Goddess of Victory: Nikke



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Weak To




Rifle BlastFires an assault rifle at a single Nikke, dealing damage.


Pelican H.S.T.A.[Campaign] 5-1 STAGE42Stats
[Campaign] 5-7 STAGE44Stats
[Campaign] 5-13 STAGE46Stats
[Campaign] 5-14 STAGE46Stats
[Campaign] SUB 5-4 STAGE50Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE80Stats
[Campaign] 6-4 STAGE54Stats
[Campaign] 6-8 STAGE54Stats
[Campaign] 6-13 STAGE58Stats
[Campaign] 6-18 STAGE60Stats
[Campaign] 6-19 STAGE60Stats
[Campaign] 6-20 STAGE60Stats
[Campaign] 6-22 STAGE62Stats
[Campaign] 15-9 STAGE134Stats
[Campaign] 15-20 STAGE137Stats
[Campaign] 15-24 STAGE139Stats
[Campaign] 16-8 STAGE144Stats
[Campaign] 16-23 STAGE149Stats
[Campaign] 19-30 BOSS194Stats
[Campaign] 22-2 STAGE220Stats
[Campaign] 22-12 STAGE223Stats
[Campaign] 22-35 STAGE230Stats
[Campaign] 0-2 HARD STAGE42Stats
[Campaign] 0-3 HARD BOSS52Stats
[Campaign] 5-1 HARD STAGE202Stats
[Campaign] 5-7 HARD STAGE204Stats
[Campaign] 5-13 HARD STAGE205Stats
[Campaign] 5-14 HARD STAGE205Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE223Stats
[Campaign] 6-4 HARD STAGE209Stats
[Campaign] 6-8 HARD STAGE211Stats
[Campaign] 6-13 HARD STAGE213Stats
[Campaign] 6-18 HARD STAGE215Stats
[Campaign] 6-19 HARD STAGE215Stats
[Campaign] 6-20 HARD STAGE215Stats
[Campaign] 6-22 HARD STAGE216Stats
[Campaign] 15-9 HARD STAGE325Stats
[Campaign] 15-20 HARD STAGE331Stats
[Campaign] 15-24 HARD STAGE334Stats
[Campaign] 16-8 HARD STAGE340Stats
[Campaign] 16-23 HARD STAGE349Stats
[Campaign] 22-2 HARD STAGE432Stats
[Campaign] 22-12 HARD STAGE434Stats
[Campaign] 22-35 HARD STAGE446Stats
[Tower] ALL F1631Stats
[Tower] ALL F6082Stats
[Tower] ALL F6184Stats
[Tower] ALL F69100Stats
[Tower] ALL F152268Stats
[Tower] ALL F259369Stats
[Tower] ALL F309412Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F40106Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F96162Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F152268Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F160277Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F259369Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F96162Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F152268Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F259369Stats
[Tower] TETRA F96162Stats
[Tower] TETRA F140242Stats
[Tower] TETRA F152268Stats
[Tower] TETRA F259369Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F96162Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F152268Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F259369Stats
Pelican P.S.I.D.[Campaign] 9-4 STAGE86Stats
[Campaign] 9-12 STAGE90Stats
[Campaign] SUB 9-3 STAGE90Stats
[Campaign] 9-16 STAGE90Stats
[Campaign] 10-6 STAGE96Stats
[Campaign] SUB 10-5 STAGE100Stats
[Campaign] 10-22 STAGE102Stats
[Campaign] 10-24 STAGE102Stats
[Campaign] 21-9A-1 STAGE212Stats
[Campaign] 21-15 STAGE214Stats
[Campaign] 21-30 STAGE219Stats
[Campaign] 21-31 STAGE219Stats
[Campaign] 23-1 STAGE232Stats
[Campaign] 23-16 STAGE237Stats
[Campaign] 23-26 STAGE241Stats
[Campaign] 24-4 STAGE246Stats
[Campaign] 24-12 STAGE247Stats
[Campaign] 24-22 STAGE250Stats
[Campaign] Sub 24-3 STAGE251Stats
[Campaign] 2-5 HARD STAGE98Stats
[Campaign] 9-4 HARD STAGE239Stats
[Campaign] 9-12 HARD STAGE242Stats
[Campaign] 9-16 HARD STAGE243Stats
[Campaign] 10-6 HARD STAGE250Stats
[Campaign] 10-22 HARD STAGE260Stats
[Campaign] 10-24 HARD STAGE260Stats
