Atelier Resleriana Research List: Upgrade Your Combat Power!

DotGG presents the complete Atelier Resleriana Research List in the game. Upgrade your team's Combat Power one research at a time.


Upgrading your Researches

The following tables shows the complete Research List in Atelier Resleriana. These upgrades are permanent buffs that effects all your characters for the rest of the game. You only need to do "research" once and move on with the game to meet the requirements for the next research. We hope that this list will help you understand more about how to increase your team's combat power if needed and even though these information seems trivial, it is rather important to know once you get into the game.

Combat Research List

No.Research NameResearch EffectsRequirements
1Attacker Combat Research 1Attacker HP Up (1%)Cole: 1000
2Breaker Combat Research 1Breaker HP Up (1%)Cole: 2000
3Defender Combat Research 1Defender HP Up (1%)Cole: 4000
4Supporter Combat Research 1Supporter HP Up (1%)Cole: 7000
5Attacker Combat Research 2Attacker Damage Up (1%)Cole: 11000
6Breaker Combat Research 2Breaker Damage Up (1%)Cole: 16000
7Defender Combat Research 2Defender Damage Up (1%)Cole: 23000
8Supporter Combat Research 2Supporter Damage Up (1%)Cole: 30000
9Attacker Combat Research 3Attacker HP Up (1.8%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.9 First Cole: 40000
10Breaker Combat Research 3Breaker HP Up (1.8%)Cole: 50000
11Defender Combat Research 3Defender HP Up (1.8%)Cole: 60000
12Supporter Combat Research 3Supporter HP Up (1.8%)Cole: 70000
13Attacker Combat Research 4Attacker Damage Up (1.8%)Cole: 80000
14Breaker Combat Research 4Breaker Damage Up (1.8%)Cole: 90000
15Defender Combat Research 4Defender Damage Up (1.8%)Cole: 100000
16Supporter Combat Research 4Supporter Damage Up (1.8%)Cole: 120000
17Attacker Combat Research 5Attacker HP Up (2.6%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.17 First Cole: 140000
18Breaker Combat Research 5Breaker HP Up (2.6%)Cole: 160000
19Defender Combat Research 5Defender HP Up (2.6%)Cole: 180000
20Supporter Combat Research 5Supporter HP Up (2.6%)Cole: 200000
21Attacker Combat Research 6Attacker Damage Up (2.6%)Cole: 220000
22Breaker Combat Research 6Breaker Damage Up (2.6%)Cole: 240000
23Defender Combat Research 6Defender Damage Up (2.6%)Cole: 260000
24Supporter Combat Research 6Supporter Damage Up (2.6%)Cole: 280000
25Attacker Combat Research 7Attacker HP Up (3.4%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.25 First Cole: 300000
26Breaker Combat Research 7Breaker HP Up (3.4%)Cole: 320000
27Defender Combat Research 7Defender HP Up (3.4%)Cole: 340000
28Supporter Combat Research 7Supporter HP Up (3.4%)Cole: 360000
29Attacker Combat Research 8Attacker Damage Up (3.4%)Cole: 380000
30Breaker Combat Research 8Breaker Damage Up (3.4%)Cole: 400000
31Defender Combat Research 8Defender Damage Up (3.4%)Cole: 420000
32Supporter Combat Research 8Supporter Damage Up (3.4%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.33 First Cole: 440000
33Attacker Combat Research 9Attacker HP Up (4.2%)Cole: 460000
34Breaker Combat Research 9Breaker HP Up (4.2%)Cole: 480000
35Defender Combat Research 9Defender HP Up (4.2%)Cole: 500000
36Supporter Combat Research 9 Supporter HP Up (4.2%)Cole: 520000
37Attacker Combat Research 10Attacker Damage Up (4.2%)Cole: 540000
38Breaker Combat Research 10Breaker Damage Up (4.2%)Cole: 560000
39Defender Combat Research 10Defender Damage Up (4.2%)Cole: 580000
40Supporter Combat Research 10Supporter Damage Up (4.2%)Cole: 600000
41Attacker Combat Research 11Attacker HP Up (5%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.41 First Cole: 620000
42Breaker Combat Research 11Breaker HP Up (5%)Cole: 640000
43Defender Combat Research 11Defender HP Up (5%)Cole: 660000
44Supporter Combat Research 11Supporter HP Up (5%)Cole: 680000
