Goddess of Victory: Nikke



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Weak To




BarrageFires many projectiles from a rocket launcher, dealing damage to a single Nikke.


Perennial H.S.T.A.[Campaign] 5-11 STAGE46Stats
[Campaign] 5-19 STAGE50Stats
[Campaign] SUB 15-1 STAGE134Stats
[Campaign] 15-13 STAGE135Stats
[Campaign] 16-7 STAGE144Stats
[Campaign] 5-11 HARD STAGE205Stats
[Campaign] 5-19 HARD STAGE207Stats
[Campaign] 15-13 HARD STAGE327Stats
[Campaign] 16-7 HARD STAGE340Stats
[Tower] ALL F6898Stats
[Tower] ALL F151267Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F47113Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F91157Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F151267Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F47113Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F91157Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F151267Stats
[Tower] TETRA F47113Stats
[Tower] TETRA F91157Stats
[Tower] TETRA F151267Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F47113Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F91157Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F151267Stats
Perennial P.S.I.D.[Campaign] EX STAGE95Stats
[Campaign] SUB 10-1 STAGE97Stats
[Campaign] 24-9 STAGE246Stats
[Campaign] 2-11 HARD STAGE106Stats
[Campaign] 24-9 HARD STAGE469Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F1884Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F112187Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F1884Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F112187Stats
[Tower] TETRA F1884Stats
[Tower] TETRA F112187Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F1884Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F112187Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F115192Stats
Perennial A.N.M.I.[Campaign] 2-11 STAGE6Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE110Stats
[Campaign] 19-7 STAGE182Stats
[Campaign] 19-24 STAGE189Stats
[Campaign] 19-26 STAGE189Stats
[Campaign] 19-7 HARD STAGE389Stats
[Campaign] 19-24 HARD STAGE401Stats
[Campaign] 19-26 HARD STAGE401Stats
[Tower] ALL F181295Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F181295Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F181295Stats
[Tower] TETRA F181295Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F181295Stats
Perennial Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] 8-3 STAGE76Stats
[Campaign] 18-20 STAGE169Stats
[Campaign] 8-3 HARD STAGE229Stats
[Campaign] 18-20 HARD STAGE374Stats
[Tower] ALL F71104Stats
Perennial D.M.T.R.[Campaign] 3-4 STAGE14Stats
[Campaign] 3-5 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] 4-10 STAGE33Stats
[Campaign] 4-11 STAGE33Stats
[Campaign] 13-4 STAGE119Stats
[Campaign] 14-28 STAGE130Stats
[Campaign] 3-4 HARD STAGE128Stats
[Campaign] 3-5 HARD STAGE130Stats
[Campaign] 4-10 HARD STAGE173Stats
[Campaign] 4-11 HARD STAGE174Stats
[Campaign] 13-4 HARD STAGE293Stats
[Campaign] 14-28 HARD STAGE322Stats
[Tower] ALL F5674Stats
[Tower] ALL F5878Stats
[Tower] ALL F148258Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F138238Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F35101Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F138238Stats
[Tower] TETRA F138238Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F138238Stats
Elite Perennial H.S.T.A.[Campaign] 5-8 STAGE46Stats
[Campaign] 6-9 STAGE56Stats
[Campaign] 15-2 STAGE132Stats
[Campaign] 15-15 STAGE136Stats
[Campaign] 15-17 STAGE136Stats
[Campaign] SUB 16-2 STAGE144Stats
[Campaign] 22-9 STAGE222Stats
[Campaign] 5-8 HARD STAGE204Stats
[Campaign] 6-9 HARD STAGE212Stats
[Campaign] 15-2 HARD STAGE323Stats
[Campaign] 15-15 HARD STAGE329Stats
[Campaign] 15-17 HARD STAGE329Stats
[Campaign] 22-9 HARD STAGE434Stats
[Tower] ALL F6898Stats
[Tower] ALL F160277Stats
[Tower] ALL F305409Stats
[Tower] ALL F345443Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F45111Stats
[Tower] TETRA F45111Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F160277Stats
