Blue Archive Momiji Overview

Character Overview

Momiji is a 2* Sonic Striker student who will be having a rate-up banner during the upcoming event " Academy Club Story ~A Pair's Final Adventure~" alongside other returning students Meru, Cherino, and Marina. She will be the first 2* Sonic student available from banners going forward. For most players, she will be one of the few options available for Sonic AoE. As a damage dealer, she is generally never your first pick in AoE content, as her multipliers on EX Skill are low.


  • High DPS (Damage Per Screenshot)
  • Low rarity Sonic student


  • Overshadowed by better alternatives

Skill Review

EX Skill

For our first skill, we have Momiji’s EX Skill, which deals damage to enemies caught in a circular AoE. A fairly straightforward skill with a somewhat low damage multiplier, this isn't too much of an issue as her ATK stat is one of the highest in the game. Note that AoE increases when you have raised the Sub Skill

Basic Skill

Next, we have Momiji’s EX Skill which increases her ATK every 30s for 20s. While this skill does provide a decent ATK buff. You can consider prioritizing her other skills first as this skill does not have 100% uptime.

Enchanced Skill

Once again, it provides a boost to her already bloated ATK stat but also increases Crit, helping her consistency. 

Sub Skill

As you would guess, similar to her other skills, this provides another boost to her ATK. It also has the additional effect of increasing the AoE of her EX Skill, allowing you to cover a larger area. We highly recommend raising this skill first, as the additional AoE on the EX Skill can come in handy.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Due to her unique Damage Type Sonic, she can be brought into the team as a substitute damage dealer in Special and Explosive armored content. Later down the line, there will also be Elastic armored stages where she can find usage.

Early game alternatives:

For non-Sonic stages, we recommend using an AoE damage dealer of the specific type

Sonic AoE:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): Currently, in Global, Momiji does not have a raid to cater to her Damage Type. If you are desperate and need an AoE damage dealer for Perorodzilla or Goz, then she can be a decent option. However, with the release of Kurokage in JP she finally has a place to take advantage of her niche. Note that while she can deal a large burst of damage, she is generally overshadowed by the upcoming students, such as Yukari or the previous FES S.Hanako in terms of overall damage.

  • Minimum Required Investment: Unique Equipment 30
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub = Enhanced = Basic


Overall, Momiji is a solid 2* Sonic damage dealer that most players will eventually get to a high rarity. She is an accessible option if you need a damage dealer in off-color general content if you have no alternatives. If you have the alternatives available Momiji will usually not find

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Equipment 30, this is usually a good stopping point to unlock the additional stats.