Resna (Innocent Dreamer): Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #3

Boasting unmatched critical rate buffs and devastating burst attack, Resna (Innocent Dreamer) redefines the supporter role.


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Forget stale support roles, Resna (Innocent Dreamer) rewrites the rules with her explosive alchemy! This passionate novice buffs your entire party with critical rate-boosting concoctions, turning them into crit machines. Her own bolt-powered burst guarantees a critical hit, packing a punch like a top-tier attacker. But Resna's not just a mere supporter that deals damage. She heals allies with restorative brews and throws up potent shields, making her a versatile powerhouse who ignites victory with every bubbling concoction. We'll be looking into her character details, skills, recommended equipment, recommended Memoria for this awesome support alchemist!

Character Details

Basic Information

Character NameResna [Innocent Dreamer]
Initial Rarity
When Summoned
3 stars
Main RoleSupporter
Resna (Innocent Dreamer) is available in the permanent banner

Resna's MAXED Stats

These stats represent Resna's fully leveled and maxed-out state

Attribute Resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute
Resna's natural resistance

Resna's Skill Set in Atelier Resleriana

Skill 1: Stellar Fall

AttributeBoltRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, restores 5% HP of all allies
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Resna is fully maxed out

Skill 2: Comet Helation

AttributeBoltRangeFriendly AoE (ALL)
After attacking, boost all allies' critical rates by 25% (MAX 100%)
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Resna is fully maxed out

Burst Skill: Sector 07

AttributeBoltRangeAoE (ALL)
Boost this attack's critical rate by 100%. After attacking, boots all allies' critical damage by 30% for 2 turns.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Resna is fully maxed out


Strike While the Iron's Hot
On critical attack, boost critical damage by 50%.
Paralysis Resist Up
Boost Paralysis resistance by 30%
These are considered Resna's passive skills

Resna (Innocent Dreamer) Gifts

Gift color

lesna gift colorLeftRight

Gift effect

Critical Finish
Boost critical rate by 1~8% for 1 turn.
Bolt Curse
Reduces target's Bolt resistance by 1~10% for 1 attack.
Slash Resistance Up
Boost Slash Resistance by 1~10%.
This table displays Resna's gift effects stats once you max out her awakening stage and fully unlock the glow board

Gift bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a Rank IV or V appearing increases by 80%.

Resna (Innocent Dreamer) Guide

Resna's Combat Guide

Supercharge Your Party's Crits: Resna's Skill 2 permanently increases all allies' critical chance by a whopping 25% with each use. Stack it up to 4 times for a guaranteed 100% critical rate, doubling your party's damage output! This versatile buff benefits any team composition, making Resna a must-have for maximizing DPS.

Burst Like a Boss: Don't be fooled by Resna's supportive nature. Her lightning-powered burst skill guarantees a critical hit, while simultaneously granting allies a 30% critical damage buff. But wait, there's more! Resna's own ability boosts her critical damage by 50%, meaning her burst packs the punch of a top-tier attacker. You can practically hear the enemy bosses tremble!

Heal While You Wreck: Resna's Skill 1 isn't just about offense. It also heals all allies, allowing you to seamlessly blend recovery with critical carnage. Imagine boosting your party's crits, unleashing devastating bursts, and healing everyone back up – all in one character!

Recommended Equipment

Spirit Staff - LightningAdventurer's ClothingMythical Ring
Not considering event recipes

Recommended Memoria

Judith, Run!Delicious Tea TimeStudy Time! So this is the flavor
of the city...!?


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Thanks for choosing DotGG as your guide to mastering Atelier Resleriana! We hope this deep dive into Resna (Innocent Dreamer) explosive alchemy has sparked your curiosity. As you've seen, she's a versatile powerhouse who can:

  • Unmatched Critical Rate Buffs: Turn your team into crit machines, doubling their damage potential.
  • Burst Powerhouse: Don't underestimate Resna's own firepower. Her critical-enhanced burst hits like a truck.
  • Versatile Support: Works with any team composition and shines in both offensive and defensive roles.
  • Healing on the Side: Never worry about being squishy. Resna keeps your party healthy while they unleash the critical storm.

See you all in the next guide and don't forget to bookmark DotGG!

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