[Campaign] 21-9A-1 HARD STAGE424Stats
[Campaign] 21-15 HARD STAGE426Stats
[Campaign] 21-30 HARD STAGE430Stats
[Campaign] 21-31 HARD STAGE430Stats
[Campaign] 23-1 HARD STAGE452Stats
[Campaign] 23-16 HARD STAGE458Stats
[Campaign] 23-26 HARD STAGE463Stats
[Campaign] 24-4 HARD STAGE468Stats
[Campaign] 24-12 HARD STAGE470Stats
[Campaign] 24-22 HARD STAGE475Stats
[Tower] ALL F3652Stats
[Tower] ALL F81124Stats
[Tower] ALL F128218Stats
[Tower] ALL F275383Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F61127Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F69135Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F180295Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F275383Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F61127Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F69135Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F275383Stats
[Tower] TETRA F1581Stats
[Tower] TETRA F61127Stats
[Tower] TETRA F69135Stats
[Tower] TETRA F275383Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F61127Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F69135Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F275383Stats
Pelican A.N.M.I.[Campaign] 2-5 STAGE4Stats
[Campaign] 4-18 BOSS42Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE100Stats
[Campaign] 11-21 STAGE110Stats
[Campaign] 12-2 STAGE110Stats
[Campaign] 12-13 STAGE114Stats
[Campaign] SUB 12-8 STAGE118Stats
[Campaign] 19-1 STAGE180Stats
[Campaign] 19-9 STAGE183Stats
[Campaign] 19-18 STAGE187Stats
[Campaign] 19-19 STAGE187Stats
[Campaign] SUB 19-7 STAGE194Stats
[Campaign] 20-9A-1 STAGE198Stats
[Campaign] 20-24 STAGE201Stats
[Campaign] SUB 20-9 STAGE202Stats
[Campaign] 4-18 HARD BOSS192Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE285Stats
[Campaign] 11-21 HARD STAGE275Stats
[Campaign] 12-2 HARD STAGE278Stats
[Campaign] 12-13 HARD STAGE286Stats
[Campaign] 19-1 HARD STAGE385Stats
[Campaign] 19-9 HARD STAGE391Stats
[Campaign] 19-18 HARD STAGE397Stats
[Campaign] 19-19 HARD STAGE397Stats
[Campaign] 20-9A-1 HARD STAGE413Stats
[Campaign] 20-24 HARD STAGE419Stats
[Tower] ALL F4056Stats
[Tower] ALL F4359Stats
[Tower] ALL F4460Stats
[Tower] ALL F4662Stats
[Tower] ALL F136234Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F2389Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F76142Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F120202Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F2086Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F2389Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F75141Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F76142Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F125212Stats
[Tower] TETRA F2086Stats
[Tower] TETRA F2389Stats
[Tower] TETRA F76142Stats
[Tower] TETRA F80146Stats
[Tower] TETRA F120202Stats
[Tower] TETRA F125212Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F2389Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F76142Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F140242Stats
Pelican Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] 7-11 STAGE68Stats
[Campaign] 7-18 STAGE72Stats
[Campaign] 8-10 STAGE78Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE95Stats
[Campaign] 9-27 BOSS94Stats
[Campaign] 17-7 STAGE155Stats
[Campaign] 17-12 STAGE157Stats
[Campaign] 17-15B-1 STAGE158Stats
[Campaign] 17-18 STAGE159Stats
[Campaign] 18-1 STAGE164Stats
[Campaign] 18-15A-2 STAGE169Stats
