully maxed out

Skill 2: Multi Bomb Throw

AttributeFireRangeAoE (ALL)
After attacking, boost own stun damage by 60% for 1 turn
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Marie is fully maxed out

Burst Skill: Moon and Star Sonata

AttributeFireRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boosts stun damage the target receives by 50% for 3 attacks
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Marie is fully maxed out


Vivid Inspiration
Boost stun damage by 10% when attacking a weakness
Poison Resist Up
Boost Poison resistance by 30%
These are considered Marie's passive skills

Marie's Gifts

Gift color

marie gift colorLeftRight

Gift effect

Magic Blessing
Boost magic attack damage by 3-30%.
Mighty Curse
Boost physical damage target receives by 1% for 1 attack.
Stun Damage Boost
Boost stun damage by 2~15%
This table displays Marie's gift effects stats once you max out her awakening stage and fully unlock the glow board.

Gift bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a Rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%

Marie (Lovely Bomber) Guide


Unleash devastating breaks with Marie, one of the most potent breakers in the game. Her Skill 2 delivers a potent blow to all enemies while simultaneously granting her a break multiplier buff. This multiplier increases with each subsequent use, making her a break-damage powerhouse in boss battles. Even during downtime, Marie shines: her Skill 1 applies a fire attribute debuff, boosting your party's firepower when paired with a character like 3-star Ryza.

Marie's range-breaking prowess extends to all attributes, thanks to her high-multiplier break buff from Skill 2. This versatility makes her a valuable asset in diverse content, regardless of enemy type. But her support abilities don't stop there; her Skill 1 also lowers enemy fire resistance, opening the door for even greater damage from your fire-wielding allies. If resistance drops below 25%, enemies become "WEAK," further amplifying your party's offensive potential.

When it comes to sheer breaking power, Marie reigns supreme. Her damage output is unmatched, and her area-of-effect skills allow her to effortlessly initiate breaks on multiple enemies. This dominance extends to boss encounters, where her Burst Skill unleashes devastating break damage, significantly accelerating gauge depletion and bolstering your party's overall performance.

Recommended Equipment

Steel BowCharade LumontHustle Belt
Not considering event recipes

Recommended Memoria

 Reflected in His EyesI'm Working Right Now! Here's a Puni!Watching the Fireworks


Marie is the complete package: a devastating breaker, a potent supporter, and a boss-crushing specialist. Her versatility and raw power make her a valuable addition to any team, regardless of your chosen strategy. Thank you for visiting DotGG to get your Atelier Resleriana Character Guide! See you again soon.

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