Academy Club Story ~A Pair’s Final Adventure~ Overview

Following the swimsuit rerun banners, we are introduced to a new event “Academy Club Story ~A Pair's Final Adventure~”. This event features 2 new characters, Meru and Momiji. These students will be added to the permanent pool of students once their banner ends.

Similar to the In Search of Hidden Ruins, this event will have a runtime of 2 weeks giving everyone enough time to clear out the shop. This event will also see the return of an old mini-game Card Draws. 

If you are wondering whether or not this event is worth farming, that would highly depend on the current state of your account. For newer players that lack resources or have Red Winter students they wish to raise, then yes, this event provides good value. However, if you do not have Red Winter students to raise, feel free to only grab the items you need such as Activity Reports then focus on Card Draws to farm Eligmas.

Currency Drops per Stage:
Bolded text is the best stage to farm the currency

  • All Drops: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Tarot Dela Luna: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Ink Cartridge: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Tablet Pen: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Something else to consider for when farming are the Artifacts that are dropped in these stages. Feel free to prioritize them if you really need the drops to raise your student’s skills. 

Artifact Drops per stage
Note that higher difficulty stages have better drops.

  • Wolfsegg: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Aether: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Nebra Sky Disk: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Haniwa: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Shops, Gacha Box, and Omikuji

Tarot Dela Luna

For our first currency, we have Tarot Della Luna. This currency will be used to draw cards in the Card Draw shop. Cards for this shop will be separated into 4 different rarities, each providing different items. The main items to look out for are the Eligma provided for drawing an SSR card, Nimrod Lens, and Mandrake artifacts.

Note that there is a 3rd shop that requires Petit Only Tickets as the currency. This currency can only be obtained from the Card Draw. Items to look out for here are the Pyroxenes, Eligmas, and Secret Tech Notes.

There are generally 3 ways to go about drawing cards, the first being to only draw one card and then reset, which can be overall cheaper since it does not increase the cost for the next draw. The second is to open all 4 cards for the chance of getting more than 1 SR or SSR. Lastly, only open cards up until you get an SR or SSR. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter which method you choose since all methods have their downsides, and it is all dependent on RNG.

Characters with Events bonuses:

Ink Cartridge

Next, we have the Ink Cartridge. This is your standard shop which includes, Activity Reports, Blu-Rays. and Artifacts. We recommend prioritizing school-specific materials such as Blu-Rays if you have Red Winter students you need to raise. Otherwise, you can prioritize the Artifacts to stock up. If you are a newer player, try grabbing Activity Reports as you will need them to level your students. 

Characters with Events bonuses:

Tablet Pen

Similar to the previous shop, prioritize grabbing school-specific materials if you have Red Winter students to raise. Otherwise, try securing Superior and Advanced rarities at the very least, as they can be hard to come by. Secure the Artifacts if you need them or want to stock up. You can consider skipping Enhancement Stones entirely, as they can be bought from the daily shop.

Characters with Events bonuses