Blue Archive Shigure (Hot Spring) Overview

Character Overview

Shigure (Hot Spring) is a Permanent 3* Piercing Special student who will have a rate-up banner during the upcoming event "Operation record of No. 227 Hot Spring Resort" alongside other banners Cherino (Hot Spring), Chinatsu (Hot Spring), and Nodoka (Hot Spring). On release, O.Shigure has been a top contender for one of the best healers competing against O.Nodoka. However, both students specialize in different niches as O.Shigure heals your entire team rather than focusing on one target. 

If you are reading this on her banner, you might be wondering whether or not she is worth pulling. If you plan on tackling high difficulties for Kurokage or the upcoming 10-unit raid, then O.Shigure is a strong contender. Otherwise, skipping this banner is completely fine.


  • Strong healing 
  • Offensive buffs as a healer
  • Can switch healing targets


  • EX Skill is stationary (Only matters for General content)
  • Farmable alternatives available

Skill Review

EX Skill

First off, O.Shigure’s EX Skill creates a circular AoE and heals allies for 30 seconds. Paired with its high healing values and long duration, this can easily keep your entire team alive even when they are under constant damage. For the upcoming 10-unit raid, this is one of the few skills that can keep 6 frontline students healthy at higher difficulties 

This skill will not follow the party when moving between areas; in most cases, this is irrelevant since you will only encounter this issue IF YOU CLEAR THE WAVE TOO QUICKLY. If you are in this situation, then usually having more damage in the team is a better solution.

Basic Skill

O.Shigure’s Basic Skill heals 4 allies with the lowest HP every 50s. As of writing, this is the first skill that provides cost-free AoE healing, making it a strong sustain option for Kurokage. The 4 ally restriction should not matter for most content outside of Hieronymus or the new 10-unit raid. We recommend raising this skill after Sub if you do not have Enhanced+.

Enchanced Skill

A simple and straightforward boost to her Healing stat both at base and UE40. If you are struggling to survive in raids, consider raising this skill to help meet healing thresholds. Outside of this, it is safe to level this skill last.

Sub Skill

Lastly, O.Shigure’s Sub Skill is your standard Crit DMG sub that shares the same buff values as students with similar skills. Nothing too special about this skill, but a Crit DMG buff is always welcome. Prioritize leveling this skill before Basic or Enhanced if you are not in need of the extra healing.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: O.Shigure faces a similar problem to O.Nodoka, her healing is over time and does not follow your party. General content/stages will have you moving around the map, which makes it unlikely to stay inside her AoE. However, this is only a problem if you are blitzing through the stage before you can receive any healing.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game, O.Shigure mainly finds usage in Kurokage or raids that need constant AoE healing. Outside of this, she has mostly been relegated as a comfy pick to help keep your team alive while also providing offensive utility. This can be great for players that need extra teams to clear the raid.

  • Minimum Required Investment: Unique Equipment 40
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Enhanced = Basic


O.Shigure is a strong healer who has mainly been compared with O.Nodoka as both are strong healers that share a Special slot. Both healers fill different niches for healing with some offensive utility. She specializes in content that needs the entire team to be kept alive. If you are only concerned about aiming for a top score, dedicated damage buffers are usually preferred over healers.

How Much Should I Invest?: UE40 is a good stopping point to unlock the additional Healing Boost.


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