Fiend Hunt Guide — Procyon 001

As the official season for Fiend Hunt starts, another mechanical fiend has entered the fray: the first wind fiend Procyon 001. This Fiend deals physical damage, with a pure damage attack that threatens the unprepared. Can the MAIDs stop it? We'll find out when the Hunt starts on the 21st of February (UTC).

If you're new to Fiend Hunt, or you're not up to date with the changes to the mode as part of the official launch, first check out this Primer to Fiend Hunt!

Key Points

  • Procyon 001 stats: 50 DEF, 50% Wind DMG, 25% Water RES.
    • There is no fire mage for us to rely on, so we will have no choice but to deal with its defense.
    • Definitely do not bring a water unit to this fight.
  • 12 Initial SP, 3 SP gain per turn.
    • The devs made a mistake, it's not 2 SP per turn.
    • SP will be tight this Fiend Hunt, which is why we will be taking advantage of the new multi-team system to generate SP for our main team.
  • The Procyon's nuke turns depend on triggering its conditional skills, which are triggered by DoTs and chains.
    • Because of this, we can frontload our damage for our main team without needing to worry about surviving the Fiend's attacks.
  • Craft DEF gear for this Hunt, and simply have a naturally tanky unit take the pure damage hit.
Fiend tiles and weak points.
Damage Thresholds

Skill Rundown

This Fiend has 4 standard skills, and 2 conditional skills (read this Primer to Fiend Hunt if you're not sure what this means). I will denote these skills as S1-4 and C1-2.

S1 — Target, Destroy, Launch

This attack will always hit 2 units, giving them a massive vulnerability debuff, making it so that they cannot take any other hits in the fight. Have your squishy units take this hit since the hit itself is not very threatening, and you don't want them taking other hits anyway.

S2 — Danger, Elimination, Silence

Not a very threatening hit to your units that weren't hit with S1, but the silence might prove to be annoying. Have a buffer take this hit if they don't have anything else to do the following turn.

S3 — Humanity, Extinction, Void

The Fiend attacks with pure damage (reminder, pure damage ignores all mitigation), though this attack does not hit that hard, especially since the Fiend has no crit damage. Simply position your tankiest unit at the top center to take this hit, provided that they were not hit by S1.

S4 — Delete, Mission, Complete

A team wipe! If you still have another team on standby, they then take the stage as the Fiend loops back to S1. Its conditional skills also reset.

C1 — High Risk, Target, Deterred

Trigger: Apply a DoT to the corresponding area.

Any DoTs applied to the Fiend deal ×5 more damage on the turn C1 is triggered. It then attacks for considerable damage. Have a unit who wasn't hit by S1 take this hit.

C2 — Emergency, Emergency, Emergency

Trigger: Stack 10 chains onto the corresponding area.

The Fiend goes into a vulnerable state where it loses its DEF and takes double damage until the end of your next turn. As a bonus, it also is unable to attack this turn!

Hunting the Fiend

Now that we have three teams to use against the Fiend, we will have to put in a lot of work from here on out. Here is one suggested team set up to use against the Procyon 001:

Team 2 — Main Team

We start building our formation around Team 2 because SP is a problem in this Fiend Hunt. We don't really want to use a slot for our main team on a battery unit. Therefore, we can simply set up the first team to generate the SP necessary for our main team! Note: this team will be Team 1 for levels 1 to 3

  • Diana
  • Liatris
  • Celia (Chain Stacker)
  • DoT Trigger
  • ATK Buffer

Diana is self-explanatory; her buff is indispensable.

Liatris is currently the best DPS for this Fiend Hunt, since [Rodev's Star] can take advantage of C1, while [Maid Name R] takes advantage of C2. Consider using a Tear to unlock [Maid Name R]'s skill potential that upgrades her range, which is a 28% DMG boost to her C2 nuke.

Celia as always is a great chain stacker, and she can debuff ATK if you are lacking in DEF gear. On top of that, she alongside Liatris can stack chains to trigger C2.

Liatris wants to take advantage of C1, but she herself cannot trigger it unless she uses [Neon Stalker] which is much less effective compared to [Rodev's Star]. Thus, we need another unit to trigger C1. Rubia is a great choice for this, since she can also be a second DPS. She's getting another costume soon, too!

You can use either Lathel or Arines as your ATK buffer. Arines has crit rate to make your team more consistent, but [Homunculus] Lathel has the higher damage ceiling with his higher ATK buff alongside his other damaging costumes.

Team 1 — Battery Team

[Code Name O] Elise is a great battery for Team 1, since she does decent damage, and she can spam this skill if you unlocked her skill potential that reduces her cooldown to 1 turn. Sniper rifle? More like machine gun.

[Lovely Lady] can also be used right before team 1 wipes, allowing Team 2 to benefit from shred on their first turn.

You may want to consider using [Neon Savior] Angelica to trigger C1, prolonging the battle for Elise to deal more damage. You can also use it before Team 1 wipes, so that Team 2 immediately triggers C1 as well. Alternatively, you can use a knockback unit to apply a bleed (the Fiend is immune to the knockback itself however).

If you aren't using Arines in your main team, definitely consider putting her here or in Team 3.

Filling the Other Slots

Anastasia is a decent choice for team 3, where you can spam her skills. I opted not to put her in Team 1 since you don't want to use too much SP, but if you can make it work somehow, then she can be in that team instead.

Kry has permanent uptime on shred, which definitely helps your other DPS units.

There aren't really any other noteworthy units to fill out the other slots, so consider using your best DPS units from other elements to fill out the slots, especially if you have Helena to buff your magic units.

Closing Remarks

The Damage Thresholds for this Fiend are pretty high considering it doesn't have massive vulnerability windows besides taking double damage after C2. The damage it takes right after C1 cannot be amplified by chains, which significantly lowers the damage ceiling for that nuke turn. Unless you have Liatris significantly invested in, I believe we'll need to have good damage from at least 2 DPS units to clear level 10.

Good luck and happy hunting next week!