Atelier Resleriana’s Gacha Decoded: Pull Rates, Pity System, Dupes, and Awakening Mechanics

May the RNG Gods Bless You: A Guide to explain Atelier Resleriana Gacha System. Unravel the mysteries of 3-star odds, learn about the pity system, and using shards to transform your 1-stars into dazzling 5-stars. This in-depth guide equips you to navigate in this free-to-play Atelier game!


Today, we'll explore Atelier Resleriana's gacha system, shedding light on the chances of obtaining a 3-star character, what exactly players are summoning for, and the number of duplicate characters needed for peak performance. After thoroughly examining the system, DotGG will then tackle the ultimate question: can Atelier Resleriana truly be enjoyed by free-to-play players?

Pull Rates: 3-Star & SSR Probability Breakdown

When seeking out new characters, the odds unfold with a 4% chance for a stellar 3-star character, 14% for a distinguished 2-star character, and a solid 36.5% for a 1-star character.

As for Memoria, the “cards” take on various rarities: a 2% chance for the coveted Super Super Rare (SSR), a 7% likelihood for the esteemed Super Rare (SR), and a common yet valuable 36.5% for a Rare (R) Memoria.

What adds an extra layer of excitement for summoners is the knowledge that there's a 6% collective chance to get the highest of rarity pull, split evenly between the highest-tier characters and Memoria.

Gacha OutcomesRarityProbability in Percentage (%)
Atelier Resleriana Gacha Rates

Each summoning banner integrates both characters and Memorias. Acquiring a single copy of a character is the primary objective, initiating the process of developing them into a 5-star alchemist through successive in-game resource stages.

Upon securing the desired character, it is advisable to discontinue pulls from the current banner and allocate resources toward future banners. This strategic approach optimizes resource utilization and positions the player for effective summoning in upcoming opportunities.

Exchange Medals: How the Pity System Works

Moving on to the Pity System and Exchange Medals, the question arises: what happens when pulling for duplicates? With each 10-pull or 10-summon, character shards and 'medals' are obtained. These medals play a crucial role in the Pity System.

In a 10-pull, 11 medals are acquired, while a single pull yields 1 medal. Opting for 10-pulls is more advantageous, given that 150 medals are required to unlock a 3-star character of choice.

Upon accumulating 150 medals, players can choose a 3-star character of their preference, as illustrated above. If uncertain about the selection, check out our “Atelier Resleriana Character Tier List” and make your informed decision.

Importantly, accumulated medals persist beyond the conclusion of the event banner. This allows players to save medals for future purchases, considering that the characters in the shop rotate periodically. Stay informed and strategic in utilizing your resources to get the character you want the most to join your collection of alchemists.

Resourceful Gains: Obtaining Character Shards from Gacha and Quests

When you pull a duplicate character previously summoned from any character banner, you receive "memory fragments," a valuable currency exchangeable in the shop for specific "character shards" of your choosing. Character shards play a pivotal role in a character's "awakening," enabling you to elevate even a modest 1-star character to a formidable 5-star powerhouse.

The number of character shards required for upgrading a character to a 5-star level varies based on their initial star rating:

StarCharacter shards needed to upgradeUpgrade effects
2★50• Status enhancement (+6.00%).
• Ability 2 unlocked.
3★50• Status enhancement (+5.66%).
3.5★80• Status enhancement (+3.57%).
• Burst skill Lv.1 → Lv.2.
• Gift bonus enhancement +5%
4★150• Status enhancement (+1.72%).
• Burst skill Lv.2 → Lv.3.
• Gift bonus enhancement +10%
4.5★300• Status enhancement (+1.69%).
• Burst skill Lv.3 → Lv.4.
• Gift bonus enhancement +15%
5★500• Status enhancement (+4.16%).
• Burst skill Lv.4 → Lv.5.
• Gift bonus enhancement +20%

Beyond obtaining character shards from gacha-acquired fragments, you can also secure them by completing resource quests, specifically the 'Peace Quest' in the training missions. Each run rewards you with 1 to 3 character shards, with a maximum of 3 runs daily.

Mission difficultyNumber of character shards given

Initially challenging, as your capabilities grow over time, you'll achieve consistent and stable character-shard farming. For guidance on which characters to prioritize in your shard farming dailies, refer to our tier list and character guide for more information.

Is Atelier Resleriana a Free-to-Play (F2P) Friendly Game?

The gacha System Mechanics in Atelier Resleriana provide a balanced structure that accommodates both free-to-play and paying players. The inclusion of the Pity System, Exchange Medals, and reliable sources of character shards through quests ensures that free-to-play users can progress and enhance their roster steadily. While paying players may have additional opportunities, the game's mechanics offer accessible pathways for all players to enjoy and succeed without feeling overly restrictive.

We hope this guide has equipped you with valuable insights to enhance your summoning experience. For more in-depth guides and strategic tips, visit DotGG. Happy summoning and may your journey in Atelier Resleriana be filled with success!

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