45Attacker Combat Research 12Attacker Damage Up (5%)Cole: 700000
46Breaker Combat Research 12Breaker Damage Up (5%)Cole: 720000
47Defender Combat Research 12Defender Damage Up (5%)Cole: 740000
48Supporter Combat Research 12Supporter Damage Up (5%)Cole: 760000
49Attacker Combat Research 13Attacker HP Up (5.8%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.49 First Cole: 780000
50Breaker Combat Research 13Breaker HP Up (5.8%)Cole: 800000
51Defender Combat Research 13Defender HP Up (5.8%)Cole: 820000
52Supporter Combat Research 13Supporter HP Up (5.8%)Cole: 840000
53Attacker Combat Research 14Attacker Damage Up (5.8%)Cole: 860000
54Breaker Combat Research 14Breaker Damage Up (5.8%)Cole: 880000
55Defender Combat Research 14Defender Damage Up (5.8%)Cole: 900000
56Supporter Combat Research 14Supporter Damage Up (5.8%)Cole: 920000
57Attacker Combat Research 15Attacker HP Up (6.6%)Must Unlock Alchemy Research Lv.57 First Cole: 940000
58Breaker Combat Research 15Breaker HP Up (6.6%)Cole: 960000
59Defender Combat Research 15Defender HP Up (6.6%)Cole: 980000
60Supporter Combat Research 15Supporter HP Up (6.6%)Cole: 1000000
61Attacker Combat Research 16:Attacker Damage Up (6.6%)Cole: 1020000
62Breaker Combat Research 16:Breaker Damage Up (6.6%)Cole: 1040000
63Defender Combat Research 16:Defender Damage Up (6.6%)Cole: 1060000
64Supporter Combat Research 16:Supporter Damage Up (6.6%)Cole: 1080000
65Attacker Combat Research 17:Attacker HP Up (7.4%)Cole: 1100000
66Breaker Combat Research 17:Breaker HP Up (7.4%)Cole: 1120000
67Defender Combat Research 17:Defender HP Up (7.4%)Cole: 1140000
68Supporter Combat Research 17:Supporter HP Up (7.4%)Cole: 1160000
69Attacker Combat Research 18:Attacker Damage Up (7.4%)Cole: 1180000
70Breaker Combat Research 18:Breaker Damage Up (7.4%)Cole: 1200000
71Defender Combat Research 18:Defender Damage Up (7.4%)Cole: 1220000
72Supporter Combat Research 18:Supporter Damage Up (7.4%)Cole: 1240000
73Attacker Combat Research 19:Attacker HP Up (8.2%)Cole: 1260000
74Breaker Combat Research 19:Breaker HP Up (8.2%)Cole: 1280000
75Defender Combat Research 19:Defender HP Up (8.2%)Cole: 1300000
76Supporter Combat Research 19:Supporter HP Up (8.2%)Cole: 1320000
77Attacker Combat Research 20:Attacker Damage Up (8.2%)Cole: 1340000
78Breaker Combat Research 20:Breaker Damage Up (8.2%)Cole: 1360000
79Defender Combat Research 20:Defender Damage Up (8.2%)Cole: 1380000
80Supporter Combat Research 20:Supporter Damage Up (8.2%)Cole: 1400000
81Attacker Combat Research 21:Attacker HP Up (9%)Cole: 1420000
82Breaker Combat Research 21:Breaker HP Up (9%)Cole: 1440000
83Defender Combat Research 21:Defender HP Up (9%)Cole: 1460000
84Supporter Combat Research 21:Supporter HP Up (9%)Cole: 1480000
85Attacker Combat Research 22:Attacker Damage Up (9%)Cole: 1500000
86Breaker Combat Research 22:Breaker Damage Up (9%)Cole: 1520000
87Defender Combat Research 22:Defender Damage Up (9%)Cole: 1540000
88Supporter Combat Research 22Supporter Damage Up (9%)Cole: 1560000
89Attacker Combat Research 23Attacker HP Up (9.8%)Cole: 1580000
90Breaker Combat Research 23Breaker HP Up (9.8%)Cole: 1600000
91Defender Combat Research 23Defender HP Up (9.8%)Cole: 1620000
92Supporter Combat Research 23Supporter HP Up (9.8%)Cole: 1640000
93Attacker Combat Research 24Attacker Damage Up (9.8%)Cole: 1660000
94Breaker Combat Research 24Breaker Damage Up (9.8%)Cole: 1680000
95Defender Combat Research 24Defender Damage Up (9.8%)Cole: 1700000
96Supporter Combat Research 24Supporter Damage Up (9.8%)Cole: 1720000
97Attacker Combat Research 25Attacker HP Up (10.6%)Cole: 1740000
98Breaker Combat Research 25Breaker HP Up (10.6%)Cole: 1760000
99Defender Combat Research 25Defender HP Up (10.6%)Cole: 1780000
100Supporter Combat Research 25Supporter HP Up (10.6%)Cole: 1800000
Complete list of Combat Research