Elite Perennial P.S.I.D.[Campaign] EX STAGE95Stats
[Campaign] 10-25 BOSS109Stats
[Campaign] 21-23 STAGE216Stats
[Campaign] 21-27 STAGE218Stats
[Campaign] 23-9 STAGE234Stats
[Campaign] 23-13 STAGE236Stats
[Campaign] 24-27 STAGE251Stats
[Campaign] 2-11 HARD STAGE106Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE235Stats
[Campaign] 10-25 HARD BOSS265Stats
[Campaign] 21-23 HARD STAGE428Stats
[Campaign] 21-27 HARD STAGE430Stats
[Campaign] 23-9 HARD STAGE454Stats
[Campaign] 23-13 HARD STAGE457Stats
[Campaign] 24-27 HARD STAGE477Stats
[Tower] ALL F85132Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F60126Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F180295Stats
[Tower] TETRA F60126Stats
Elite Perennial A.N.M.I.[Campaign] 2-11 STAGE6Stats
[Campaign] 4-18 BOSS42Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE123Stats
[Campaign] 16-28 BOSS153Stats
[Campaign] 20-15A-2 STAGE200Stats
[Campaign] 20-22 STAGE201Stats
[Campaign] 4-18 HARD BOSS192Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE346Stats
[Campaign] 20-15A-2 HARD STAGE415Stats
[Campaign] 20-22 HARD STAGE419Stats
[Tower] ALL F4056Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F120202Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F2086Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F240347Stats
[Tower] TETRA F2086Stats
[Tower] TETRA F2591Stats
[Tower] TETRA F120202Stats
Elite Perennial Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] 1-3 STAGE5Stats
[Campaign] SUB 7-5 STAGE72Stats
[Campaign] 8-12 STAGE80Stats
[Campaign] SUB 8-5 STAGE82Stats
[Campaign] EX STAGE115Stats
[Campaign] SUB 17-4 STAGE157Stats
[Campaign] 17-19 STAGE159Stats
[Campaign] 18-2 STAGE164Stats
[Campaign] 18-24 STAGE172Stats
[Campaign] 8-12 HARD STAGE232Stats
[Campaign] EX HARD STAGE295Stats
[Campaign] 17-19 HARD STAGE359Stats
[Campaign] 18-2 HARD STAGE368Stats
[Campaign] 18-24 HARD STAGE378Stats
[Tower] ALL F120202Stats
[Tower] ALL F212321Stats
[Tower] ALL F220327Stats
[Tower] ALL F265374Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F162Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F100167Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F165282Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F212321Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F265374Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F162Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F212321Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F220327Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F265374Stats
[Tower] TETRA F162Stats
[Tower] TETRA F165282Stats
[Tower] TETRA F212321Stats
[Tower] TETRA F265374Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F162Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F1076Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F212321Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F265374Stats
Elite Perennial D.M.T.R.[Campaign] 3-5 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] SUB 3-2 STAGE15Stats
[Campaign] 4-5 STAGE28Stats
[Campaign] SUB 4-5 STAGE39Stats
[Campaign] 4-17 STAGE39Stats
[Campaign] 13-2 STAGE119Stats
[Campaign] 14-3 STAGE124Stats
[Campaign] 14-15 STAGE128Stats
[Campaign] 3-5 HARD STAGE130Stats
[Campaign] 4-5 HARD STAGE164Stats
[Campaign] 4-17 HARD STAGE188Stats
[Campaign] 13-2 HARD STAGE293Stats
[Campaign] 14-3 HARD STAGE309Stats
[Campaign] 14-15 HARD STAGE316Stats
[Tower] ALL F5674Stats
[Tower] ALL F104170Stats
[Tower] ALL F200312Stats
[Tower] ALL F295400Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F295400Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F85151Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F200312Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F295400Stats
[Tower] TETRA F295400Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F295400Stats
Perennial P.S.I.D.[Campaign] 1-2 STAGE4Stats
Perennial Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] 0-3 BOSS2Stats