Goddess of Victory: Nikke



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Weak To




Special Bullet: StunFires special bullets at a single Nikke, dealing damage. The Nikke who is hit cannot move for a certain period of time.


Watcher H.S.T.A.[Campaign] SUB 5-2 STAGE44Stats
[Campaign] SUB 6-4 STAGE60Stats
Watcher P.S.I.D.[Campaign] 2-1 HARD STAGE92Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F1379Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F1379Stats
[Tower] TETRA F1379Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F1379Stats
Watcher A.N.M.I.[Campaign] 2-1 STAGE3Stats
[Campaign] SUB 20-1 STAGE196Stats
Watcher Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] SUB 7-4 STAGE72Stats
[Campaign] SUB 18-6 STAGE180Stats
Watcher D.M.T.R.[Campaign] SUB 4-1 STAGE33Stats
Elite Watcher H.S.T.A.[Campaign] SUB 5-9 STAGE52Stats
[Campaign] 6-6 STAGE54Stats
[Campaign] SUB 6-4 STAGE60Stats
[Campaign] 16-7 STAGE144Stats
[Campaign] 22-1 STAGE220Stats
[Campaign] 22-11 STAGE222Stats
[Campaign] SUB 22-7 STAGE232Stats
[Campaign] 6-6 HARD STAGE210Stats
[Campaign] 16-7 HARD STAGE340Stats
[Campaign] 22-1 HARD STAGE432Stats
[Campaign] 22-11 HARD STAGE434Stats
Elite Watcher P.S.I.D.[Campaign] SUB 9-2 STAGE90Stats
[Campaign] 9-18 STAGE92Stats
[Campaign] 21-10 STAGE212Stats
[Campaign] 21-11 STAGE212Stats
[Campaign] 23-15 STAGE237Stats
[Campaign] 24-28 STAGE251Stats
[Campaign] 2-10 HARD STAGE104Stats
[Campaign] 9-18 HARD STAGE244Stats
[Campaign] 21-10 HARD STAGE424Stats
[Campaign] 21-11 HARD STAGE424Stats
[Campaign] 23-15 HARD STAGE458Stats
[Campaign] 24-28 HARD STAGE477Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F1379Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F1379Stats
[Tower] TETRA F1379Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F1379Stats
Elite Watcher A.N.M.I.[Campaign] 2-10 STAGE5Stats
[Campaign] 11-2 STAGE102Stats
[Campaign] 12-15A-2 STAGE115Stats
[Campaign] 19-24 STAGE189Stats
[Campaign] SUB 20-1 STAGE196Stats
[Campaign] 11-2 HARD STAGE263Stats
[Campaign] 12-15A-2 HARD STAGE288Stats
[Campaign] 19-24 HARD STAGE401Stats
[Tower] ALL F287393Stats
[Tower] ALL F327427Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F287393Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F287393Stats
[Tower] TETRA F287393Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F287393Stats
Elite Watcher Z.E.U.S.[Campaign] SUB 7-4 STAGE72Stats
[Campaign] 7-23 STAGE74Stats
[Campaign] 8-2 STAGE74Stats
[Campaign] 8-3 STAGE76Stats
[Campaign] SUB 18-6 STAGE180Stats
[Campaign] 7-23 HARD STAGE227Stats
[Campaign] 8-2 HARD STAGE228Stats
[Campaign] 8-3 HARD STAGE229Stats
[Tower] ALL F166282Stats
[Tower] ALL F169285Stats
[Tower] ALL F219326Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F166282Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F169285Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F219326Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F166282Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F169285Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F219326Stats
[Tower] TETRA F166282Stats
[Tower] TETRA F169285Stats
[Tower] TETRA F219326Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F166282Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F169285Stats
[Tower] PILGRIM F219326Stats
Elite Watcher D.M.T.R.[Campaign] SUB 4-1 STAGE33Stats
[Campaign] SUB 4-3 STAGE33Stats
[Campaign] 14-21 STAGE129Stats
[Campaign] 14-21 HARD STAGE318Stats
[Tower] ALL F110Stats
[Tower] ALL F5878Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F35101Stats
[Tower] ELYSION F85151Stats
[Tower] MISSILIS F35101Stats
Watcher H.S.T.A.[Campaign] 1-1 STAGE6Stats