[Campaign] 18-21 STAGE170Stats
[Campaign] SUB 18-4 STAGE172Stats
[Campaign] 18-30A-1 STAGE176Stats
[Campaign] 7-11 HARD STAGE221Stats
[Campaign] 7-18 HARD STAGE224Stats
[Campaign] 8-10 HARD STAGE231Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE265Stats
[Campaign] 9-27 HARD BOSS250Stats
[Campaign] 17-7 HARD STAGE355Stats
[Campaign] 17-12 HARD STAGE357Stats
[Campaign] 17-15B-1 HARD STAGE357Stats
[Campaign] 17-18 HARD STAGE358Stats
[Campaign] 18-1 HARD STAGE368Stats
[Campaign] 18-15A-2 HARD STAGE372Stats
[Campaign] 18-21 HARD STAGE376Stats
[Campaign] 18-30A-1 HARD STAGE380Stats
[Tower] ALL F80122Stats
[Tower] ALL F115192Stats
[Tower] ALL F120202Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F57123Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F102169Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F55121Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F57123Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F102169Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F220327Stats
[Tower] TETRA F57123Stats
[Tower] TETRA F102169Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F570Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F57123Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F102169Stats
Pelican D.M.T.R.[Campaign] 3-3 STAGE12Stats
[Campaign] 3-4 STAGE14Stats
[Campaign] SUB 3-1 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] SUB 3-2 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] SUB 3-3 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] 3-7 STAGE17Stats
[Campaign] 3-9 STAGE19Stats
[Campaign] 3-10 STAGE19Stats
[Campaign] 3-15 STAGE26Stats
[Campaign] 4-1 STAGE26Stats
[Campaign] 4-2 STAGE26Stats
[Campaign] 4-4 STAGE28Stats
[Campaign] 4-5 STAGE28Stats
[Campaign] 4-7 STAGE30Stats
[Campaign] 4-8 STAGE30Stats
[Campaign] 4-11 STAGE33Stats
[Campaign] 4-13 STAGE36Stats
[Campaign] 4-14 STAGE36Stats
[Campaign] SUB 4-4 STAGE39Stats
[Campaign] SUB 4-5 STAGE39Stats
[Campaign] 4-16 STAGE39Stats
[Campaign] 13-1 STAGE119Stats
[Campaign] 13-8 STAGE120Stats
[Campaign] 13-12 STAGE120Stats
[Campaign] 13-18B-1 STAGE122Stats
[Campaign] SUB 13-5 STAGE122Stats
[Campaign] 14-6B-1 STAGE125Stats
[Campaign] 14-10 STAGE126Stats
[Campaign] SUB 14-3 STAGE129Stats
[Campaign] SUB 14-5 STAGE129Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE174Stats
[Campaign] 3-3 HARD STAGE127Stats
[Campaign] 3-4 HARD STAGE128Stats
[Campaign] 3-7 HARD STAGE132Stats
[Campaign] 3-9 HARD STAGE134Stats
[Campaign] 3-10 HARD STAGE135Stats
[Campaign] 3-15 HARD STAGE142Stats
[Campaign] 4-1 HARD STAGE158Stats
[Campaign] 4-2 HARD STAGE159Stats
[Campaign] 4-4 HARD STAGE163Stats
[Campaign] 4-5 HARD STAGE164Stats
[Campaign] 4-7 HARD STAGE168Stats
[Campaign] 4-8 HARD STAGE169Stats
[Campaign] 4-11 HARD STAGE174Stats
[Campaign] 4-13 HARD STAGE178Stats
[Campaign] 4-14 HARD STAGE180Stats
[Campaign] 4-16 HARD STAGE186Stats
[Campaign] 13-1 HARD STAGE293Stats
[Campaign] 13-8 HARD STAGE295Stats
[Campaign] 13-12 HARD STAGE299Stats
[Campaign] 13-18B-1 HARD STAGE303Stats
[Campaign] 14-6B-1 HARD STAGE310Stats
[Campaign] 14-10 HARD STAGE312Stats
[Tower] ALL F103168Stats
[Tower] ALL F143248Stats
[Tower] ALL F339438Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F245352Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F245352Stats
[Tower] TETRA F85151Stats
[Tower] TETRA F245352Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F85151Stats