Snowbreak: Containment Zone New Weapon and Logistics Set Details

Details on the upcoming SSR weapon and logistics sets in Snowbreak: Containment Zone.

Featured Weapon - Blitzing Fangs

The debut weapon of Souinco Industries' series of high-end products. Its bold structure and expensive materials give it performance that towers above that of previous products. Though still collecting market feedback, Souinco Industries has high hopes for it.

Details are subject to change.

Weapon type: Shotgun
Element: Kinetic
Magazine size: 7
Rate of fire: 60

Weapon Skills

  • Increase healing effects and Ultimate ability damage
  • When the equipped operative (not auxiliary units) produces a healing effect, the amount healed will be stored, up to a limit and decaying over time. All allies gain additional attack based on the amount stored.

Featured Logistics Set: Lux Squad

2-Piece Effect

Increases healing effects.

3-Piece Effect

The equipped operative gains stacks of [Winter Fleece] per second, with each stack increasing healing effects. All stacks are consumed when the equipped operative (not auxiliary units) produce a healing effect. While the equipped operative's Ultimate ability is being used, the healing increase is treated as if the operative has maximum stacks of [Winter Fleece].

Logistics Officer Profiles


Born in northern Yehrus, she later moved to the southern seaside area. She personally has a strong interest in the northern snowfields. After being employed by Yggdrasil, she applied many times to participate in snowfield explorations and surveying work. These days, her goal is to invite adjutants into the wild.


She once ran a clinic in Varizin City, Yehrus Region. Her treatment methods were unique and produced amazing results, so she was known as the "Strange Doctor". Until The Descent happened, she had made up her mind to save more people.


Graduated from Ulster University of Technology with honors and later passed the exam to enter Yggdrasil. She is usually taciturn and often alone, but her work efficiency is high and she is widely praised. She has made great achievements in the field of large machinery, especially in the field of integrated systems.