Raze (Sword of Light): Atelier Resleriana Character Guide #5

Raze (Sword of Light) shines as an early Breaker, staying relevant in Atelier Resleriana even with future banners!


In Atelier Resleriana, as a warrior on the battlefield, Raze (Sword of Light) embraces the role of both a devastating breaker and a supportive teammate. His potent skills shatter enemy defenses, clearing the path for allies to unleash their ultimate attacks. . But Raze doesn't stop there. His arsenal also boasts potent debuffs that reduce enemy resistance, setting the stage for teammates to deal even greater damage. With every swing of his enchanted blade and concocted elixir, Raze becomes the catalyst for his team's explosive victories.

Raze (Sword of Light) Details

Basic Information

Character NameRaze (Sword of Light)
Initial Rarity
When Summoned
3 stars
Main RoleBreaker
Raze will always be available in all gacha banners

Raze's MAXED Stats

These stats represent Raze's fully leveled and maxed-out state

Attribute resistance

fire attributeice attributeLightning attributewind attributeSlash attributeHitting attributespecial attribute
Raze (Sword of Light)'s natural resistance

Raze's Skill Set in Atelier Resleriana

Official Resleriana Character Introduction

Skill 1: Analyze

AttributeSlashRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, boost physical damage target receives by 5% for 5 attacks.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Raze is fully maxed out

Skill 2: Twin Caliburn

AttributeSlashRangeSingle Target (ONE)
Before attacking, boost own stun damage by 10% (MAX 50%). After attacking, reduces target's Slash resistance by 10% for 2 attacks.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Raze is fully maxed out

Burst Skill: Mana Extinguisher

AttributeSlashRangeSingle Target (ONE)
After attacking, reduces target's Slash resistance by 30% for 5 attacks.
Skill stats and effects depicted are as when Raze is fully maxed out


Advance All - P. ATK I
All allies gain physical attack +5%
Paralysis Resist Up
Boost Paralysis resistance by 30%
These are considered Raze's passive skills

Raze (Sword of Light) Gifts

Gift color

rose gift colorLeftRight

Gift effect

Mighty Curse
Boost physical damage target receives by 1-8% for 1 attack.
Magic Defense Blessing
Boost M. DEF by 1-8% for 1 attack.
Physical Stun Damage Boost
Boost physical stun damage by 2-20%
This table displays Raze's gift effects stats once you max out her awakening stage and fully unlock the glow board

Gift Bonus

If this character is in the party during Synthesis, the odds of a rank IV or V trait appearing increases by 80%

Raze (Sword of Light) Guide

Combat Guide

Raze, a master of the break, carves through enemy defenses with both precision and surprising versatility. His slashing prowess isn't just for show, either. Raze's skills significantly lower slash attribute resistance, creating a stage for her allies to unleash devastating attacks. This makes her a prime partner for slash-type attackers like Logy, who thrives in broken states.

But Raze's talents extend beyond single-attribute support. His true strength lies in her cumulative break damage buff, acquired with each use of his skill 2. This potent buff, independent of enemy attributes, allows Raze to excel in a wide range of content. He's a breaker for all occasions, ready to shatter defenses and open the door for victory.

Speaking of shattering, Raze's skill 2 and burst skills aren't just about breaking – they're about slashing through resistance. By reducing it, they pave the way for his slash-type allies to unleash their full fury. And if the resistance plummets below 25%, enemies become "WEAK," setting the stage for even more devastating follow-up attacks. So, while Raze shines as a breaker, his support potential shouldn't be underestimated.

Recommended Equipment

Steel BowGold Embroidered CoatHustle Belt
Not considering event recipes

Recommended Memoria

PartnersEmbraced by the
Dusk Sea
Playful SplashingThe Shallie Pair


In essence, Raze is a dual threat: a fearsome breaker who empowers her allies to carve through enemies with ruthless efficiency. Whether you're building a slash-focused team or need a versatile breaker for any challenge, Raze is a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for visiting DotGG and we hope our Raze (Sword of Light) Atelier Resleriana Character Guide has been somewhat helpful for you. Until next time!

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