Blue Archive – Kasumi Overview

Character Overview

Kasumi is a Permanent 3* Sonic Striker student who will be having an upcoming banner event "Trip-Trap-Train" alongside another new student Ichika. On release, Kasumi became a popular choice when attempting to clear Kurokage Torment. She boasts a great combination of strong utility and decent damage output at a low cost.

If you are reading this on her banner, you might be wondering whether or not she is worth pulling. We recommend skipping this banner if you are not a competitive player or low on Pyroxenes. There are upcoming Limited/Collab banners that you may want to pull for. 


  • AoE DEF debuff
  • Decent AoE damage


  • Wants high investment to deal damage

Skill Review

EX Skill

Starting things off, we have Kasumi’s EX Skill which deals damage to enemies in a circular area and applies a hefty DEF debuff unto them for 25s. When paired with its low cost and decent damage against Elastic enemies, this allows her to find usage in raids that boast high DEF like Kurokage. Note that a good portion of Kasumi’s damage requires you to pay attention to Drill stacks (Check Sub Skill for more details).

Basic Skill

Nothing special about this Basic Skill, it deals damage to enemies in a circular area every 35s. Either Basic or Enhanced skill can be leveled after Sub if you do not have UE40. Otherwise, prioritize Enhanced+ for the additional Crit DMG. 

Enchanced Skill

At base, this skill increases Crit, which can help with consistency for landing Crits. If you plan to have Kasumi as a damage dealer, unlocking Enhanced+ is essential to increase Crit DMG. We recommend raising this skill after Sub if you have UE40 unlocked.

Sub Skill

Lastly, Kasumi’s Sub Skill introduces a new effect called Drill, which gains stacks after using an EX Skill. A maximum of 3 stacks can be obtained, which is then removed to deal an additional instance of damage (1204%). Overall, this skill contributes to a good amount of Kasumi’s overall damage, boasting a damage multiplier that is only slightly lower than 3 EX Skill uses. 

It is important to manage Drill stacks and buff/debuff windows to maximize the damage dealt. We recommend prioritizing this skill over Enhanced and Basic, as it is a large portion of her damage.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Sadly, in the early game, there are no Elastic enemies in general content/stages. Additionally, DEF debuffs are not required to progress through the game, as enemies generally have low DEF. If you lack AoE Mystic damage dealers, Kasumi can still find usage against enemies with Special armor.

Late game (High Investment): For the late game, Kasumi mainly finds usage in Kurokage as INS+ have around 6000-7000 DEF. Additionally, she contributes a good amount of damage with the EX and Sub Skill. If you are REALLY desperate or out of teams, she can find usage in Binah. Keep in mind that Binah deals Piercing damage, so she will most likely not survive for long.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3* or Unique Equipment 40 
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Basic = Enhanced


Overall, Kasumi is a strong but Niche student who has found usage in the upcoming raid Kurokage. She is an invaluable student for players who are looking to clear Torment, as there are currently not a lot of options for AoE Def debuffers. If you do not plan on clearing Torment or need/want Kasumi as a damage dealer, she does not need a lot of investment to apply DEF debuffs. 

How Much Should I Invest?: 3* is enough if you plan to only have her as an AoE DEF debuffer. If you want to maximize her damage, then UE40 or 50 is a decent investment for the terrain boost and additional Crit DMG.