Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide

Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide: Secure a strong start. Our comprehensive guide ensures a smooth journey. May RNG be on your side!

Welcome to DotGG's Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide! Starting your adventure in this game can be exhilarating, yet daunting, especially with the number of available alchemists in the gacha banners. Fear not, DotGG is here to help you out! This comprehensive reroll guide will help you to get your ideal starting team, giving you a decent strong account to start your gameplay.

Please take note that this guide is based on the current version of Atelier Resleriana for the JP Server, the reroll process will be different when the Global Server goes LIVE. Nevertheless, the characters you should be aiming for remains the same and the idea for this guide is to help our readers to choose the best characters to begin with in Atelier Resleriana.

How to Reroll? 10 easy steps

Start your rerolls and hope that RNG is on your side!
1When you first start the game, you’ll be hard-locked into doing a tutorial until completion. Just proceed through the tutorial until you’re introduced to the gacha banners (Note: without skipping the whole process takes about 15 to 20 minutes).
2Receive pre-registration rewards etc. via email. Pre-registration links are provided at the end of this article.
3Enter another player’s invitation code for extra goodies.
4If the shop has cheap gacha tickets, exchange them
5Pull any permanent Beginner’s Banners that will give you a guaranteed 3-star alchemist.
6Draw a gacha with a gacha ticket or star guide stone (gacha stone)
7If you didn’t get the targeted characters, you want or aimed for - don't worry. Just delete the player’s data from the home screen and move on to the next steps
(Time required from step 1 to step 7 is about 15 to 20 minutes)
For the next reroll steps onwards, proceed with steps 8 to 10
8Collect the pre-registration rewards, and so on from the main menu's email inbox
9Do your summons with a gacha ticket or star guide stone (gacha stone)
10If your rolls (or pulls suck), delete the player data from the home screen
If you want to reroll again, start from step 8 again! (Total time required would be around 3 minutes from step 8 to 10)
Step-by-step reroll guide

Which Atelier Resleriana alchemists to reroll for?

I do understand that most of you would want to get a comprehensive guide about each character that we are going to recommend in our Atelier Resleriana reroll guide but previously we have done some detailed character reviews on our Tier List and Character Guide. So, check those two articles out if you want to know more about the characters we are mentioning here. Without further delay, let's continue with the guide.

There are four (4) main characters to reroll for namely:


Corneria is a powerful offensive unit with disruptive abilities. After attacking, she gains a significant damage boost and imposes debuffs on the target's Blunt resistance. Her passive skill also enhances the Physical Attack of all allies, solidifying her as an SS-tier force in battles.


Marie excels in battles with a skill set that includes persistent debuffs and powerful damage boosts. After attacking, she imposes a lasting Fire Resistance debuff and gains a formidable Break Damage boost. Her passive skill further enhances her Break capabilities, making her a top-tier SS-tier alchemist for various scenarios.


Resna focuses on healing, critical chance, and critical damage. After attacking, she heals all allies and boosts their critical chance. Her unique skill guarantees critical hits, and her passive skill enhances critical damage, placing her in the SS-tier as a critical-focused support character with both healing and offensive capabilities.


Ryza excels in escalating damage potential with a skill set centered around burst and sustained damage. After attacking, she gains burst skill damage and a post-attack bonus for sustained damage. Her passive skill further boosts sustained damage output, establishing her as an SS-tier force capable of delivering high-impact damage in various scenarios.

Concluding the Reroll Guide

If you're willing to endure the brief rerolling process in Atelier Resleriana, the payoff of assembling a strong starting team is well worth it. Corneria, Marie, Resna, and Ryza shine as SS-tier alchemists, each contributing unique strengths to the battlefield.

Whether it's Corneria's offensive prowess, Marie's versatile debuffs, Resna's critical support, or Ryza's escalating damage, rerolling to secure these powerhouses will ensure a smooth journey in Atelier Resleriana.

May the RNG odds favor you on the day you decide to undertake rerolls, considering the existing gacha rates and pity system.

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