Alchemy Research List

No.Research NameResearch EffectsRequirements
1Combat Item Research 1Combat Item HP Recovery Up (1.5%)Cole: 1000
2Equipment Item Research 1Weapon Physical Attack Up (5%)Cole: 2000
3Combat Item Research 2Combat Item Damage Up (1%)Cole: 4000
4Equipment Item Research 2Armor Physical Defense Up (5%)Cole: 7000
5Combat Item Research 3Combat Item Buff Effect Up (1.5%)Cole: 11000
6Equipment Item Research 3Accessory HP Up (3%)Cole: 16000
7Combat Item Research 4Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (1.5%)Cole: 23000
8Combat Item Research 5Combat Item HP Recovery Up (3%)AfterClearing Main Story, Chapter 2 Stage 48 Cole: 30000
9Equipment Item Research 4Weapon Magical Attack Up (5%)Cole: 40000
10Combat Item Research 6Combat Item Damage Up (1.8%)Cole: 50000
11Equipment Item Research 5Armor Magical Defense Up (5%)Cole: 60000
12Combat Item Research 7Combat Item Buff Effect Up (3%)Cole: 70000
13Equipment Item Research 6Accessory Speed Up (18%)Cole: 80000
14Combat Item Research 8Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (3%)Cole: 90000
15Combat Item Research 9Combat Item HP Recovery Up (4.5%)After Clearing Main Story, Chapter 3 Stage 35 Cole: 100000
16Equipment Item Research 7Weapon Physical Attack Up (6%)Cole: 120000
17Combat Item Research 10Combat Item Damage Up (2.6%)Cole: 140000
18Equipment Item Research 8Armor Physical Defense Up (6%)Cole: 160000
19Combat Item Research 11Combat Item Buff Effect Up (4.5%)Cole: 180000
20Equipment Item Research 9Accessory HP Up (4%)Cole: 200000
21Combat Item Research 12Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (4.5%)Cole: 220000
22Combat Item Research 13Combat Item HP Recovery Up (6%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-1, Hard Mode Cole: 240000
23Equipment Item Research 10Weapon Magical Attack Up (6%)Cole: 260000
24Combat Item Research 14Combat Item Damage Up (3.4%)Cole: 280000
25Equipment Item Research 11Armor Magical Defense Up (6%)Cole: 300000
26Combat Item Research 15Combat Item Buff Effect Up (6%)Cole: 320000
27Equipment Item Research 12Accessory Speed Up (21%)Cole: 340000
28Combat Item Research 16:Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (6%)Cole: 360000
29Combat Item Research 17Combat Item HP Recovery Up (7.5%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-3, Hard Mode Cole: 380000
30Equipment Item Research 13:Weapon Physical Attack Up (7%)Cole: 400000
31Combat Item Research 18:Combat Item Damage Up (4.2%)Cole: 420000
32Equipment Item Research 14:Armor Physical Defense Up (7%)Cole: 440000
33Combat Item Research 19:Combat Item Buff Effect Up (7.5%)Cole: 460000
34Equipment Item Research 15Accessory HP Up (5%)Cole: 480000
35Combat Item Research 20Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (7.5%)Cole: 500000
36Combat Item Research 21Combat Item HP Recovery Up (9%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-1, Very Hard Mode Cole: 520000
37Equipment Item Research 16Weapon Magical Attack Up (7%)Cole: 540000
38Combat Item Research 22Combat Item Damage Up (5%)Cole: 560000
39Equipment Item Research 17Armor Magical Defense Up (7%)Cole: 580000
40Combat Item Research 23Combat Item Buff Effect Up (9%)Cole: 600000
41Equipment Item Research 18Accessory Speed Up (24%)Cole: 620000
42Combat Item Research 24Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (9%)Cole: 640000
43Combat Item Research 25Combat Item HP Recovery Up (10.5%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-2, Very Hard Mode Cole: 660000
44Equipment Item Research 19Weapon Physical Attack Up (8%)Cole: 680000
45Combat Item Research 26Combat Item Damage Up (5.8%)Cole: 700000
46Equipment Item Research 20Armor Physical Defense Up (8%)Cole: 720000
47Combat Item Research 27Combat Item Buff Effect Up (10.5%)Cole: 740000
48Equipment Item Research 21Accessory HP Up (6%)Cole: 760000
49Combat Item Research 28Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (10.5%)Cole: 780000
50Combat Item Research 29Combat Item HP Recovery Up (12%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-3, Very Hard Mode Cole: 800000
51Equipment Item Research 22Weapon Magical Attack Up (8%)Cole: 820000
52Combat Item Research 30Combat Item Damage Up (6.6%)Cole: 840000
53Equipment Item Research 23Armor Magical Defense Up (8%)Cole: 860000
54Combat Item Research 31Combat Item Buff Effect Up (12%)Cole: 880000
55Equipment Item Research 24Accessory Speed Up (27%)Cole: 900000
56Combat Item Research 32Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (12%)Cole: 920000
57Combat Item Research 33Combat Item HP Recovery Up (13.5%)After Clearing Score Battle 3-4, Very Hard Mode Cole: 940000
58Equipment Item Research 25Weapon Physical Attack Up (9%)Cole: 960000
59Combat Item Research 34Combat Item Damage Up (7.4%)Cole: 980000
60Equipment Item Research 26Armor Physical Defense Up (9%)Cole: 1000000
61Combat Item Research 35Combat Item Buff Effect Up (13.5%)Cole: 1020000
62Equipment Item Research 27Accessory HP Up (7%)Cole: 1040000
63Combat Item Research 36Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (13.5%)Cole: 1060000
64Combat Item Research 37Combat Item HP Recovery Up (15%)Cole: 1080000
65Equipment Item Research 28Weapon Magical Attack Up (9%)Cole: 1100000
66Combat Item Research 38Combat Item Damage Up (8.2%)Cole: 1120000
67Equipment Item Research 29Armor Magical Defense Up (9%)Cole: 1140000
68Combat Item Research 39Combat Item Buff Effect Up (15%)Cole: 1160000
69Equipment Item Research 30Accessory Speed Up (30%)Cole: 1180000
70Combat Item Research 40Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (15%)Cole: 1200000
71Combat Item Research 41Combat Item HP Recovery Up (16.5%)Cole: 1220000
72Equipment Item Research 31Weapon Physical Attack Up (10%)Cole: 1240000
73Combat Item Research 42Combat Item Damage Up (9%)Cole: 1260000
74Equipment Item Research 32Armor Physical Defense Up (10%)Cole: 1280000
75Combat Item Research 43: Combat Item Buff Effect Up (16.5%)Cole: 1300000
76Equipment Item Research 33Accessory HP Up (8%)Cole: 1320000
77Combat Item Research 44Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (16.5%)Cole: 1340000
78Combat Item Research 45Combat Item HP Recovery Up (18%)Cole: 1360000
79Equipment Item Research 34Weapon Magical Attack Up (10%)Cole: 1380000
80Combat Item Research 46Combat Item Damage Up (9.8%)Cole: 1400000
81Equipment Item Research 35Armor Magical Defense Up (10%)Cole: 1420000
82Combat Item Research 47Combat Item Buff Effect Up (18%)Cole: 1440000
83Equipment Item Research 36Accessory Speed Up (33%)Cole: 1460000
84Combat Item Research 48Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (18%)Cole: 1480000
85Combat Item Research 49Combat Item HP Recovery Up (19.5%)Cole: 1500000
86Equipment Item Research 37Weapon Physical Attack Up (12%)Cole: 1520000
87Combat Item Research 50Combat Item Damage Up (10.6%)Cole: 1540000
88Equipment Item Research 38Armor Physical Defense Up (12%)Cole: 1560000
89Combat Item Research 51Combat Item Buff Effect Up (19.5%)Cole: 1580000
90Equipment Item Research 39Accessory HP Up (9%)Cole: 1600000
91Combat Item Research 52Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (19.5%)Cole: 1620000
92Combat Item Research 53Combat Item HP Recovery Up (21%)Cole: 1640000
93Equipment Item Research 40Weapon Magical Attack Up (12%)Cole: 1660000
94Combat Item Research 54Combat Item Damage Up (11.4%)Cole: 1680000
95Equipment Item Research 41Armor Magical Defense Up (12%)Cole: 1700000
96Combat Item Research 55Combat Item Buff Effect Up (21%)Cole: 1720000
97Equipment Item Research 42Accessory Speed Up (36%)Cole: 1740000
98Combat Item Research 56Combat Item Debuff Effect Up (21%)Cole: 1760000
99Combat Item Research 57:Combat Item HP Recovery Up (22.5%)Cole: 1780000
100Equipment Item Research 43:Weapon Physical Attack Up (14%)Cole: 1800000
Complete List of Alchemy Research


To max out both combat research and alchemy research, players will be required to use an extreme amount of gold or Cole. Therefore, it's advisable for players to progress naturally as they upgrade their character levels, Memoria levels, farm for character shards and so on.

If you're stuck on a stage or have some trouble defeating a boss fight, by all means - upgrade your research levels. Thanks for visiting, we appreciate your support for our website and don't forget to bookmark us for more guides like our Atelier Resleriana Research List guide.

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